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3 Principles To Take Your Business To Another Level!

Shared below are 3 principles needed to take your business to another level in your journey with multi-level marketing and direct sales. These are even principles that successful millionaires themselves have implemented:

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is one of the most important foundations to your business.

Consistency is something that people often think of as “boring”. This separates the millionaires from those who are simply dreamers.

Without consistency nothing will move; there are no sales, there is no growth, and there are no recruits.

In this business, you must consistently introduce new people to the products and the business itself.

Consistently share the dream!

Without consistency you will risk not seeing growth, momentum, volume, sales, increase, and will see limited growth within your commissions.

Put in the work day in and out –especially during seasons of launching and building your foundation.

Big wins are predicated upon the small things.

People market results, but it is the results that gain attention rather than the effort.

It is often the consistent effort behind the scenes that goes unseen.

Don’t create a fairytale with the results without understanding the truth of the effort behind the scenes that needs to take place.

Take account of how consistent you’ve been in your business (this does NOT include “busy work”, but it is about getting new eyes in front of what you are offering)

Don’t equate “busy work” with production!

Examine yourself and be very honest about where you’re at and how consistent you’ve been with Income Producing Activities (IPA).

Increase Engagement By Sharing:

Your products

The dream (Our Team)

The 15-day challenge

Reflection Questions:

What is the consistent effort that you are putting in behind the scenes that others don’t see?

How many people have you talked to per day?

What is the goal of how many people you will share the business with?

How many people do you follow up with consistently?

How many consistent or repeat customers do you have set as a goal to create on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

“Success doesn’t happen overnight, but success comes from the small things that are consistently done over time.” – Lenika Scott

2. Work Effort vs. Work Ethic

Work effort and work ethic are two sides of the same coin.

Increasing your work ethic is one of the keys to building multi-million dollar enterprises!

You must understand how to work hard, grind, and push past how you may feel even when your strength may be weakened.

You MUST put in the work!

Getting up early and taking time to strategize

You will NOT get results unless you get to work!

You may not reap where you sow, but you will certainly reap what you sow.

Without work, nothing moves.

Stop comparing yourself to those who are positioned above you.

Be very intentional about focusing on yourself and your team.

Choose to independently build your business without solely relying on your sponsors, leaders, etc.

Stop waiting for others to tell you when you should be posting or promoting your business.

Create momentum in business for yourself.

Judge a tree by the fruit that it bears, not the words that it speaks.

Look past the fancy words and charisma and instead look at the principles and actions that a leader takes.

How To Put In The Work:

Share your story and why you joined our team

Allow others to hear your personal results

Share results/testimonials of others

Your Work Ethic Consists Of:

Reflect and ask yourself how much are you truly giving into your business.

Who you are

The principles you live by

What defines your character

How you operate

Reflection Questions:

What is your personal blueprint for your life?

How do you live your life?

What are your personal principles outside of your coach, sponsor, up line, etc.?

How do you interact and treat others?

Do you truly have the work effort and level of consistency in place?

It still works…

Network Marketing works…

The compensation plan works…

The products work…

Will YOU decide to work also?

3. Personal Development

Self-examination leads you into deeper levels of personal development.

Personal development is about personal accountability.

If you don’t develop yourself personally, nothing will work; the fear won’t be broken.

You must work to gain a good understanding of who you are and where you stand.

Personal development is about always taking yourself to another level and working towards becoming a better you.

Look at the things you are doing and work to develop personally towards the direction of your vision and goals.

When you work on yourself, you will become like a magnet that attracts and draws others to you.

Part of being a great business owner is knowing your strengths, skill sets, and the areas in which you excel.

When you know who you are, you simply keep on going!

Self-identity, self-worth, and self-value are connected to personal development.

Remove the limitations and deprogram your mind.

Remember that some of the most successful millionaires and billionaires are

those who make the most time for personal accountability.

3 Components of Personal Development:

Knowledge – Information gained or learned

Wisdom – Putting learned knowledge into action

Understanding – Deeper level of awareness and comprehension; applied knowledge

Reflection Questions:

Who are you and what race are YOU running?

How are you personally handling your business even in your household (spouse, children, finances, etc.)?

What habits and fears do you need to deal with and break?

What are you putting into action?

Let’s go to work! Set your daily goals! Rock it out and be the best YOU that you can be


Lenika Scott 

The Millionaire Mom 

If you want to work closely with Lenika Scott you can do so by joining The Inner Circle Coaching @ www.lenikascott.com/innercircle 

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