You Were Born To Create!

Take a look around you…

Every chair, each book, every single object that we see and use in our daily lives have all been created! Everything that has ever been made first began as an idea and was birthed into the Earth realm for a purpose. Beautiful things happen when we allow ourselves the chance and opportunity to give birth to the ideas that are placed on the inside of us!

In this same way, you too were created as a beautiful thought in the Father’s mind with such a great purpose!

The moment a person knows who they truly are –created in the image of God– they become a force to be reckoned with! As believers, we must understand our true identity and purpose. Don’t you understand that God created you for His glory and in His image? Have you taken the time to truly recognize and understand the power that the Lord has placed on the inside of you?

Let today’s message stir something within you: You were born to CREATE! Even as you ponder on some of the very things that God has desired in His heart for you to do and bring into existence, consider this:

You were created in the image of God to bring in something afresh and new…

You were created to give Him glory…

To bring forth and cause some things to be set into motion…

You were created to be a world changer, to produce, and to give life!

Create – to bring into existence. To invest with a new form; to produce; to give birth; to rise and yield

Your Words Have Power!

“In the beginning God created heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good…” – Genesis 1:1-4

Do you realize that the Lord has given you the power to allow things to appear and come forth with your words? It brings Him glory when we call those things that are not as though they were, just as He did when He created it all. We are even encouraged to take authority by decreeing things so that they may be established! (Job 22:28). Words are so powerful that even the angels listen and respond to the Word of God! If there is sickness in the body, we have the power to speak forth the Word and create the healing that needs to be released. The very words that you speak are life! There is life in your very cells; the molecules, nucleus, and DNA are all moving and growing. If your DNA can be altered by trauma, then it surely can be corrected simply with the words that are spoken and released into the atmosphere!

The Bible tells us that death and life are in the power of the tongue, (Proverbs 18:21). What words have you found yourself releasing into the atmosphere lately?

There is power in your words! There is power in your voice! You have the ability to bring things into the light simply with the words you speak. The gifts and talents that you were called to produce… your very words have power to bring forth! This is why the enemy goes after the voice of believers so viciously. He attempts to shut us down because he knows the power of praise. If only you could utter a Word within your mouth and muster a praise that roars from your belly –even in times of great pain! The enemy wouldn’t be able to shut you down or hinder you from quoting, confessing, or prophesying the Word. Be encouraged that even as you go through hell, if only you could keep a praise on your lips, then things would change around you! Understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is voice activated by faith and also by obedience. The angels will begin to respond, ascend and descend as they are commanded and dispatched through the Word. That’s how Heaven moves! That’s just simply how God created Heaven to be and how it operates!

Respond With The Word! 

As always, Jesus was the perfect example who carried attributes that we all should strive to attain. He was the

perfect holy one; yet and still, he walked this Earth just as you are now so that he may identify and relate to   every suffering of man. Better than anyone, he understands us!

It was during his 40-day fast when Jesus was greatly tempted by the enemy. He knew that this particular fast would change the trajectory of his ministry, and there was a different level of grace and anointing that rested upon him. But before this new level manifested, he carefully fought temptation with the Word, responding with “it is written”. In the midst of great temptation, the Word responded with the Word! How powerful!

Jesus was bold, powerful, humble, meek, and he walked in grace and authority. He had such great power exuding from his life. Be encouraged that the very same spirit that raised him from the dead is the one that dwells in you! The hope of glory! You have power on the inside of you! Don’t you understand how powerful words are? This is why you must be careful of what you speak out of your mouth, because those very words bring forth life and CREATE!

Born to Be a Light

We tend to allow others to use us up until we are empty… but can you recall the last time you’ve asked the Lord to use you? Isn’t it an amazing thing just to allow the Lord to use you? What are you doing in this season? Are you allowing some of the gifts, talents, and anointing that He has placed in your life to shine through?

Oftentimes we passively suppress our gifts and talents, not wanting others to see what we are working with. But God is calling His people in this time and hour to rise up and occupy! It’s time for Kingdom believers to take up space even in areas of business and entertainment where there has been so much witchcraft and demonic evil workings. You were created to bring glory to dark places. You are called to be the light! It is not time for believers to sit around and be passive, but we are to walk in our light!

Be encouraged that God wants to create and birth some things through YOU! Do you know that all it takes is one idea from the Lord that could set your family up for life?! All it takes is one divine idea to catapult you to millionaire and even billionaire status! There are mighty things that are brewing in the Heavens awaiting for someone to reach up, grab, and say, “I will create and go forth with it!”. Will that person be YOU?? It’s time for the Kingdom inventors to come forth and create what has never been seen. There are heavenly ideas residing within you that are ready to be launched and released into the Earth realm so that it may bring glory to God!

Be intentional about your purpose and the plans that God has called you to. Be encouraged even in the moments when you share your ideas with others and they laugh, joke, and mock you. Simply put, not everyone will understand the hope of glory that rests upon your life. It doesn’t matter what the naysayers say, the ideas that you have are valid! The dreams and ideas on your mind that cause you to turn over in the midnight hours were placed there by a Holy God –and you are called to create, produce, and start in spite of it all! Let’s get it going!!

Appear: to be or become in sight. To become evident or MANIFEST.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been listening to a beautiful song that reminds us all that as you were created in the image of God, you have the power to allow things to appear and manifest. Allow these powerful lyrics to minister to you and bless you just as much as it has for me!

Manifest – Jonathan Nelson

“Pregnant possibilities

Now birth anew

Travailing to obtain it

For it must come to pass

I decree it declare it

And call it in the spirit

To become what God’s designed me to be.

Your future, ur promises shall be fulfilled

Yes, you shall obtain it

For it must come to pass.

I decree it, declare it

And call it in the spirit.

Manifest, manifest, manifest, manifest.

Become what God’s designed me to be,

You are what God’s designed you to be,

I am what God’s designed me to be,

You are what God’s designed you to be!”

You were born to CREATE and MANIFEST!

You’re Validated to Create!

God is a God of continual motion, flow, and production. Just as you were created in His image, then so should  you also operate in this same capacity. Today, I call forth the creator in you! Are you a waiter or are you a creator? Are you a producer or are you a consumer? It’s time to shift some things in your mind! I call forth the power and ability to create what God has released you to create in this season. Many times we tend to wait for others to validate us. Though it is good to have someone to validate you, know that there are times when you are born to do great things, no one will be able to validate you but God Himself! Allow the Lord to validate you in this season!

Validate: to make legal. To grant as official; to authenticate.

If God is saying “this is it” and gives you His stamp of approval to go forth, then so shall it be! Truth be told, it’s time out for seeking approval from others who may not even know who they are themselves.

I speak life to you today that you will conquer, create, and produce! May you unclog the spiritual pipes that have stifled your ability to create and produce. May there be a creative anointing released over you, the power to bring things into existence and to manifest. May they begin to stir up in your belly at this very moment! Let those ideas come forth through the power of your words. Stir up the big vision on the inside of you!!

When you create, you give God glory! Be encouraged that you were BORN for this!

In this season, you must not be afraid to turn another page and enter a new, fresh chapter in your life. There’s something so beautiful that awaits you as you step into who you were called to be! May your light shine ever so brightly, so that the glory of the Lord may rest upon you all the days of your life!

So shall it be! Amen.

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Lenika Scott

The Millionaire Mom

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