Your Comeback Season is Here!!

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing a message that resonated deeply with my spirit and the hearts of many. It’s a message of hope, a reminder that even in our moments of weariness and doubt, God is ever-present, ready to breathe new life into His children! The Lord has been speaking to His children, assuring us that a second wind is coming – a divine infusion of strength and power for those who feel stuck in the trenches of life’s battles.

As we journey through the ups and downs of life, it’s easy to become discouraged, to feel as though our faith is waning and our dreams are out of reach. But God, in His infinite mercy and love, sees our struggles and hears our cries. He is not content to leave us in a state of despair, He is actively working to lift us up and propel us forward! In this season, I encourage you to draw close to the prophetic whispers of God. He is urging His people to rise up from the ashes of defeat and embrace the promises He has spoken over their lives. It’s a call to arms, a cry for all who have grown weary in the battle, reminding us that our God is a God of second chances, of redemption, and of restoration!

Today, I want to continue in that vein, to dive deeper into the message of hope and encouragement that is found in God’s second wind. So, let’s dive back into this message together, allowing the truth of God’s word to penetrate our hearts and renew our spirits. Let’s open ourselves up to receive the second wind that God is sending our way, knowing that with His strength and guidance, we are more than conquerors in every circumstance!

All Things Made New!

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut, like things just aren’t going your way no matter how hard you try? It’s a frustrating place to be, isn’t it? But what if I told you that there’s hope on the horizon, a second wind coming your way to breathe new life into your circumstances? In times of struggle and uncertainty, it’s easy to feel like we’re alone in our challenges. We wonder if God is still there, still listening to our prayers, still working behind the scenes on our behalf. But the truth is, He is always present, always moving, even when we can’t see it. God is in the business of making all things new, of bringing beauty from ashes and hope from despair. He doesn’t give up on us, even when we feel like giving up on ourselves. And right now, in this moment, He is preparing to release a second wind into your life.

What does that mean, exactly? 

It means that those dreams you’ve been chasing, those goals you’ve been striving toward, they’re not out of reach! 

It means that the things that seem broken and beyond repair, God is breathing new life into them. 

It means that you’re not alone in this journey, that God is right there beside you, ready to guide you forward!

So be encouraged that whatever challenges you’re facing, whatever obstacles are in your path, know that God is with you. He hasn’t forgotten about you, and He hasn’t given up on you. He is still God, still answering prayers, and He is about to do a new thing in your life!

It’s Resurrection Time

Not only does the Lord have a desire to bring about this second wind, the Father is resurrecting some things in your life. The word resurrection is synonymous with the words restoration, restitution, re-establishing, renewal, revival, and resuscitation. 

Resurrection – to bring back to life; a second wind or a breath. 

As God is sending a second wind, there is also going to be RESTORATION! 

There will be RESTITUTION!

There will be an inward strength of power and ability to fight and take back what the enemy has stolen from you! 

There’s going to be some things that you will pick up along the way!

No matter what’s been dead in your life, God says thatit’s resurrection time! 

A New Place

There’s been a stirring in the hearts of God’s people, a sense that He is leading us to new places and higher heights. It’s a season of transition, of stepping into uncharted territory as God begins to address the deep-seated wounds and traumas of our souls.

God has been speaking to us about the importance of healing from within, of letting go of the burdens that weigh us down and hinder our progress. Whether it’s past disappointments, unresolved issues of the heart, or the heavy baggage of unforgiveness, God is calling us to release it all into His capable hands. He has been dealing with us all so strongly about spending time with Him. It’s in the raw, unfiltered presence of the Lord that true transformation takes place, where old wounds are healed, and new beginnings are birthed. In this season, God is inviting us to extend forgiveness – to others and to ourselves. Many of us have been too hard on ourselves, wrestling with unrealistic expectations and the pursuit of perfectionism. But God’s grace is more than sufficient, and His mercy knows no bounds.

God is doing a cleansing in this hour. He is purifying the very atmosphere around us in preparation for what lies ahead. As He breathes His second wind into our lives, we’ll find ourselves filled with a renewed sense of excitement, passion, and joy. It’s a divine empowerment to boldly step into the territories He’s destined for us, to claim the promises He’s spoken over our lives! I encourage you to embrace this season of change with an open heart and willing spirit. Allow God to cleanse and renew you from the inside out. As you we do, you’ll find yourself ready to soar on the wings of His second wind, eager to explore the new places and possibilities He has in store for you!

A Runner’s Anointing 

Last year, when my husband and I got the call after my husband had finished a major surgery, our business that we had been building over the last 10 years had been instantly snatched from us, a 6-figure monthly income. In the midst of this turmoil, it became evident that only God could breathe life into our shattered dreams and broken spirits. His divine touch not only restored my husband’s health but also brought a sense of peace that surpassed what we could understand in that moment. We didn’t even realize the life that needed to be breathed into— and now I look back and realize that it was only God. He gave us a level of peace that only He could give. He allowed His Shalom to rest upon us. But not only did He give us peace, He gave us a second wind to go forth. He gave us the runner’s anointing. I can truly minister this message simply because it is something that I have lived and walked out personally. 

When everything dries up, it is God who releases His breath over a thing and blows into a thing. I know what it’s like to be in a place of discouragement, disappointment, and frustration, but God comes in. I know what it’s like to have things snactched from you, but God releases a comeback anointing over you. God releases a second wind so that you are able to   comeback, takeoff, and begin to move! Whatever has not been working and what appears to be broken, God is saying that He is breathing on it! Be encouraged! 

Just as He breathed life into our situation, He is breathing life into yours as well. He is imparting upon you the same runner’s anointing – the ability to take what He has given you and run with force into your destiny. God is giving you a runner’s anointing. It’s time to take the vision that He gave you and run with force from your second wind. You are about to take off and run in this season and beyond! 

Repentance Invites The Wind

We need the spirit of God to move upon us. We are so very fragile and can do nothing without Him—our flesh is much too weak. We need the winds of God to move in our lives, but sin is a major blockage to the wind. This is why we must be so intentional about making sure that we are in right standing with Him, always placing ourselves before Him in repentance. 

Simply pray this prayer: 

“Father, please forgive me for my sins; forgive me for everything I’ve said, done or thought that has not been pleasing in your sight. Jesus, thank you for forgiving mercy and power.”  

Be in a place of daily repentance. 

Repent often and quickly. 

Be in a place of quick obedience to God. 

Remember that holiness and righteousness is still the way. 

Give God your pain and traumas.

Your Comeback Season! 

The Father is doing a new thing and He wants to show His people in the Earth that He is still God and He is still answering prayers. 

Despite how things may appear, Heaven is STILL open!

There has been such a fight taking place. The enemy has been wreaking a lot of havoc because he has been wanting to show the world that God is not God. So many events and circumstances have come to blind the eyes of believers, leaving them to question: “God, where are you?”. Be encouraged that He IS here and He is showing people that He is still God and the Supreme One! He is still releasing miracles! You have a special place in His heart as you’ve been faithful, have endured, and continued to trust Him. He is releasing a second wind and I pray that you receive it. 

You WILL bounce back! 

The Father wants you to make a comeback from the underneath the ashes, to rise from depression and be free from the grips of shame, guilt and pain. There is a plan for your life! The Father wants you to walk out the things in the Earth that He has called you to accomplish. Remember that He is a gracious Father who withholds no good thing from you. Receive His refreshing anointing and allow Him to comfort you in this season. Receive the clear instructions from Heaven that He is releasing so you will go forth without a shadow of a doubt. May your calling be so sure and the territories that you are called to walk in become crystal clear for you. It is my prayer that your eyes will be sharpened with greater discernment. May you see and feel the second wind and experience the new that God desires for you to walk in. And may you go forth with confidence, knowing that the God who has promised to never leave nor forsake you is faithful to fulfill all His promises.

Embrace the second wind that is coming your way. Let it lift you up, propel you forward, and remind you that with God, all things are possible. Your comeback is on the horizon, your takeoff is certain, and your journey forward is about to begin. Be encouraged, for the best is yet to come!

Embrace the miracles! 

Embrace supernatural success!

Let the chains BREAK AWAY today! 


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Lenika Scott  

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