Wealthy Women’s Virtual Summit


Wealthy Women’s Virtual Summit

Wealthy Women's Virtual Summit

To say that the Wealthy Women’s Virtual Summit was a success would be an understatement. It was truly LIFE-CHANGING! Countless testimonies of breakthroughs are pouring in as our panel of powerhouse speakers dropped jewels and nuggets of wisdom all week! 

They poured out!
They brought correction!
They loved on God’s daughters!
Deliverance came forth!
Birthing took place!
Chains were shattered!
Fire was released!
Curses were broken!
And SO MUCH was released! 

Hundreds of women all over gathered to tune in to   sessions on growing your millionaire mindset, expanding your way OUT of debt, trusting your instincts, controlling your cash flow, getting into position, and taking ACTION! 

Key notes from the summit:

  • Wealth follows purpose.
  • Invest in your vision.
  • The areas that you are afraid to operate in are the very areas that you are called to DOMINATE!
  • When you create the habits, the habits create the wealth.
  • There is a correlation between your gifts and your success.
  • Leaving an inheritance begins with owning land.
  • Your God-given gift is your ticket to great wealth.
  • Money NEEDS a master.
  • There are people that are assigned to your voice.
  • Have a defined plan, be disciplined, and count the cost.
  • Wealth has a bigger assignment than material things.
  • Your wealth has a MISSION!
  • A dream without a plan is a hope and a wish.
  • Your vision should intimidate you!
  • Posture yourself to create confidence.
  • You are not PITIFUL, you are POWERFUL!

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