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I’ll never forget this story…

When we hit millionaire status there was a fight for me to purchase first class airline tickets. We’d taken a trip to Hawaii which is a long long flight. I remember sitting in coach thinking we certainly had the money to be seated all the way in the front of the plane. I remember calling my assistant as soon as we landed in Los Angeles in which we had a layover there. I asked her about the upgraded ticket cost for our next leg of the trip. She contacted the airlines and checked on the ticket cost for me. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, that’s EXPENSIVE!” 😱 But in reality it wasn’t expensive at all, what I was dealing with was a spirit of poverty!

When we arrived in Hawaii I couldn’t shake that feeling of upgrading our flights. All I could think about was the long trip back home and my tall husband (who is 6’5 😩) having to endure unnecessary discomfort. I was like, heck let me call her and see if there are any first class seats and have her quickly grab them and upgrade us to first class! After checking with the airline there were 2 first class seats available that allowed my husband and I to sit beside each other. Since that time, which is now about 7 years ago, we’ve been flying first class! 💃🏽

As I look around at the people in first class the big difference for most of them is this, they know they belong there. It does something to my spirit when I see God’s people sitting all the way at the back of the plane now. An impoverished mindset will have us judging others and thinking we aren’t worthy of blessings and promotion. When we started flying first class, I also noticed the conversations were quite different than before. The language was different simply because their mindsets were different!

This story reminds us all that tapping into wealth God’s way truly includes supernatural deliverance; deliverance from OLD mindsets, OLD thought patterns, and OLD ways!

💫 It is selfish to not desire prosperity!

💫 How can we complete the works of Christ without wealth?

Poor — lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.

Did you know that…

A poverty mentality is a mindset that is developed over time based on a STRONG deep belief that you will never have enough money. This mindset is driven by fear and can cause poor financial decision-making.

Here Are Some Signs of a Poverty Mindset:

🚫 You spend much time “thinking” about the lack of money

🚫 You fear spending money on non-essentials

🚫 You believe that you are a victim of others’ decisions and choices

🚫 You assign negative motives to people who are prosperous, famous, or powerful

🚫 You constantly search for the cheapest alternative, even if it’s discomforting

🚫 You believe you can “lose it all” despite everything you do

🚫 You are obsessed with getting “deals” and free access to things and places

🚫 You believe you’re lucky when you succeed, and incompetent when you fail

🚫 You deny yourself an ongoing way of life

🚫 You feel guilty when you have more than someone else

🚫 You fear being seen as boasting when you describe a simple accomplishment

🚫 You never pick up a check that you think someone else may pick up

🚫 You never feel you have enough reserves or resources

🚫 You find a problem with every opportunity and are terrified of taking risks

🚫 You always feel like something is about to go wrong

🚫 You settle for “just enough”

🚫 You don’t take action to improve your financial state because there is an underlying feeling that it won’t work.

Does any of this resonate with you? It’s time to GET RID of the poverty mindset!! 🔥🔥

Repeat after me:

💫 “God doesn’t want me poor!”

💫 “It is not the will of God for me to be poor!

The enemy wants believers to believe that poverty is their portion and being poor is a sign of humility. You did not inherit poverty, struggle, nor lack—that is a foul religious spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit to TRANSFORM your mind about WEALTH!

This teaching on creating a Supernatural Mindset was provided from my recently released book! Have you grabbed your copy of Supernatural Wealth Transfer yet? Go check it out, you’ll be BLESSED!

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