Thirst For The Father! We Need Him!

Our Father KNOWS…

He knows those moments when you’re feeling like you can’t handle things on your own..

He knows the moments when we’re trying to find comfort in the chaos…

The Father knows when we’re in need of replenishment for the dry places… 

With everything going on, we seriously need Him!

There’s such a profound beauty that unfolds when we seek and the Lord responds with His precious comfort we seek. Beautiful encounters take place when we dive into the heavenly realms and thirst for the Father. Today’s message serves as encouragement, letting us all know that the Father is surely aware of our struggles. In moments when our strength fails, He steps in right on time. As you increase your appetite for the presence of the Father like never before, get ready for a flood of His goodness filling up all those dry spots that need Him the most!

A Divine Response

“Blessed are those who hunger. and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” – Matthew 5:6

There is a beautiful, indescribable filling that the Lord desires to take place for His children—but we must hunger and thirst after Him! Along with today’s message comes with an instruction, one that many of us have overlooked. It’s time to strip away the issues of life and return to the basics of our faith. What does that mean? It’s time to immerse yourself in the Word. It is the Word of the Lord that serves as our anchor. In this season, we are called to rekindle our love for the Word, for Jesus, and for the Father—a love that guards our minds and secures the promise of His perfect peace. Let’s all embark on a journey to fall back in love with the Lord, to embrace His ways, His voice, and to cherish His presence. This is a call to rediscover our passion for the Word and to fall back in love with the things that are Holy. What are some of the things that may have clouded our connection with the Lord? It’s time to get rid of them in this hour! According to the Word, blessings await those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. The Lord delights in the moments when we confess our love and need for Him. It is in these moments that a deep connection is formed, and the provision of His favor becomes evident. As we earnestly seek Him, the Father smiles upon us. A sacred exchange takes place, marked by a heavenly oil that flows. 

The deep is calling out to the deep…

We must all bring ourselves to a place of worship in this season…  

Our hunger for Him must become insatiable…

Supernaturally Replenished

Life can leave many of us feeling drained, our souls yearning for a recharge. Doing the work that God calls us to needs a special kind of power, and that power comes from God alone. When we’re running low on strength and power, the key is to turn to the ultimate power source and ask God to replenish and fill us. In His unfailing love and kindness, He graciously responds to our plea. When you’re feeling low on energy, only the Lord is able to give you a supernatural replenishment.

“As a deer gets thirsty for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God.” – Psalm 42:1

Think of it as inviting the Lord into your heart’s space—it’s a beautiful way to let God fill you up during this season. When God starts filling you, new things open up for you to see. Your eyes will catch a glimpse of new things, like revealing knowledge and the mysteries of God. It’s like connecting with heavenly places.

Take a moment to check in with your soul:

Is your mind craving wisdom from the Father?

Is your heart yearning for God’s love?

Do your emotions need comfort from the Father?

Are you hungry for a deeper connection with Him?

Remember, when you genuinely seek God with all your heart, you’ll find Him without a doubt. It’s a journey of self-discovery, a purposeful quest that leads to a refreshed and renewed spirit. As you let God’s power transform you, you step into a path where your mind’s thirst, your heart’s longing, your emotions’ need for comfort, and your hunger for a divine connection find fulfillment in the Father’s loving embrace.

Seek & Search

Did you know that there are heavenly portals in your home?

It’s true, and I want to encourage you to pay attention to these sacred spaces in your home. Certain areas in your home become open portals when you connect with Heaven, especially during prayer, worship, and seeking God. In those moments, angels ascend and descend, creating a divine connection. Take a moment to identify them and spend some quality time there.

Are you looking for answers from God?

Do you need divine insight to understand certain aspects of your life?

Are you seeking God’s guidance?

These open portals are where you can sit and receive revelation and downloads from Heaven. I recommend spending time in your prayer space or any area dedicated to the Lord. It’s important to quiet your spirit because God wants to speak to you! In this crucial hour, we genuinely need Him. Confess your need and love for Him, and watch as these heavenly portals in your home become gateways to divine communication.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13

Embrace Divine Support

In the midst of great changes, God is actively at work. He knows and understands the weariness that permeates the land. Be encouraged that He is concerned about YOU! He’s washing away weariness, and angels are coming forth with cleansing water. As you experience this cleansing, express your love for the Father. He intends to share heavenly ideas and strategies, and the angels are actively moving on your behalf, executing plans in the Earth.

No matter your current situation, God desires to lead you out. Let Him stir up new ideas, inventions, revelations, and necessary transformations within you. If you feel a nudge to pivot or change direction, physically or spiritually, trust that Heaven supports you. Cancel and bind the spirit of fear, allowing the angels to assist you in moving and changing according to God’s guidance.

Go forth in the strength of the Lord!

Trust in the LORD completely!

Let go of your own understanding!

Thirst after the Lord again!

God will guide your steps, placing a fire on your feet and ordering your path. Receive the new battle shoes to tread new territories, along with garments for your assignment. The Lord will equip you to overcome challenges and assure  protection. Take refuge in Him, trusting that He knows your needs. Embrace the divine help that Heaven offers over your life, and move forward with confidence in the Lord’s guidance and provision!


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Lenika Scott

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