Prophetic Wisdom for YOU! It’s Your Time To LAUNCH!

Something has been stirring in my spirit…

There’s a word of encouragement that I have for those who have been called to the realm of entrepreneurship. If you have a business and the Lord has placed you to be a witness in the marketplace, then today’s message is for you! Are you someone who feels as if you have so many things on the inside of you that are waiting to explode? If you are launching something new, then there is a prophetic word for YOU!

Reality is, we as believers must understand what we are truly up against. The Word of God tells us that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood or people, but rather against principalities, rulers, and powers of darkness (Ephesians 6:12). When you have been called by God to establish some things in the Earth realm for His Kingdom as it pertains to business, entrepreneurship, and the marketplace, then you will experience some blows. Many believers that have set out to launch something have been attacked by the enemy. Oftentimes, the enemy doesn’t come to simply attack one idea, he comes to hinder many different things that God desires for His people to birth and release.

Different assignments to complete…

Different projects to create…

New businesses to open…

Fresh books to write…

More platforms that He will allow you to operate on…

New territories to occupy…

Think it not strange if you have been under attack. If you have been struggling to release and manifest what you were called to release, then you simply CANNOT cave in or quit! Many people have begun to doubt whether or not the “thing” that God placed on the inside of them is really from God. Be encouraged that if you feel something stirring in your spirit, have felt a strong urge to give birth, if you cannot get those ideas out of your mind when you wake up in the morning… then you’ve got to launch that thing and get it out of you!

Launch – To throw forth towards a target; to set afloat; To give a start; To spring forward; To send forth, catapult, or release.

You may be launching a book..

Or a website…

You may be launching an online course…

Or even a storefront business…

Whatever it is, God is saying DO NOT QUIT OR CAVE IN because you have work to do! If that thing has been stirring in you even the more, you’ve got to get it out. Have you found yourself distracted and unfocused, out of alignment, and even procrastinating on what God is releasing you to go forth in? God is saying NOW is the time. Don’t cave in or quit! You must be focused on that which He has called you to!

Ask For Help!

One day as I was having a conversation with my mom, she began to tell me that she loved a picture that I had of me and her in my book. This was the very first book that God had called me to birth, “Fasting For Breakthrough”.

I can remember my mother being so proud of me. In fact, she was one of the first people there on the day of my book launch! She began to remind me of the several times when I’d ask her to come all the way to my home in North Carolina. She’d help out in preparing food, washing clothes, and whatever else I needed. She knew that I needed help so that I could get some time during the week to finish that book. The Lord had been speaking to me about the urgency of releasing the book. I was so grateful to have help from my mom as I was in the process of birthing the vision and releasing what I had on the inside of me. You may have already heard my testimony. The Lord told me: “I am not going to release the level of wealth that I have for you until you get that book done!”. It was when I got that book done that I heard about the company that I am now a part of that catapulted us into millions. We became founding members who helped open the company to the U.S. market. This company allowed for a global reach and made my expansion even greater!

The thing about it is this: there was a door closed because of the book not being yet done. Once that book was released, the blessings poured! It was the launching of my book that got me into so many different realms. It released MILLIONS!

Some of the things that God has promised you and the prophetic words that God has given you will simply not come to pass the way that He desires if you don’t step out, launch, and release! If you are in need of help in order to bring those things forth, ask for it! You are not always obligated to share the things that God has set in your heart to do. You must protect what is on the inside. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reach out to others. It is often hard to ask for help or even delegate tasks—especially for women. We may know that we need help, yet won’t ask for it.

When it comes to sharing your vision:

Find someone that God has placed in your spirit

Find someone you can trust

Lean on someone who will go to war and intercede on your behalf for that thing to be unlocked, released, and launched out of you.

Touch and agree and lock arms with someone who will say:

“I see your vision”

“It is almost here!”

“We will go before the Lord together so these things may be released from you!”

Apply Pressure

Apply pressure with things such as praise, worship, and even fasting for greater release. One thing that I have learned about fasting is that it causes your breakthrough or things that are in the Heavens to be released even faster. The reality is, you’ve got to get it out by any means necessary. Apply pressure!

Write It Down

When ideas come to your mind, don’t dismiss them. Write them down! If you are one who journals, keep your notepad around you and jot them down as they come. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, or first thing in the morning, record the download that comes from Heaven. Be grateful and thank the Lord for receiving insight on the things that you are being called to release in the Earth realm for His glory. You’ve got to write those things down so that you will not forget, because it could be something that is very intricate to the very things that He is having you to release. There will be a point in time when you will have to sit down to talk about the ideas. Brainstorm them in order to bring them to life!

Launch The NEW!

“Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a drought…” – Luke 5:4

God is launching so many forth in this season. There is so much happening and He is launching NEW things! You may have thought that your dreams that you have aren’t of God because of the attacks. That’s something that the enemy will trick you with, so that you will believe that it must not be meant to happen. That is just an indication that you are RIGHT THERE at the brink of birthing!

I know what it’s like to have things within you yet they have not been birthed. I know what that feeling is like, but you must press in! You may have been under attack for a while, but the Lord is saying to GO BACK and cast your net again! Launch out into the deep!

The greater the level and impact that you will have on others, the greater the attack will be to keep you stopped and stifled. To keep things held up. But I come to encourage you that all of Heaven is backing you up!

May everything that you have to release inside of you come out and be released in the Earth realm. May you have MAJOR FAVOR with men. May you have MAJOR FAVOR with God. May you go on to IMPACT THE NATIONS! Yes, you have different things on the inside of you that will touch people internationally! You have to make sure that you are getting those things out and you are doing what the Lord is telling you to do.

What are you carrying on the inside of you? What is it that God needs you to launch? Can God trust you with the things that you are carrying? When God sees that you are committed to bringing things to fruition on your end, then He will release some things! You have no idea what God is going to release if you carry it out!

Your next brilliant business idea…

Your very first book…

Your powerful ministry is waiting to be BIRTHED and LAUNCHED!

Get ready to LAUNCH THE NEW!

NOW is the time!

Let it come forth!

And it shall be so! Amen.

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