What Do You Truly Want?

Can I share with you a word that the Lord recently shared with me? I truly believe that it has everything to do with what the Lord desires to do for His children in this season, if only you’d just believe and make your requests known!

After a day of shopping and a little retail therapy, I found myself in a place of amazement and deep gratitude. While placing my newly purchased pictures on my wall, I glanced out of my window and marveled at what the Lord had done for me. As I looked outside, I felt something stirring in my spirit so strongly. I couldn’t help but look out at my land and think to myself, “wow, this is all mine!”. The reality that I now stood in felt so surreal. A truthful thought came washing over me as I realized that everything that I now glanced at was made manifest simply because I wanted it. I took that moment to give the Lord a shout of praise, while basking in the gratitude that He granted me the very things that my heart once deeply wanted.

As I was reminded of all that God has brought to pass in my life, today I’d like to present to you a question that has been placed in my heart concerning you: What is it that you truly WANT?

What I DIDN’T want…

For me personally, I already had a clear idea of everything that I did NOT want or wish to see in my life.

I knew that I did NOT want to be in poverty. I rejected poverty with every fiber of my being even when my family and I were on food stamps. I simply didn’t WANT poverty. I also knew that I didn’t want to work for Corporate America any longer. I was tired of having to answer to a boss and ask for small things such as a break or request for vacation time. I didn’t want to live in debt. I also didn’t want to settle. I knew that God had placed deep down on the inside of me the ability to break some chains!

What I DID want…

I knew that I wanted to become debt free.

I wanted to have a home.

I wanted a business.

I wanted to be successful even as a woman of God and a believer.

I wanted to have my own identity, rather than becoming too caught up in the identity of my husband and my children.

I wanted to be in a position where I could give back to others.

I wanted to see chains broken off of my life!

I wanted to see generational curses BROKEN!

I simply wanted MORE!

Make The Decision

It takes a lot of courage to admit what you want in your life while taking the necessary steps to ensure that it takes place. Because of the fact that I no longer wanted to work for Corporate America, I made the decision to build a business in which success would be non-negotiable. Because of the fact that I didn’t want my identity to be wrapped up inside of motherhood and being a wife, and I knew that I was destined for more, I would often call myself the “Millionaire Mom” —even when the millions weren’t there. I didn’t want to only be identified as just another stay-at-home mom. I spoke life over myself declaring that “there is something more on the inside of me”. So I went after my goals and dreams, because deep down inside, that’s what I wanted! It was my determination that led me to declare over my life saying things like “I will build a business, and this business is going to be successful.” I knew what I wanted all along, even though it hasn’t been exactly how I pictured it in the beginning. I told myself that since I wanted a better life, then I surely could have a better life. Did it happen overnight? Absolutely not. But I knew that if I kept working, believing, and plowing through my dreams, then one day it would be my reality!

Make It Clear

What is it that YOU really… TRULY want?

The things that you want are what will be attracted to you—it’s inevitable. It is the way that God has designed all of the spiritual laws that we typically hear about.

If you desire to be married, do you truly desire to be married? Or is there something deep down on the inside of you that is still rejecting it?

Do you really want to be a millionaire? Or are you afraid of having abundance?

Do you know what you really want? If you don’t know what you want, you will be all over the place and unfocused. Remember that what you don’t want, you won’t tolerate. If you are still unsure, then you may need to settle yourself, get quiet, and find out what you truly desire to see within your life.

Powerful affirmations that you can declare:

“I CAN have a better life”

“I will one day become debt free”

“The very things that I want will be drawn to me!”

“You will also declare a thing, And it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways.” – Job 22:28

Give yourself PERMISSION to live a better life!

Be Okay With What You Want

Embrace what you want even if it is at a magnitude that your upbringing or your current reality doesn’t understand. I personally believe that many people don’t take the time to embrace the things that they truly want and be okay with it. I was okay with what I wanted, even as a believer. I dealt with people with poverty mindsets sneering and commenting things like, “it doesn’t take all of that. Why do you want all of that? Who does she think she is?”.

Even as you go after your dreams…

As you begin to break barriers…

When things start to break…

When you expand into different atmospheres…

As you ascend and go from glory to glory…

As you break curses and things start to happen…

People will talk… so LET THEM TALK!

I already knew that I would be hit with crazy levels of warfare—and I still wanted it. In spite of it all, the attacks, the jealousy, and haters, I made the decision to go forth. I understood that God would give me the grace to deal with it all.

You must come to a point where you are able to say to yourself: “This is what I want! This is what I DON’T want in my life”.


Again I ask you, what do you want? It is okay to go after it! Not from a place of desperation or operating out of character and without integrity. This does not mean that you should gain things in ways that God would not have you do so. Today’s message pertains to you knowing what you truly desire and not being afraid to tell it to the world. Can you recall the last time you’ve told yourself, “This is what I want and this is what is going to manifest.”?

Whatever it is, may you grow to be successful in all of your endeavors and accomplishments. Be proud of yourself every step of the way!

You CAN eat well in the land of the living!

You CAN be in a position to leave a legacy!

You CAN be in a position to go higher!

…But do you REALLY want it?

Let every dream and desire that God has placed on the inside of you become a part of you! God will give you the grace to go after what you want! It’s time for you to WIN!

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Lenika Scott

The Millionaire Mom

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