You CAN Break Through!!

As believers, we often strive for breakthroughs in our lives, whether in relationships, finances, health, or other areas. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves facing spiritual blockages that prevent us from experiencing the freedom and abundance that God has in store for us. The good news is that God desires His children to be free, receiving all He has planned for them. If you want to see breakthrough God’s way in the natural realm, then you will have to deal with some things in the spirit realm. This season, it’s time to break through barriers and walk into a season of Heavenly release. The Lord has plans for you to prosper and to give you a future and hope! [Jeremiah 29:11]. When you have a purpose and a calling on your life, the enemy’s tactics are to go after and attempt to plunder your breakthrough. But be encouraged that God is not the will of the Father and He desires to see you win and walk in victory.

Your breakthrough is NEAR!

Understanding Blockages 

Breakthrough – An obstruction or blockage that makes a movement or flow difficult or impossible.

Spiritual blockages can manifest in various forms—negative mindsets, doubt, unforgiveness, fear, and more. These blockages create obstacles that make it challenging to flow in God’s purpose for our lives. However, we have the power to overcome these hindrances and move forward in faith.

Understanding spiritual blockages is crucial to experiencing breakthrough and living out God’s purpose for our lives. These blockages can take many forms and often present themselves as negative thoughts and emotions that weigh us down. A common spiritual blockage is a negative mindset, which can arise from various life experiences such as disappointments, past failures, or rejections. When we allow these negative thoughts to take root, they can hinder our ability to see God’s goodness and hold us back from moving forward. Doubt is another spiritual blockage that can creep into our minds. It can cause us to question God’s promises and our own worthiness to receive them. When doubt takes hold, it can stifle our faith and prevent us from fully trusting in God’s plans. To overcome doubt, we must anchor ourselves in God’s Word and remember that He is faithful to fulfill His promises.

Let doubt have no place in your mind! 

Unforgiveness is a challenging spiritual blockage, because it entangles us in bitterness and resentment. Holding onto past hurts not only robs us of peace but also hinders breakthrough. When we choose to forgive, even when it is difficult, it frees us from this burden and opens the door to healing and restoration. Fear is another blockage that can keep us from stepping out in faith and embracing God’s plans. Fear can manifest as worry, anxiety, or a lack of confidence. It causes us to focus on what might go wrong rather than trusting in God’s provision and protection. To overcome fear, we must replace it with faith and remind ourselves that God is greater than any obstacle we may face.

Don’t fear! You have the power to overcome!

Embracing God’s Promise

God has a purpose and a calling for each of us. As Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” With this promise, we can trust that God is for us and desires our breakthrough.

When we embrace God’s promise, we open ourselves up to a new perspective on life. Rather than viewing circumstances through the lens of fear or frustration, we can choose to see them as part of God’s greater plan for our growth and development. This shift in mindset allows us to rest in the assurance that God is working all things together for our good. Knowing that God has plans to prosper us and give us hope encourages us to step out in faith, even when the path is unclear. We can trust that God is for us and desires our breakthrough, empowering us to overcome obstacles and move forward with boldness.

Victory is Yours!

The enemy often tries to steal our joy, peace, and blessings by sowing doubt and discouragement. But we are not alone in this battle. The Lord is with us, and in this season, He declares, “NOT SO!” We can stand firm in our faith, knowing that the victory is already ours through Christ.

Steps to Experience Breakthrough:

  • Renew Your Mind: Transform your thinking by meditating on God’s promises and truths found in the Bible. Let His Word guide your thoughts and actions.
  • Pray with Purpose: pray and seek God’s will and ask for the removal of any spiritual obstacles. Pray with confidence, knowing that God hears and answers your prayers.
  • Forgive and Release: Let go of any bitterness or unforgiveness in your heart. Releasing these burdens frees you to walk in God’s grace and favor.
  • Trust God’s Timing: Sometimes, delays are divine. Trust that God is working behind the scenes and that His timing is perfect.

Declare Your Breakthrough

It’s time to declare victory over your circumstances. Speak life over your situation and trust that God is working on your behalf. 

No more delays!

No more obstacles! 

No more hindrances! 

Your Breakthrough is NEAR! 

By declaring your breakthrough, you invite God’s power to move in your life and position yourself to receive His blessings. When you speak life over your situation, you shift your focus from obstacles to opportunities. This mindset of faith and trust allows you to see your circumstances through God’s perspective, recognizing that He is actively working on your behalf. By declaring victory, you reject fear, doubt, and negativity, and instead, embrace the truth that God is greater than any challenge you may face.

This season of breakthrough is marked by a divine release from delays and hindrances. As you declare your breakthrough, believe that the Lord is bringing clarity, direction, and resolution to your circumstances. Trust in God’s perfect timing and His ability to turn things around for your good. As you embrace these steps, you open yourself up to the fullness of God’s plans for your life. Remember that the Lord walks beside you every step of the way, guiding you toward a future filled with hope and prosperity.

Let this be a season of breakthrough for you—a time of renewed strength, deepened faith, and the realization of God’s abundant plans. Keep your eyes fixed on Him, and with a heart full of expectancy, declare your breakthrough. By doing so, you position yourself to witness God’s mighty work in your life and experience the fullness of His love and grace! 


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