Understanding The Times: The 6 Seasons We Are In

In today’s message, I’m moved to revisit a prophetic message I’ve shared recently with the Body of Christ. Remarkably, its relevance persists and aligns perfectly with the current season we as believers find ourselves in today. Join me as we explore this timely revelation! 

God is truly doing and releasing so much in this hour! The word of encouragement that I have for you is nothing new, but it’s surely one that we all must be reminded of. We are literally in such a prophetic season and as so much is happening around us, it’s imperative for believers to know and understand the season of which the Lord has placed before us. Just as the Word tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. As this is true, today I’d like to simply highlight some areas in which I personally believe the Lord is moving throughout the lives of His people.

  1. A Season of Seeking & Inquiring 

Let’s consider the scripture in 1 Samuel 30:8, where David inquired of the Lord. He had pursued the Lord on a certain matter and received response from the Lord Himself assuring his victory. Just like David, this is a season where God’s people should be pursuing His heart, His voice, and seeking His instructions for their next steps. What is the Lord telling you to DO in this season? How is He processing YOU? As the Lord releases response in different ways, I encourage you to ask Him the questions that are necessary and crucial as it pertains to your life, your walk with Him, and your destiny. 

There are some personal victories, deliverances, and blessings that the Lord desires to release, but many risk the chance of missing it simply because of their own expectation. In this season, it is not wise to expect the Lord to move in the ways of the past. For He is a God of VAST possibilities and may not deliver results in the way you’ve always expected Him to! Because of this, we must always seek the Lord for answers, strategies, and plans that are not according to our own expectation. It is a time to stay before Him and not be afraid of asking questions.

  1. Getting Spiritually Pregnant 

We are in a season of great impartation from Heaven where God’s children are getting pregnant. Yes, you read that right! It’s time to get pregnant in this season! Whether you’re a woman or a man, the Lord desires for His people to become carriers of His purpose for such a prophetic time as this. I encourage you to allow Him to release those divine seeds on the inside of you. This season will be between just YOU and the LORD! As your Creator and your Maker, He knows the very things that must be deposited on the inside of you to become all that He has destined: carrying out the purpose, plan, and full destiny that has already been written out in Heaven for you!  

  1. Birthing What’s Within

You may be asking, “but how can I get pregnant AND give birth in the same very season”?! But God knows! All things are possible unto Him and so it is very likely that while God is planting and depositing new things on the inside of His people, He may also be requiring for the things that are due for His purpose to be birthed and made manifest. What has God placed inside of you in the seasons prior? Whatever it is, it is time to PUSH that thing out according to the will and purpose of the Lord! 

  1. Getting Quiet and Resting

It’s time out for the distractions, the mindless wandering, endless scrolling, and the long restless nights. Take advantage of the season that the Lord has placed before us: a time for restoration and impartation through rest and getting quiet. As there are natural benefits of allowing yourself to rest, things become unlocked in the spiritual realm as well. Partaking in rest brings forth creative flow, clarity, and such a peace that is needed for your next season. Turning off your phone and removing the noisy distractions gives way for the Lord to begin His work in you. Don’t allow distracting things like social media to cause you to miss out on what God is doing! 

  1. Personal Healing and Deliverance

The Lord is calling His people to a place of healing and deliverance—only this time, it’s personal! It’s not about your spouse, mother, friend, pastor or anyone else! It’s time to get personal, real, and raw with the Lord about your healing. Many of God’s people have been carriers of years of devastating trauma, anger, and even unbearable grief. Spiritually, trauma is much like a cage that traps a person inside and causes things to become locked in the spirit realm. The baggage has become much like a fortifying barrier, blocking the Lord from being able to deliver complete healing. The Lord is releasing His healing in areas where many have been wounded, often bleeding on others as a result of it. 

Reflect on these things: 

Where have you allowed your trauma to leave you bound? 

Are you stuck inside the depths of devastation and grief? 

Have you allowed yourself to replay the same trauma that has held you captive for years?

I encourage you to take the time and allow the Lord to deal with your heart so that freedom can be brought forth in your life. Get quiet and receive His instruction, even in the area of personal deliverance. This is a major season of destiny being unlocked, but God can’t promote us to realms of glory if we are still locked up in some areas. God is bringing about an inner healing that is SO needed for your next season and your next launching. In this season, it’s time to lay it all before the Lord and get delivered! It’s time to be free! Your healing is PERSONAL! 

  1. Season of Reward

“…so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you openly.” – Matthew 6:4

This is a season of great reward where God desires to unlock the greatness on the inside of you and honor you openly! For the time that you spend with the Lord in secret; the time spent in rest; the time that you allow God to process and prepare you; the Bible says that THEN shall the Lord reward you openly! In this season, you must be prepared in secret, processed while on your knees, fasting and obedient in private, and seeking the Lord for instructions when no one else is watching! People will look back on this season and declare that surely it was the Lord that was with you! 

There will come a time where you won’t have to ask nor beg for elevation, God Himself will show up and show out on your behalf! Although this may seem to be a season of collaboration, there are some things that God Himself desires for His hand to be over in your life so that many will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was HIM alone! No matter what others are doing, I encourage you to keep your eyes on the Lord in obedience and you will be greatly rewarded! 

“If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land; but if you resist and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword.” For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.” – Isaiah 1:19-20

If there be any in your heart, I encourage you to eliminate disobedience from your life and denounce the spirit of rebellion. Let this be done so that the Lord will find you faithful with the giftings, mantles, anointings that He has charged you to be faithful with. It is time for you to be rewarded in this season, to be fully rested, connected to His voice, planted in His will, and giving birth to the greatness that He has destined for you!

Because the LORD declares so! 

Don’t miss God in this season! It is time for you to be rewarded in this season, to be fully rested, connected to His voice, planted in His will, and giving birth to the greatness that He has destined for YOU!


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Lenika Scott

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