Trusting God’s Timing: Don’t Give Birth Out of Season!!

God has truly been speaking and there is a message that He wants to remind all of His people!!  

There are true ADVANCEMENTS coming in the Kingdom! But you MUST trust in His timing!  

When you wait on the perfect timing of the Lord, you won’t have to try to illegally break your way to the front of the line. The Lord will grab your hand and place you at the front! I’ve witnessed Him do this over and over in my life and THIS is the kind of God that we serve!  

Waiting For Your Season of Birth 

When it comes to waiting on God’s timing, we as believers can all learn from the story of Sarai and Abram in Genesis 17. Sarai was childless even up to the age of 90 years old. God promised Abram that they would someday conceive, but Sarai had yet to believe. Her own doubt and mistrust in the willingness of God led her to take matters into her own hands despite the covenant. Instead of waiting on God’s timing to bring the promise to pass she allowed her husband to conceive a child with another woman, Hagar. She blindly placed what she believed to be her promise into the hands of another woman instead of trusting the Lord‘s plan. As a result of this, the Word shows us that she gave birth to a son named Ishmael who was not the child of the promise. What Sarai had done was out of order and ultimately out of God’s will. It wasn’t until 13 years later that the Lord changed her name to Sarah and she gave birth to the son of the promise and named him Isaac. 

Abram was noted as one of God’s “favorites” in the biblical times. A revelation came from this passage that hit me like a ton of bricks: you can be blessed, anointed, and even favored but can still give birth to an Ishmael (a manifestation of the flesh). It’s vital to your very destiny to WAIT on the Lord’s timing!  

Are YOU birthing an Ishmael??  

Are you attempting to birth something from your flesh out of the Lord’s timing? Waiting on His timing in uncertain seasons can be a difficult thing to do. Temptations may arise to take things into our own hands –not always out of disobedience but simply of fear that the promise won’t come to pass. Doubt begins to set in and fester, as we question if God can truly do what He’s promised. It’s often right when we get to the point of breakthrough that we as believers attempt to step in and do things our way. We ruthlessly push God out of the way, yet plead with Him to bless the things that we’ve birthed on our own! Can you imagine how much this grieves the very Spirit of the Lord when we mistrust Him? 

“God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” – Numbers 23:19 

Have you forgotten the promises of the Lord over your life??  

When standing on a promise, it’s counterproductive to try to make things happen in your own strength. Even during the times when you aren’t thinking, God is able to answer you and show Himself strong in your life. Believe that if He spoke a promise, then it shall BE! Having faith doesn’t mean that we simply stay stagnant and wait for the promises to knock on our door. There’s still a need to continue to carry out the work of the Lord, but this must be done without forcing what He has promised.  

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5  

Let God Be GOD!  

It takes a great deal of balance in exercising your faith while also waiting on the timing of the Lord. I’ve personally witnessed the Lord turn things around in the nick of time! But this was only done when I quickly recognized the pivotal moment to simply get out of His way!  

Many have already heard of my testimony that came forth from the birthing of my most recent book. Angelic Allies, the book that I was divinely led to birth, was published by a major Christian publication company, Destiny Image. This company has served as a literary platform for several influential Christian authors such as Bishop T.D. Jakes and Dr. Myles Monroe. I received a promise from the Lord that THIS company would be the one to publish my book. It took a great deal of faith to believe God for the promise He made me even when it didn’t look like it would happen. Even after not receiving response in the beginning; after all of the prayer, fasting, and knowing that I had heard from God! I contended and sought the Lord on that promise until it came to pass. 

As I hit send on the computer to submit the email, I lifted up my hands and offered up a prayer to the Lord that I knew could turn some things around and cause acceleration in the spirit realm:  

“Lord, if you are God and you’ve said that you would do it, then you have to be the one to do it! I’ve done all I know to do and it’s now out of my hands. I’m taking my hands off of this.” 

Sending out the email was such a heartfelt moment. I was not out of character, nor out of order, but I had simply come to my end. I recognized the moment to take myself out of the equation and let God be God. It was simply by His grace and His perfect timing that I received response within 15 minutes after submitting an email to the head publisher! It was His favor that connected me directly with people in high positions (who didn’t even know who I was), to announce that they were picking up my book! It was the Lord who sent His confirmation of His promise in the form of an angel feather that rested beside me! I noticed that there were slits in the feathers and part of the feathers were missing. The Lord revealed to me that those were “sword” marks! The angels were fighting for me to receive breakthrough and to release what was in the second heavens down into the earth realm!! Hallelujah!  

My book, Angelic Allies, is now WORLDWIDE! Distributed in different countries… 

Different parts of the world… 

In several Christian websites that I’ve never heard of… 

Even translated in different languages!  

THIS was the result of waiting on the timing of the Lord! Much like Sarah, I could’ve birthed an Ishmael in that moment –allowing some other publishing company to do it but that wasn’t the promise that was made to me! He allowed me to test out other companies and face rejection to remind me that what HE said would be shall BE! Whenever the Lord promises something unto you, rest assured that He will honor you! Be encouraged that His promises for you remain and they are able to happen much quicker when you take your hands off of things and let God be God!  

Word of Encouragement  

What kind of promises has God made you? Are you going to stand on the Word of God? Let today’s message encourage you to put God in remembrance of His Word concerning you! It’s time to take yourself out of the equation; place your will, ideas, agendas, and motives at the altar. Take your hands off of it and let God be God in every matter! Allow the angels to go to work, fight and battle for you! It’s important to hear from the Lord because you must be able to recognize when you are to fight or rest. There are times when you must learn to take your hands off of certain matters and release them unto the Lord. As believers, we must all learn to avoid trying to birth things out of timing, out of season, and out of the will of God. I encourage you to repent for the things you’ve tried to do in your own strength.  

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” – Philippians 4:6 

If you have been anxious for the promises to come to pass and the prophetic words to manifest, let Shalom rest over your mind today. Let the peace that transcends all human understanding wash over your mind and anchor your heart in His word. Continue to believe, be mindful, and carry a heart filled with gratitude. Simply take a look around; you’re more blessed than you think that you are!  

May you find every single promise that the Lord has for you. There is true advancement in waiting on the timing of God –and no one can do it like He does!  

Wait on the Lord!  

Let Him elevate you! 

Let Him advance you! 

Let Him promote you! 

He ALWAYS does a better job!  

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Lenika Scott  

The Millionaire Mom

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