Your Dreams Have Meaning!

There is a sweet release that is happening in the spirit realm for such a time as this! One of supernatural encounters, divine instruction, and wisdom –even by way of dreams and visions.

While out for a drive recently, I saw a vision of angels releasing a gold-like heavenly substance. As I prayed and interceded in the car, I vividly remember this beautiful substance that appeared on my hands and even on my pants. I messaged some of my close friends and shared what I had just seen out of mere amazement and excitement.

The other day, as I was asleep and engaged in a dream, I sensed the presence of an angel of the Lord standing over me. There was an inner knowing that this angel was standing over releasing this same sort of gold substance. I couldn’t help but to smile as I woke up feeling refreshed and in awe of the Lord.

As one who has seen many things take place on the spiritual realm, the Lord never ceases to amaze me. Even after the countless angel feathers that I have received, the numerous supernatural experiences with high-ranking angels, witnessing Jesus himself grace my home with his presence, or even discovering a glorious rainbow in my home, I STILL get so giddy and remain grateful for the experiences!

God is doing something new and fresh in this season and I am certain that He is prophetically releasing dreams from the heavens. Today’s message is simply a reminder that your dreams have meaning, as they can oftentimes be prophetic! They can provide a source of clarity, warning, insight, or even caution for what lies ahead.

After experiencing the presence of the angel standing over me that night, I was then given a dream of warning. When I woke up and prayed for revelation, the Lord showed me that He had sent the angel to clear the atmosphere so that I would be able to receive and hear CLEARLY from heaven! Because of this dream of warning, I was given strategies and ways to combat what I was shown in ways that I otherwise wouldn’t have known!

Simply put, God was SO intentional about clearing the atmosphere to remove distractions or hindrances so that His message from heaven would be released to me without interruption. There are times when the enemy comes to steal or tamper your dreams to stifle your ability to pray and press in for revelation, instruction, counsel, wisdom, and understanding. As the holy angel of the Lord was sent on assignment to clear the path over me, I felt a large portal around me. Though I was in a deep sleep, I was made aware by the Spirit of God that this substance was released to purify the atmosphere and provide divine protection over my dream!

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” – Acts 2:17

The Lord wants to remind His people that He is releasing dreams in this hour!! As stewards over these dreams and visions that He entrusts us with, we are to write them down and keep record of them rather than disregarding or neglecting revelation. We are to pray over our dreams and most importantly REMEMBER them!

Dreams Are BIBLICAL!

“And the LORD said to them, “Now listen to what I say: “If there were prophets among you, I, the LORD, would reveal myself in visions. I would speak to them in dreams.” – Numbers 12:6

“I spoke to the prophets and gave them many visions, and through the prophets I gave my people warnings.” – Hosea 12:10. This means by way of dreams!

God declared that He would speak through dreams in visions just as He did for His chosen people in the Old Testament. God also provided us a promise that He would council us in the night through our dreams, (Psalm 16:7).

Council – consultation, advice, or discussion.

Yes, God gives you council through your dreams in the night! The word also tells us in Job 33:14-16, “for God does speak—now one way, now another—though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings…”. When man falls into deep sleep, God is able to speak because the soul is at rest. While your mind, will, and emotions are at rest, it makes it easier to receive and hear clearer from heaven.

God does very significant things with dreams. In fact, we have several biblical examples to glean wisdom from and learn more about the Lord’s operation in dreams:

A Dream to Establish a Covenant

One of the very first instances of divine interaction via dreams can be found in Genesis 15:12. While Abraham was in a deep sleep, God established a covenant with him. Not only this, but the Lord also provided a great deal of warning as well as He told him what was about to take place within the next 400 years for generations to come. Nevertheless, God made a promise with Abraham by way of a dream!

A Dream to Impart Gifts

Did you know that supernatural gifts are granted by the Lord, even through dreams?! Yes! In fact, Solomon was the first to discover this as the Lord appeared to him in a dream by night. He asked for a greater level of wisdom and understanding when asked about his desires from the Lord. He received the gift of wisdom by dream!

A Dream to WARN

In the book of Genesis 41, we learn about the importance and urgency of dreams when Joseph was sent a dream in which he’d play a very intricate part. In the Old Testament, Joseph was summoned to interpret pharaoh’s dream which revealed an approaching season of plenty, yet also a 7 year famine following after. Joseph’s gift put him in a powerful position as he was able to implement a plan and protect Egypt from the famine, but also rescue his family from potential starvation!

Steward Your Dreams

Warning – The act of warning; the state of being warned; to be alert; caution

As we see from the word, God gave and granted His people dreams and the ability to interpret them. Specific dreams of warning and insight were given in order to protect them from danger. And so in this time, God is releasing dreams of warning once more to His people. These such dreams must NOT be ignored but instead we are to press in, seek council, revelation, understanding and interpretation! We as believers may even be called to be more intentional in fasting as it pertains to these dreams.

We must understand that the dreams or prophetic feelings that we may feel, the words of knowledge, and the visions from God are not sent to scare us or to cause fear. It is a tactic of the enemy to tamper with dreams that God sends to impart fear and keep us from praying in the capacity that we should.

Because of his tactics, there is more angelic activity being released as the forces of darkness are arising. As things are heightening in the spirit realm, there has to be an increased releasing of the glory, anointing, and angelic activity. The realms and lines are very thin as we speak, which means it is easier to access the spirit realm. This is a season to embrace the angelic and the supernatural because it is here for a reason!

May you trust in God in all things and lean not unto your own understanding. During the times you feel led, don’t ignore the nudges of the Holy Spirit or the dreams sent to give you instruction, insight, or even warning! Remain on post and be aware of all distractions that toss you to and fro. Be encouraged that the angels of the Lord will be sent to release fresh oil and fire upon you! Let your eyes be opened even more to the realm of the spirit as you may experience more visions and dreams. God is truly speaking in this hour. Remember that He wants you to have everything that He wants you to have: the promises, the anointing, the encounters, visitations, downloads, visions—and yes, the dreams!

And it is so.

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