Step Into Your Month of Miracles! 

Spring is here! 

We’re in such a beautiful time in the Kingdom of God and you can’t afford to miss the miracles! As the vibrant hues of spring paint the world around us, it’s evident that a new season is upon us. We’re in a season that’s ripe with blessings, miracles, and supernatural harvest! 

Today, I’d like to share a message that I hope will help you align with the timing of the Lord and what He’s doing in the Earth. According to the Jewish calendar, it is the month of Nisan, a time rich with significance and promise. Let’s dive in and learn more about Nisan: A Month of Miracles! 

The Month of Nisan 

The very name “Nisan” resonates with the meaning of miracles. Rooted in Hebrew tradition, Nisan is a month related to the tribe of Judah, which means praise. This is fitting as we as believers prepare for such a mighty move of God to unfold in this season. In this month of miracles, our hearts must be filled with praise and gratitude, which are essential ingredients to usher in the Lord’s blessings. Strive daily to have a praise on your lips and thanksgiving in your heart in this season. 

It’s a time of deliverance, where the chains will be broken and salvation is available! To make the most of this season, we must all pay attention to what’s happening in the spirit realm and align ourselves with it. We shouldn’t let ourselves be stuck in old ways when we’re meant to be moving forward. Instead, we should work with Heaven to see our desires fulfilled. You must know how to partner with God and Heaven and move and flow when Heaven is flowing in this season. Whatever you need God to bring to your doorstep, I encourage you to stand in agreement with Heaven for it. This is a time when doors will open, and we’ll have the chance to regain what we’ve lost. We are also in a time where God is openly blessing His people and performing miracles! Oftentimes, miracles happen quietly, and we are instructed by the Father to keep them to ourselves. Other times, He allows us to share our blessings and encourage others. Let’s celebrate this season of miracles and make sure we don’t miss out on any of the good things coming our way!

It’s Redemption Time! 

It’s time to reclaim what’s yours! 

As we are in the season of miracles, there is an echo and a sound of redemption calling after all of God’s children! There’s a reclaiming of all that rightfully belongs to us in this season. You may have experienced things such as torment in your mind or body, or things simply being out of whack. Throughout warfare, high level battles can often have effects on your body and countenance. There are battles you can have that wreak havoc on your physical body and can even change how you look. Even so, whether it’s the restoration of physical well-being or the relief from mental battles, this window of time offers a great redemption!

Don’t be afraid to crossover…

This is a time of crossing over into the new that the Lord has for you. But your obedience to God must encompass you embracing what the new thing He is doing. It’s vital to be in tune and to know what Heaven is doing in order to be effective in the Earth. If you are not discerning how God is moving, you will still be operating from a bound place when you are already free. When you don’t understand what is happening according to God’s timing, then you risk missing out on certain blessings. You must be able to discern the times and the flow of God when the anointing of miracles and deliverance has shown up. Be encouraged that the burden-removing, yoke-destroying power and anointing is upon us! 

A Season of Cleansing and Liberation

Just as the Egyptians were liberated from captivity around this time centuries ago, this is also the month that the Lord desires to bring forth deliverance to His children. This is a sacred season where God is lifting the plagues that the enemy has hurled against His people. The month of Nisan is a time of spiritual cleansing, a shaking of foundations to purify the bloodline and pave the way for blessings unmeasured. 

The plagues are lifting! 

As believers, we must be intentional about breaking the bloodline curses and receiving the harvest and blessings that are rightfully due to our bloodline. Be so intentional about receiving what is generationally yours and stand with proper authority. Be verbal about it because Heaven is moving! Speak and declare that you are going to receive every single thing that God has for you in this season! 

Hold Fast to the Promises

Wage War for the Word! 

On the battlefield of faith, we as believers must learn to  wage war for the promises spoken over our lives. Prophecies are like precious gems from the Lord and they must be guarded and contended for, as the enemy tries so hard to snatch them away. Armed with the sword of the Spirit, I encourage you to petition Heaven for the fulfillment of every word from the Lord. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to bring back to your memory any prophetic words that you received from Heaven. Write them down and even present them as a petition. Anchor your prayers in unwavering faith knowing that God’s promises never return to Him void.

Embrace your promises of New Beginnings! 

As the Israelites crossed the threshold into the Promised Land, it’s your time to crossover also! It’s time to let go of old mindsets and patterns, and step into the fullness of your inheritance in the Lord. It’s time to make the transition from bondage to freedom, from lack to abundance! 

Speak Life! 

We are in a time of year where you must arise in faith and power, declaring the power of the blood of Jesus. Like never before, you must speak the words of God out of your mouth. Nisan is associated with our speech; the ability to express our deepest feelings and insights. Be careful about making negative confessions throughout this month, as they will affect what happens throughout the year. Speak forth thanksgiving from your mouth, thanking God and blessing others. Speak forth blessings and declarations of faith, knowing that life and death reside in the power of the tongue. As you are crossing over from bondage into the promised land, make sure that you thank the Father.

It’s Already Done!

In this season, it’s crucial to listen to what God is telling you and follow through with it. When you obey, there are blessings waiting for you, visible for all to see. God always keeps His promises, so when He says you’ll enjoy the good things in life, believe it! It’s time to reap the rewards that rightfully belong to you—it’s harvest time! Whatever God has spoken over your life, trust that He will make it happen. Hold onto His promises. What He’s done for others, He can do for you too. Remember, everything belongs to God, and He has the power to give you what you need. Let go of any doubts or fears about lack, and instead, have faith that God has everything under control. Don’t grow weary in well-doing, for in due season, you shall reap if you faint not! 

It is already done! 

It’s just a matter of time!

All you have to do is walk it out!

Embrace the Season

As we navigate this season, take some time to   self-assess and bring yourself to repentance if needed. 

Take a moment to pause and welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit as you ponder these important questions:

  • Where have you fallen short in obedience? Reflect on areas where you may have strayed from God’s will and purpose for your life. Acknowledge any disobedience and seek His forgiveness and guidance to realign yourself with His will.
  • What blessings are rightfully yours? Consider what God has promised you and what He desires to bestow upon you. Reflect on the abundance and favor that He has in store for you, and claim these blessings with faith and gratitude.
  • In what areas do you need to repent? Examine your heart and actions, and identify any areas where you need to turn away from sin and seek God’s forgiveness. Allow the Holy Spirit to convict and cleanse you, leading you to a place of repentance and renewal.
  • Are you open to receiving from God? Evaluate your posture and attitude towards receiving from God. Make sure that your heart is open, humble, and expectant, ready to receive His blessings, guidance, and revelation. Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh and empower you to walk in obedience and abundance.

May you embrace the fullness of God’s provision, and release all traces of fear and doubt. It’s a season of renewal and restoration, where the scars of the past are erased, and new beginnings await. Sow your seeds of faith and obedience, and wait on the Lord as He orchestrates miracles beyond your wildest imagination! The Lord’s not finished and there is MORE! 

Let it be so! Amen.

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Lenika Scott 

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