Shift When God Shifts: Heaven is Open!!

There is a great SHIFT taking place for such a time as this and the Heavens are OPEN!! Can you feel it??

Today, I’d like to share a word of encouragement with you, as God is moving and placing many in a season of great shifting. Be encouraged in knowing that this shift is not random! In this moment, the very gates of Heaven are wide open, ready to usher us into our next dimension. He’s ready to pour out on His children. Let your heart be encouraged in what God is doing. The very portals of Heaven are open and ready to shift you into your next dimension! 

As believers, we’ve faced so many challenging circumstances. We’ve been through some trying times and seasons of adjustment—but there is surely a purpose in all of it. It’s vital to align yourself with the plans of Heaven. Understanding the current season we’re in is key to moving forward with clarity and purpose. As God orchestrates this shift, it’s essential for us to be intentional about moving alongside Him. Simply put, when God shifts, YOU shift! 

God operates on His own timeline. We must be prepared to move in sync with God’s calendar. It’s easy to get stuck dwelling on past seasons while others embrace change and step into new territories. 

This occurs when we fail to discern the season we’re in 

and neglect to shift with God. So, let’s embrace the shifts happening around us. Let’s align our hearts with God’s timing and purpose, ready to move forward into the fulfillment of His plans. Together, we can navigate through each season, knowing that God is leading us every step of the way!

Respond to the Shift 

Ask yourself: how will YOU respond to the shift? 

Whenever the Lord causes the seasons to change,  discernment becomes our guiding light. It’s more crucial now than ever before to sharpen our spiritual discernment and recognize the movements of God.

The story of the sons of Issachar serves as a timeless reminder of the importance of discerning the seasons and times we find ourselves in. Just as they understood their era, we too must discern the season we’re in today. It’s essential to tune yourself to the flow and direction of the Spirit in this particular season. By doing so, you won’t miss out on the blessings and opportunities that God has in store for you! Part of discernment involves evaluating our connections wisely and avoiding any misjudgments. Let’s not deceive ourselves by expecting God to act in a certain way; instead, let’s use our discernment to identify the true nature of our connections. 

Don’t mismanage your season!

You must also be diligent in managing your current season. Your harvest ultimately depends on how well you steward the opportunities and resources available to you now. Don’t neglect your NOW! There may have been times in the past where many have mismanaged seasons of an open Heaven, leading them to miss God. This will NOT be you in Jesus name! The Lord is here and He’s pouring out His blessings. Make a commitment to sharpening your discernment and staying aligned with the move of God. 

Make Room Space For the Shift

God is allowing things to be erased so that they can be cleared up in the spirit realm. As we’ve been dealing with Soul fragmentation and trauma, God wants to make sure that we are mature in the Earth and will represent Him well. As things are released, you will be able to handle it. Many of us have experienced wounds that have left us with self-sabotaging behaviors, hindering our ability to embrace the blessings and opportunities that God sends our way. It’s time to get rid of the self-sabotaging behaviors that limit and repel what God is doing. God is patient and merciful, and He works within us to heal our fragmented souls and provide us with a second chance and a second wind. 

Another part of being open to the shift and the open Heaven is by making room and space not only in our hearts—but also in our environment. In this season, I encourage you to embrace the art of decluttering. It’s time to take a moment to assess our lives and our surroundings, and what better way to start than with a little spring cleaning? Begin by removing the old and unnecessary items that clutter our homes and our minds. If something no longer serves a purpose, it’s time to throw it away. Tackle any paperwork that may have piled up over time. Take the time you need to thoroughly sift through your belongings and make room to receive under this open Heaven.

The Heavens Are Open!

In this season, we are witnessing the Kingdom of God descending from Heaven, bringing with it blessings specific to each and every one of us. These blessings, whether material or spiritual, are destined for us, attaching our names in the heavenly realms. God has heard the cries of His people, and a shift is underway!

You may be dreaming more and you’re more sensitive to the spirit as this shift has come and there is an openness. You need the Heavens opened over you in order for things to come down and find you. Our daily battles are not in vain; they are a fight for what rightfully belongs to us in the spiritual realm. These heavenly gifts serve to prepare and equip us for our earthly journey, empowering us to fulfill our destiny. The things that come from Heaven help prepare and equip you to walk out your destiny here in this Earth. What accompanies the open Heavens is creative ideas, visions, the blueprints, the strategies, the plans, and the keys. The keys that come from Heaven help unlock things in the spirit realm. 

So, let’s embrace this season of open Heavens with expectancy and readiness to receive all that God has in store for us. As you align yourself with His will and remain open to His leading, you position yourself to walk confidently in the fulfillment of what He has in store for you!

Be encouraged that God is shifting and the Heavens are OPEN! 

Discern the move!

Move with God!

Get things in order!

Get your STUFF back! 

Let it be so! Amen.

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Lenika Scott 

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