Partake In The Blueprints of Heaven!!

We are in such a time where God is moving throughout the land…

There is so much that has been out of order and His people are in need of direction and instruction from the Lord…

One morning after prayer, the Spirit of the Lord urged me to spend a few more minutes with Him. During this time, I heard the word “blueprint”. This is something that I have been hearing for over a year. He revealed to me in the spirit realm that there is a blueprint in Heaven for all of His children. Yes, there is a blueprint written in Heaven just for you! Within these blueprints are details concerning your destiny, your purpose, the plans that God has for you, and your identity. Those things must be pulled down from Heaven and aligned in the Earth. There is a merging that has to take place. God desires for those very plans and blueprints that are laid out in Heaven to merge in your life. In fact, it is His will that they align for you! Do you know of the very things that He has called you to do? Are you aware of the details that He has destined and written out for you? Be encouraged that there is a unique plan that He has written for YOUR life!

Pull Those Things Down!

When you fast, pray, begin to sacrifice and surrender to the Lord, and walk in a life of obedience, the angels will stand over the things that Heaven has for you. I received a vision a few months ago of the angels “brewing”; that’s the word that the Holy Spirit used to describe what they were doing. The angels were standing and brewing over blueprints, destinies, and maps in Heaven. The reality is, there is a real enemy that fights you so that the blueprint in Heaven with your name attached to it will not manifest in the Earth realm. He does this in hopes that there is no production, no movement, no fruit, and there is stagnation. He desires for God’s people to always remain in the wilderness in a dry, desolate place. Because of this, God really wants to get the attention of His children in this hour!

Pray over your blueprints! Constantly fast, pray, and speak over them so that the plans God has for you will align and merge.

“…May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” – Matthew 6:10

In other words, whatever it is that He has in Heaven for you, you are able to pull it down! I shared the miraculous story that happened to one of my close friends about 14 years ago. This particular friend and her husband eagerly believed in God to be blessed with a child by way of adoption. They were already so hopeful and excited as they set up a nursery for the baby with beautiful decorations. And suddenly, things were snatched away from them and it seemed as though it wouldn’t come to pass. As I prayed deeply for my friend, I felt things being released in the spirit realm. I felt a child be spiritually released from Heaven –a part of her blueprint that

needed to collide with the natural realm. Within a few days, something suddenly worked out and they were headed to get their baby! To this day, this child has been very blessed ever since! The lesson from the story was that I felt a release from Heaven that day concerning the matter. This is why fasting is so important because it helps to pull things down. Fasting causes things to be sped up and accelerated in Heaven and for the blueprints to align!

Come Up Higher!

It’s time to come up higher! Heaven is speaking and there is a clarion call for more fasting, praying, and more time spent with the Lord. This must be done so that His will, plans, and blueprints will be established and manifested in the Earth. Here is some strategic prophetic wisdom to begin praying over your blueprints. Begin to come into agreement by declaring:

“I come into agreement with the blueprints of Heaven!”

This is something that the Holy Spirit has been leading me to declare for over a year. I have even heard of other prophets and apostles who have been taken up to Heaven and have seen blueprints! Isn’t that fun? You have blueprints!! As God always speaks to me by way of words that I typically don’t use, I heard the word “partake”. God is wanting you to partake in the blessings and the glory in this season!

Partake in the anointing!

Join in on the angelic activity!

Partake and receive the harvest!

God desires for you to partake in the higher realm!

The Lord says, “there are higher realms that I have for you and I want you to come up!”. Many believers have rejected and repelled the blessings of God. It’s time to stop pushing them back and saying no. God says, yes! He wants you to experience and partake in what He is doing in your life!

Partake – To eat or drink; to join in the activity. To possess or share. To participate; to get or have.

I had a vision a few months ago, and because of the wealth status that the Lord has blessed me with, I was initially afraid to share with His people. I often battled with the idea of others remarking and saying to themselves, “who does she think she is?”. But even as I knew that I surely had received a vision from the Lord, I reluctantly decided to share anyway. In this vision, I saw people who were crawling around under the table searching and grabbing for crumbs. The Lord was saying to them, “Come up! Get up from there!”. Two weeks later, I joined a mentorship group with another prophet/seer who had this very same vision a year prior! As she shared this vision that she had, I nearly threw my phone in excitement and relief that I’d received confirmation. She also shared that the Lord urged His people saying, “Come up! Partake in this

meal and in the blessings. Partake in the harvest that I have for you!”. This is the word of the Lord for this very hour! God is saying that you can have, participate, and share in this with Him!

Revoke – to rescind; to call off or cancel. To abandon, abort.

The other word that the Lord shared with me was “revoke”. Prophetically, what I have been sensing by the Spirit of the Lord is that He is calling off some things for you. He is aborting some things in your life that the enemy has tried to do or is doing in your life. I encourage you to grab hold of these prophetic words!

A New Thing!

As His people begin to partake in the blueprints of Heaven, I believe that some will begin to be caught up and taken up! They will have experiences with Jesus himself and he will come and visit them. There will be fire moments with God! Many believers are going to receive even new tongues –fire tongues, warfare tongues, and new languages that you are going to be able to hear. I also sense by the Spirit of the Lord that many will even be able to interpret what the Spirit is saying. There will be visitations and dreams will begin to fall. Portals of Heaven will begin to open as you yield yourself allowing the Spirit of the Lord to work through you. It’s truly happening! There are moments and experiences that you will be able to partake in!

I encourage you to continue to believe and partake in the blessings, the harvest, and the blueprints! Even the angels desire for you to do the will of God. They pray, look over, and study the plans that are in Heaven so that they may collide. There will be some things in your life that will be canceled and stopped in Jesus name! There are going to be some things shifted and moved out of your way. This is the word of the Lord! It is my prayer that you receive it today!

Let it be so! Amen.

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