Your Spiritual Legacy Matters! 

We live in a world that’s consumed by the pursuit of material wealth and earthly achievements. We often find ourselves absorbed in the pursuit of success, wealth, and personal fulfillment. It’s easy to overlook the profound impact we can have on future generations through the legacy we leave behind. While material possessions may fade away, it is the spiritual footprint we create that has the potential to resonate far beyond our earthly existence! 

But even as we pursue things in life, we must take some time to pause and reflect:

Take a moment to envision a scene in the future, one where you are no longer present. What do you hope people will say about you? What memories will they hold close to their hearts? What will be said of you when your journey comes to an end? What will be your legacy?

When this life is over, all that will be left to speak for us are the things that we left behind.. 

In today’s message, I wanted to talk to you about spiritual legacy. As an heir in God’s Kingdom, think about what you are leaving behind spiritually—for your children, your family, and for others to see. What will speak of your spiritual legacy? 

When it comes to life, a legacy is inevitable. While material possessions are important to pass down, it is the qualities of character, values, and teachings that truly shape, impact, and inspire future generations. Even if you don’t have much material to leave behind, you will instill character traits, talents, hobbies, skills and more in the life of your children and others you may influence. How valuable will your legacy be? Will you leave anything that has relevance and benefit for this life and even into eternity?

Legacy For Generations

I recently took some time to reflect and calculate how it’s been since I first began walking with the Father. For over 25 years now, the Lord has been my personal savior although He has surely had His hand on my life since a child. Even after accepting Him at 17 and going astray in college, it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I really began my commitment to walking with the Lord. 

The Bible mentions how on average, a person has a lifespan of about 70 years. Even so, many people have gone on to pass this timeframe well into their 80’s and 90’s. In fact, my grandmother lived 94 blessed years on this Earth before the Lord called her home—what an incredible blessing! 

As I thought about my life and the 20 year distance that I have between reaching my 70’s, I couldn’t help but to reflect on just how much work that I have yet to do for the glory of God. Not for my own personal selfish ambitions, but truly for the glory and benefit of His Kingdom. There’s still much for me to do in order to make an impact in the Earth. I found myself faced with questions like these: 

What do you want your children to really remember when you are gone into glory? 

What is it that you want others to really know? 

What type of spiritual legacy do you want them to receive from?

When people are out of your presence, what do you want them to know? 

These are things I’ve found myself thinking about recently as I’ve grown older and gained a different mindset and now have children who are old enough to leave the nest. I often think about how my children will respond based upon what I have personally imparted as a mother. I marvel at old photos of my children as time has surely gone fast and they have gotten older. I’m often in awe of the ways in which my firstborn daughter has imparted things into my grandchild that I once imparted into her—what a beautiful thing to witness. 

This is why leaving a spiritual legacy is so important. As believers, we have to think about these certain things because the reality is that time is truly ticking! 

Taking Spiritual Inventory 

Legacy – the long lasting impact of a particular event, actions that took place in a person’s past or life. 

We are not talking about the material things here, but take inventory of your spiritual assets. What do you want to be remembered for? How do you want to be known? What will people say about your character? This will only happen because of what you do and the things that you walk out in this Earth.

Attribute – a quality or characteristic given to a person. 

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” – Psalm 145:4

Let’s think about our Lord and Savior Jesus and the attributes and some of the things that we can learn from him. Based upon scripture we know about the way that he walked things out. Although He was surely God in the flesh, he was still human. Jesus was described as humble, meek and mild, and patient. But he also had a very strong stern stance when it came to the Gospel and everything that he stood for. As believers, we must learn to embrace and adopt the attitudes of Christ, learning how to be stern and take a stance just as he did. This is what legacy is all about.  

Supernatural Legacy 

When it’s over, your life will speak. Your character, the things you stand for, your lifestyle, and what you did for God makes all the difference. 

I had a spiritual encounter recently that blew me away! There was an angel standing beside my bed releasing  beautiful crystals over me! As I got out of bed, I was so grateful and I couldn’t help but to thank God for His mercy. My spiritual mentor confirmed with me that there was another level being unlocked and that God was establishing a new covenant. The Lord also revealed to me that the angel that released the crystals came from another realm in Heaven that is rarely accessed—even by the Holy angels! I personally believe that this encounter had much to do with me being faithful.

Throughout my 25 years of walking with God, it’s encounters like these that remind me of the spiritual legacy that I am leaving behind. I truly believe and know personally that when God calls me home, there are a few things that people will say about me. When it’s all said and done, people will be able to testify and say that Lenika Scott was surely a woman of prayer and obedience! 

A Legacy Worth Leaving Behind

As believers of God, we carry a profound responsibility to be mindful of the spiritual legacy we leave behind for the next generation. Our actions, words, and the energy we release into the world have a lasting impact on the lives of those who will follow in our footsteps.

Will you lean in greater with your relationship with God in this season? 

Will you talk to Him more? 

Will you be faithful and truly step out in faith? 

Will you seek God for your spiritual legacy? 

By cultivating a deep connection with God and living out our beliefs with authenticity, we can create a ripple effect that will inspire and guide future believers. We are in a time of great maturity where God is looking for those who will mature in Him with grace and even more wisdom for the next generation. This is a timely message because we as believers have to be responsible for what we release in the Earth even now as it pertains to the next generation!

Let today’s message remind you of something that I always say: What you do for Christ will last! 

Our time on this Earth is limited. What is the mark that YOU wish to leave behind all for the glory of God?


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Lenika Scott 

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