Teaching on the Prophetic Office

Even today, many of God’s people are yet hungry for truth and sound teaching of the Lord. With all of the teachings, sermons, and books out there on supernatural ministry, this is a topic that leaves many believers with questions. There’s yet so much work to do in the Body of Christ, as many are in search of their purpose and calling in the Lord. Today’s message is one of teaching and encouragement for those who are called to the prophetic ministry.

If you often question:

“What is my calling?”

“How do I know if I am a prophet?”

“Why do I have many supernatural dreams?”

“How will I be certain of my life’s purpose in the Lord?”

Then, today’s teaching is just for YOU! Let’s dive into this message:

Functions of the Prophetic

“Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” – Amos 3:7

Prophets are men and women who are called by God to be His representatives and mouthpieces on Earth.

When a prophet hears from God and speaks for Him, he or she is speaking as if God himself were speaking. He places a Word within His people that must be shared, but it is never done in their own power. A prophet is also a special witness of Christ, testifying of His divinity. Teaching of the gospel, a prophet teaches the truth and interprets the Word of God. It is the prophets that are known to call the unrighteous to repentance. These vessels come in to tear things down including sin, injustice, and other things that are simply not right or aligned with the will of the Lord.

“See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.” – Jeremiah 1:10

Here’s how you can typically recognize a prophet:

  • True prophets teach repentance and will always point you back to God.
  • The burden of sin and repentance is a very weighty one that prophets usually carry. (Though this is something that we all in the body of Christ should be teaching as we are witnessing and evangelizing!)
  • True prophets will unlock you and the things in your life. Other realms will begin to open up simply because of those who they are connected with.
  • When they speak, things happen, people are often unlocked, and their requests are granted.
  • They also have a deeper feeling when things are being violated and simply not right.
  • Prophets and seers generally operate in the realm of the supernatural –this is just a way of life for them.

Unique Types of Prophets

God calls and ordains His prophets differently and they’re not all the same. I shared in detail the different types of prophets and their functions in my book, Angelic Allies.

Seers – Someonewho God has called to visually see

and interpret things in the spirit that is happening around them.

In the same way that a person cannot block a dream or download whether it be that of revelation, or others cannot block words of wisdom and knowledge, seerscannot block their ability to see in the spirit. There is no off/on button to refrain from what they see. This is such a beautiful gift in operation that is so needed in the body of Christ, as we need to see where the enemy is hiding. One of the most appreciated qualities about the prophetic is that we as believers are able to have foresight to block the plans of the enemy.

Dreamers – Those who have spiritually heightened dreams with symbols and divine messages of insight or warning.

This gift is so needed, as we are able to see the angels at work so that we can continue to speak the word of God, allowing them to freely ascend and descend on our behalf. They are able to bring down the manifestations of all that our Heavenly Father has promised us!

Prophetic Intercessors – Those who may not be called to the prophetic office, but are commissioned to intercede and stand in the gap.

Make no mistakes about it, this gift is huge also. Imagine being someone who can revert the very plans of the enemy! Prophetic intercessors can revert things that happen when the enemy sets roadblocks, plots, schemes, and all sorts of demonic demise.

There are also prophets who serve as judges, and even others who carry messages of great warning.

Revelation & Confirmation

For those who are called to specifically walk in the office of the prophet, one thing is sure and true: you won’t have to ask others to confirm your calling, God will be the One to reveal and confirm it to you! Granted, there is nothing wrong with seeking help and assistance and having others pray for you to press in for revelation of your calling. This often causes an imbalance, because it is the Lord who confirms the calling and not people, and it is Him that we must seek!

Prophets are not self-made, they are BORN into the calling! Even if they’re not walking in or operating in it, or if He hasn’t revealed it to them, it is something that they were born with!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5

My Personal Story

I can vividly recall the season of my life when the Lord revealed my calling to me in 1998. In my early 20’s, I found myself desperately seeking the face of the Lord, truly yearning and craving to know Him. I was not actively seeking my calling, I simply desired intimacy with Him. However, as I look back I realize that it was really Him drawing me closer to reveal His purpose and calling to me. As I made myself available, He revealed it to me and also confirmed it through another prophet in my life –my husband’s sister. I received a call from her asking me “has the Lord revealed anything to you”?. It was as if I knew that she had heard from God in regards to my calling. Though I was afraid and overwhelmed as it was all new to me, I confirmed it with her. She informed me that as she was in prayer, she saw a vision of my face and heard these words: a prophet among my people!

Since the revelation of my calling as a prophet, it was a burden that I carried for years; it was years of behind-the-scenes training. The Lord would instruct me to read the biblical books of the prophets –especially Jeremiah and Ezekiel. I experienced having dreams that often woke me up in the middle of the night. There were times when I would go to the grocery store with our children and he would have me to release words to people that I didn’t know. I remember the feelings of being hesitant, afraid, and even overwhelmed upon the confirmation of my calling. I had moments of wanting to reject it and was even afraid to tell others.

But even in spite of those feelings, you must learn to embrace the giftings and callings of the Lord. Remember that it is Him that calls His people when and how He chooses. This is something for everyone – whether we are called to the office of the prophet or not, whether we carry the weight of the prophetic mantle or not –if you are faithful over few God will make you a ruler over much! He will add and give to you as you are faithful to Him. The Lord will train and teach you and connect you with others who are seasoned prophets that will generally keep you rooted and grounded.

Embracing the Calling

The main gift of the prophets is that they see and know things before they happen. Because of this, they are often misunderstood and perceived as peculiar. They are usually judged, ridiculed, and even called “crazy”.  Even those who carry the prophetic anointing but may not be called to the prophet office, they too will be misunderstood by many. Some of the most common feelings that arise when most believers discover their calling are:

“I don’t want to operate in this…”

“I feel strange, weird, and misunderstood…”

“I’m the first in my family to experience these giftings, I’m not sure what to do with this…”

In spite of this, if you are called, then you must understand that it is something that God Himself placed upon your life. Though the prophetic mantles, callings, visions, and dreams may get weighty, be strengthened and encouraged. Though you may feel tempted to reject what you were called to do, I encourage you to begin to accept it. The Bible tells us that the giftings and callings are given by the Lord without repentance (Romans 11:29). In other words, God isn’t going to change His mind about that which He called YOU to do! The fact of the matter is that when God has instructed, uniquely designed, and created a person for His will, we can’t repel it and tell Him what we don’t want. Just like in the natural, you will begin to accept and become comfortable as you walk in your calling.

“Then the LORD reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth.” – Jeremiah 1:9

If you are called to the prophetic, consider that it is your responsibility to intercede and act on what you receive from the Lord. It’s likened to having blood on your own hands. Begin to pray, get on post, and bring the people that you may even see in visions or dreams before the Lord. Be encouraged that if God called you to the prophetic office, He will reveal it to you, show you, and train you in the way that you should operate. Be patient in your calling and with yourself, for it is a learning process. You will learn how to lean into the gift when you’re in and out of the spirit all of the time, as you are hearing and seeing things and receiving downloads. Contrary to popular belief, it’s all a process! You’re not going to know how to fully navigate at the snap of a finger. It all comes with time. Everyone is not going to be the same or look the same, and God deals with His prophets very uniquely. Know that you are special unto the Lord! Trust God, for when you seek Him, you will find him. When you knock the door will be opened and when you ask for answers they will surely come. When you search from a pure place rather than seeking for your name to be great among people, it will all work out for your good.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

The Lord is sharpening His people in this season. There is an open Heaven and many will hear from Him! It is my prayer that the Lord continues to rain upon you and that you enter into another level of trusting in Him. Let your mind and heart be stayed upon the Lord. Cast out all instability, as you continue to be rooted and grounded in Him. May you boldly step into all that the Lord has destined for you to be, uniquely radiating His precious glory and carrying out His Holy will.

Let it be so. Amen.

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