There’s No Perfect Time! Will You Go?

Today’s message is one that I hope strengthens and encourages you as I share the testimony of my journey to becoming an author! Despite the many challenges and hard blows, the Lord has been faithful! I’m constantly reminded of His promises when I take a look at what He has allowed me to birth and bring forth for His glory…

The time spent on book signings…

Purchasing pretty balloons and hanging up beautiful banners…

The family members who gather around in support…

The posts on social media to share my excitement with the world…

It all paints a pretty picture of the moments of happiness and celebration…

But nothing takes away from the pain and trials that it took to birth what God had given me…

Though people will see the glory, many won’t know your story!

I often think about the irony of how the Lord instructed me to write a book about breakthrough, while my family and I were on food stamps. It was during a painful time when our breakthrough had seemed so far out of reach. There was so much pain during the process of writing my first book. It was almost agonizing to submit to an assignment that was contrary to what my life looked like at that time. I dealt with so much heartache as I encouraged others to fast for breakthrough. I wrestled with doubt and questioned myself, asking if I was truly anointed for the assignment. God gave me a promise, yet the manifestation of what He told me and my reality simply didn’t line up. Truthfully, I cringed throughout the entire process. My husband and I had 4 children in one small bedroom. The only thing that could fit in the room was the bed and one dresser. There we were, college-educated individuals who had to lean on government assistance in order to make things work. Yet and still, I made the commitment to trust and believe God at His Word day by day—and I kept on writing!

Are You Willing?

“If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land…” – Isaiah 1:19

Willing – ready, eager, or prepared to do something. cheerfully consenting; having no reason for not doing something. Obedience is better than sacrifice—the Bible is so clear about it. A lot of times we quote this scripture but we leave the “be willing” part out. Will you still be willing even when God tells you to do something and it does not make sense at all? Will you be willing to go forth?

There was such an urgency that God placed around the completion of my first book. It was an end-time book and it was a MUST that it be released. I was willing. I can remember calling my mother and asking for her help to feed the children and help around the house so that I could write the book. I would steal some time away in hopes to at least get a chapter done. Day by day, month after month, I wrote it down. I battled with so much inner agony and pain as I pushed in obedience to God, because it was what He said that I had to do! The Lord told me, “write the book and the level of wealth that I have for you will be released unto you”. I wrote the book and released it in November 2013. About 10 days later, the opportunity that allowed us to become millionaires came forth. God honored His Word…the moment that I honored mine!

Are you willing to PUSH past the PAIN to get to your PROMISE in this season?

No Weapon Formed!

The Lord led me to write my second book, Angelic Allies, where I provided teaching on the angels. It was then when I was attacked and struck with illness in my body. No one realized the terrible pain that I was in as I got up every day for the prayer call. I was greatly attacked by witches and warlocks. There was even an appearance of one in my home, trying to take me out with death curses and threats on my life. I felt the spirit of death arriving to yet again attempt to take me out. The Lord revealed to me that there was a demonic injection in my neck sent by the enemy to cause an aneurysm. But God! The Lord told me that He would give me the grace to get the book done. On my worst days, the Lord promised to give me enough strength to minister to His people. The pain became unbearable; I had to shut everything down and seek holistic treatment. The Lord strengthened me even in times when my body was wrecked with pain, still allowing the angels to show up and minister to me. Even Michael the archangel himself visited my home to drop off a decree from Heaven! In 2019, the book was picked up by a major Christian publishing company, Destiny Image!

In the time of my sickness, I can remember constantly repenting and begging God to remove the sickness from me. In response, He told me that He was building a story. He was teaching me how to trust Him on a deeper level and obey Him through the pain. The Bible tells us that Jesus learned obedience by the things in which he suffered. So we must also obey God even when it doesn’t look good or when it isn’t pretty. Obedience is non-negotiable! Stop waiting for the perfect time to obey God, because if it were up to our own flesh, there would never be a perfect time.

Ask yourself: What are you REALLY waiting on??

Will You Go?

As I share the painful process of my journey to releasing those books, it serves as a reminder of the harsh warfare that many don’t see behind the scenes.

But there is surely some warfare to fight and a price to pay. In the midst of all the evil darts and attacks, the Lord gave me the grace to complete my assignments through my obedience. You must obey God and trust Him at His Word. Be encouraged that if He said it, then He is going to allow that thing to come to pass. Even in the midst of attacks, hard blows, pain, and things that simply don’t feel good, His grace is sufficient for your life!

I encourage you to remain focused on what God has told you to do. Stay focused on the grace that is on your life. Keep your mind on the assignment that God has given you to do. We often get so distracted by looking at the endeavors of others. It’s okay to admire others, but it is easy to get so caught up that we miss time. As I’ve once said before, being out of position in this hour is TOO costly! God needs you to simply obey Him!

What is He telling you to do? What was the last thing that He told you to do that you didn’t do?

Things won’t always make sense; it is a process. It won’t always be the perfect time for you to obey. In fact, it wouldn’t be faith if it were.

Will you go anyhow?

Will you obey anyhow?

No matter how it looks now, will you trust and depend on God?

It is my prayer that you receive the heart to obey God and bring yourself to repentance for all of the times that you may have broken God’s heart with your disobedience. For all of the times when you grieved His Spirit and wasted time by waiting for the perfect opportunity. It’s time that you be laser-focused and straighten up. Get on the right track and into the position of where you are supposed to be in Him. There’s more work to be done for the Kingdom of the Holy Father!

The timing may never be perfect, but will you still GO??

I pray that you do! Amen.

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Lenika Scott

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