Will You Be Ready??

As these uncertain times dwindle, they serve as a gentle reminder to us all that our days on Earth are truly a limited blessing. We are often led to ask ourselves deep questions like: How can I make every moment count in alignment with God’s will? Am I living my life in alignment with God’s purpose, prepared for the moment when my earthly journey comes to an end?

It’s time to get serious in this hour! 

God’s Plan Over Yours 

Lately, I’ve personally been seeking the Lord, making sure that heart posture has been one that places God’s desires at the forefront. As someone who is multifaceted and often has my hands in many things, what matters most is what is on God’s agenda in this hour. Even as I’m an entrepreneur for the Kingdom, I’ve been finding myself asking questions such as:

What do you want me to do? 

How do you want me to walk it out as it pertains to your Kingdom purposes in my life?

In this same way, be encouraged that the Lord has a work for you to do in the Earth as well. Take some time to reflect: 

Are you picking up your portion in this Earth? 

Are you carrying out your calling? 

What does God want you to do in this season?

Give God Your Yes 

As we know that our days in this earth are numbered, there’s a call to get our lives right with God. We often hear people tell us to make it count. This is why our walk with the Lord is a daily death to the flesh. It’s not about perfection but about yielding to His will, asking Him how He would have us live, and aligning ourselves with His purpose. We must be willing to say “Lord, not my will, but let yours be done”. What He wants, what He says, and what’s on His heart for you is what’s most important. The urgency lies not in fear but in recognizing the significance of walking out our calling and using our gifts to help others. To live in harmony with God’s plan means turning away from the distractions of what others are doing and focusing on our unique race. We must have the strength and confidence to carry that thing out to the best of our ability in the earth no matter how it may look. We can’t get carried away with someone else’s calling purpose, their assignment, or what God has for them. It’s about discovering and utilizing our gifts to the best of our ability, recognizing that comparison and envy only hinder our own journey. The clock is ticking, and the race is our own; we must run it faithfully.

So how will you make it count according to God’s will and what He wants you to do? How will you give God your yes? 

Ask the Father: 

What is my portion? 

What do you want me to do? 

Who do you want me to reach? 

Who do you want me to touch? 

“He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return].” – Philippians 1:6

God wants to use you as a vessel and instrument in this Earth and it is serious. As a believer, you’re not finished here and there’s more to do. Keep going although you may get tired. The pressures of life and cares of this world can sometimes make us want to retreat and do nothing. You have work to do!

It’s very important that you know in this hour and season of your life what it is that God wants to do through you. Don’t think about or look at others. Let them worry about their personal relationship with God themselves. You must be mindful and seek the Lord, calling upon Him and asking those questions. It has been such a season of shifting and transitioning for many. While God may have had you doing something in one season, He will require you to shift somewhere else. He’s doing a new thing! Be a yielded vessel. 

Even though it may be uncomfortable, will you trust Him anyway? Though it may seem unfamiliar, you don’t understand it all, and you can’t gather the wisdom that you have had in another season, you must know the direction that He is leading you to. There is Kingdom purpose attached to it. Though it may not make sense, continue to trust Him and yield to Him. Allow Him to use you as a living sanctuary. Ask Him about what you should be doing day by day. Listen for His instructions about how you are to move in your day. 

God has been pulling and drawing His people in this hour. Can’t you feel it? In this hour, there is another level of very uncomfortable surrendering that He has upon us. It doesn’t look like the same level that we saw in 2020. He knows what His people need because He is God alone. He is sovereign, the supreme One!

Will You Be Ready? 

In these times, the urgency to repent, align with God’s will, and fulfill our purpose becomes undeniable. The race is personal, and the clock is ticking. Let’s not be caught up in the noise of comparison but, instead, run our race faithfully, using our gifts to help others. Repentance is not about guilt; it’s about turning towards a purposeful life. So, as we navigate our days, let’s ask ourselves: Will we be ready, and what legacy will our lives speak when the final chapter is written? The time is now; let’s live with intention, purpose, and a heart surrendered to God’s will! In the Word we know that without faith it’s impossible to please the Lord. He is a God that moves and responds to faith. In what areas of your life have you not been stepping out due to putting your fear over faith? Ask the Lord to deliver and strip the fear away. He will give you the passion to walk in your purpose and your calling. 

As we move through our days, let’s keep it simple: daily choices that reflect God’s will for us. It’s not about impressing the world but finding fulfillment in living out the story God has written for our lives. So, in each simple step, let’s make our days count by aligning with God’s purpose and finding joy in the journey.

When the curtains of life close…. will you be ready??



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Lenika Scott 

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