Teaching On The Prophetic – Part 3

Today’s message will serve as the ending portion of our teaching series on the prophetic ministry. It is my prayer that you have received such encouragement, clarity, and understanding thus far –especially if you may be called by the Lord to the prophetic ministry!

…Let’s pick up where we left off!

As mentioned before, there are several areas of the body in which believers are able to physically sense and feel the anointing. Keep in mind that as you feel anointing on these parts of the body, it could represent or have more than one meaning.

Physical Indications of Anointing (Continued)

Anointing on the elbow: Represents a demonic execution that presents a strong call and urge to pray. It is a warfare anointing. 

Anointing on the nose: Indicates the discerning of spirits.

Anointing on the ears: Represents when God is speaking (top of the ears). Also represents a strong word of warning or judgement. Feelings of a strong prick in the ear are indicative of a lying spirit.

Anointing on the ankles/wrists/necks : Critical in deliverance, representing a demonic spirit at work to hold one in captivity. A removal of the chains.

Anointing on the shoulders: Represents a burden for someone. This will lead you to pray for an individual. This can also represent a certain yoke.

Anointing at the top of the head: Openness to God.

Anointing on the temple: Represents clarity.

Anointing on the bottom: Represents the seed of silent suffering and grief.

Anointing on the knees: Represents surrendering and submission to the Lord.

Destroying Yokes

“And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.” – Isaiah 10:27

You have spiritual tools that have been given to you by God that are equipped with the anointing to destroy yokes! These tools include speaking in tongues, praying in the spirit, and ministering and speaking the word of God. The Word is like a sharp sword that pierces and is able to break chains and bondages! It is the anointing that breaks things off of the lives of others. This shows the importance of identifying the certain types of anointings, as they reveal the areas where a restrictive yoke of bondage may be present. As you begin to pray, tarry or even fast against those things, the yoke is removed –and when it breaks, it’s SO very beautiful!

There have been times when I felt the removal of yokes personally. I could sense where the enemy was trying to constrict me in some areas. The anointing would be felt around my ankles or wrists depending on the issue. Visions would come to me of the angels of the Lord; I could see them coming in to use their tools to clip away the yokes. It was as if I could feel the very chains falling off. What a sweet anointing! Oftentimes seers may even see those yokes in the spirit. In fact, some of my daughters who are seers have witnessed and experienced seeing demonic oppression around certain areas of the body. If you or even someone you know have felt the restrictive yoke around the areas of the hands, wrists, ankles, or neck, the answer is always in prayer!

Whether you are feeling, hearing, or seeing, you MUST be in prayer!

You must know who you are in God!

You must take authority!

You have to get into the Word of God!

Begin to quote the Word!

Speak and pray in tongues!

Worship the Lord! 

Things will begin to fall and be destroyed over your life. Testimonies will begin going forth as the anointing is truly breaking chains and yokes in this hour! When God brings others out and healing comes forth, and blinded eyes are opened, deaf ears are unclogged, the lame walk, and people who are bound for years are set free by the power of God, this gives others hope that God did it for them, He can do it for someone else!!

May you be supernaturally strengthened today!

Rather than depending on yourself, declare that you will trust and depend on God alone. Many believers have been trusting and depending on the oil and their anointing. Some of us surely see in the spirit, have visions, feel the anointing often, and have even been depending on the dreams we receive –but this simply won’t cut it! In this season, I encourage you to solely trust and depend on the Father who is the author and finisher of your faith. May you continue to go higher as you trust in Him, operate in your gifts, anointing, and calling!

Let it be so. Amen.

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