You Must GO!! 

Throughout the years, I’ve talked and ministered so much about deep surrender and obedience to God. It is a message that I am certain throughout my time here in the Earth that I will continue to talk about. Now more than ever, it is so important that we understand that if we are ever going to be mighty and powerful in God, we have to truly let Him use us! 

Let’s think about Jesus…..

As we look at the life of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, let’s consider this familiar passage: 

“So when they saw Him, they were amazed; and His mother said to Him, “Son, why have You done this to us? Look, Your father and I have sought You anxiously.” And He said to them, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” – Luke 2:48,49

As we are all familiar with this scripture, it conveys a message of just how committed and devoted Jesus truly was to his calling and mission in the Earth. Even as his father and mother questioned him, Jesus was so fixated on being about the Father’s business. It was so engulfed in him to be about the work of he who sent him! 

Are You Willing?

Today, I’d like to encourage you to begin to examine your walk with the Father and your personal obedience to Him: 

What is the Father having you to do? 

What has He told you to do? 

What has He told you to work on and study?

What type of way is the Father dealing with you? 

Are you allowing Him to do it? 

How are you obeying God? 

What does your day to day surrender look like? 

As I think about many believers today, I’ve observed the sad reality that many are not truly obeying God. Many people often talk a good talk, but when it pertains to their day to day lives, their obedience is missing. This is not from a place of judgment, but I’ve been feeling led to encourage many believers to begin examining their fruit. 

Can God count on YOU?? 

Think about people in your life that you know and interact with. There are some people who are generally the ones who have good personalities and are always willing. These are the people whom you typically can  count on and are dependable to show up for the assignment. If there were something that you needed, those are the ones that you generally would reach out to. On the other hand, you may have come across people who often fall off when asked to do something and are not a person of their word. As a result of this, it is likely that you’ve learned to pull back and stop asking those people for much. In this same way, it is clear that the Lord deals with His children accordingly. He is not a God who will keep wasting His voice. If we are not adhering to what He has said and the instructions that He has already given us, He’s not going to keep giving us more instructions. He will often  pull back and bow out gracefully; and it often leaves us wondering where He is and does He still love us? Simply put, the answer is absolutely! 

You must examine if you are the kind of person that God can count on in this hour. Are you willing and obedient to the Father no matter what? 

No More Fear! 

When it comes to Jesus, you can tell that even at the young age of 12, the need and ability to be about the Father’s business was loud and clear. He was so adamant about doing and walking out what God wanted him to and he didn’t allow his Earthly parents to stop him! 

Even when it comes down to your spouse, siblings, and people close to you such as friends and family, they have the potential to hinder you from walking out the plans of God. If you are not careful, you may find yourself and your mind fixated on what they are saying and their personal opinions. Be reminded of this: there will be NO ONE who will really pray and seek the face of God for your life like you! You are the one who really has to be in a place of prayer and seeking God out for your life and praying until you see breakthrough.

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” – 2 Chronicles 16:9

A lot of us are not obeying God because of the fear of others. God knows that none of us are perfect but He seeks out in the Earth to see whose heart is really turned toward Him? His eyes are looking throughout the Earth to see who He can use— not with just lip service but really allowing the Spirit of the Lord to work and move through them. Will you be the one who chooses to be led by the Lord and not concerned with what anyone is saying? This is why it is a must that we be delivered from people and their opinions. If you are going to be used by God greatly in the Earth, then you cannot be moved or care about what other people think about you and how they feel about you. He is searching to see if there will be one who will rise up and go. Who will show up no matter the persecution, betrayal, and mocking, suffering, and rejection!

Examine your personal walk with Him. Many in the body have fear that keeps them from stepping out and obeying God. Remember that there are levels to obedience. The higher you go, the more humble you have to be. May the fear of man break off of you today! Your fear cannot be stronger than your level of surrender unto God! 

Elevation Requires Humility  

If you follow me on social media, then you may have witnessed how God has been moving and blessing us tremendously. Even so, it is true that while many may see the elevation, not many get to see the level of surrender, obedience, and humility that goes on behind closed doors. It may look “cute” on social media, but walking that thing out day by day is not easy! It requires us to ask questions like these: 

God, what do you want me to do? 

How do you want me to respond? 

Obedience to God is REAL stuff! As I prepared to step out into the deep and launch yet another business, the Lord urged me to trust Him day by day, even when I didn’t feel like it. There were times when I didn’t want to start over. I could feel myself wanting to resist the level of sacrifice that comes with building again. Nothing made sense and if I could be honest, it didn’t feel fair. Yet and still, the Father challenged me to trust Him and still go forth. It required humility. It required me to put myself back out there and yield, and do what I knew to do: obey God. As I recently made a petition to the Father concerning this business, God surely honored my request because I obeyed Him and stepped out in faith even when I didn’t want to! As I always say, obedience is not contingent upon your personal feelings and emotions. God promised to give me the grace to build again even when I didn’t feel like it in my emotions, and He honored my obedience. 

God is seeking and searching the land to see who He can use and trust…

Somebody has to go first! 

Someone has to hear God and stand in the gap and pray until they see the answers!

Someone has to stand in a position where they are hearing from God and obeying Him every single step of the way! 

Will it be YOU? 

We have to obey God! As He speaks and leads you, you must follow. God is saying in this hour: “take my hand. I am the one that will lead you into this land!”

Someone has to be the one to find the land when no one else will rise up with the faith and ability to go. Will you humble yourself even if others may talk about you? Even at the risk of persecution? Oftentimes, people tend to go off and do their own thing, yet it doesn’t carry the same weight or favor. Many times we try to take the safe way out. But it is under the fire and pressure when great things are birthed! Think about the process of making a diamond before it comes forth and emerges in all of its glory and beauty and people marvel at it. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. One of the greatest things that you can do in the Earth outside of salvation is obeying God at all costs! 

Seek God about your level of obedience and surrender to Him. Don’t let anyone hinder you from walking out His plan for your life! He will give you the strength, grace, and the know-how. You cannot fear man and their opinions. You must go!

You Must Go!

Receive the anointing to obey God on today. May you learn to be consistent with God as He looks down and searches the Earth, knowing that He can trust you. Can God trust you when He gives you an assignment in the Earth? Does He know that you will move even when you don’t feel like moving, when you are tired, and even when the attacks and blows may come? I pray for your level of consistency as it pertains to the things of God. As you are consistent, you will be elevated and rise up and emerge. 

May there be such a level of understanding that God gives you for this time and hour in regard to the things that He has called you to do. Cancel fear in the name of Jesus that causes you to procrastinate and stay stagnant—it is not your portion. Understand that God is a God of movement; He is constantly moving. This means that you cannot afford to be stagnant as He is moving. There are things in the land that need to be done, taken care of, and handled by Kingdom citizens. We have work to do in this world! May you not be afraid to take territory even as God leads you in and ushers you up to occupy certain spaces. Even as Jesus grew in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, may you also grow in understanding in whatever place that God is giving you to flow and operate. May you study to yourself approved in this season. 

May you be one who takes action even when you mess up and get it wrong. Will you be brave and courageous and go anyway? 

Can God count on YOU in this season? Will you GO?? 



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Lenika Scott 

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