My first 5 Figure Check earned Encouraging Read!

My first 5 Figure Check earned! Encouraging Read!

This was my first 5 Figure Check earned in our industry! Heck! It was the first five-figure check ever earned in Business.😂

One of my Facebook friends sent this to me and I had to post it to inspire someone as it was also an inspiration to her.

This check was earned in 2009 ONE year after stepping out on faith to start my own Home-based Business. (see date on check)
The month after, my check was $25,000 and following month my earnings totals were over $55,000!

Seeing this reminded me of my start, if I can leave some words of wisdom for someone to glean from I pray it encourages you.

Master your craft! Master your skill!

Stay in your lane!
Don’t get distracted so much by what others are doing allowing you to lose sight of your ability to grow! All too often people get so off course because they are so busy chasing and following others trying so much to be like them, act like them and even sound like they get directed on a wrong path to nowhere #fast.

I am not saying you don’t glean and learn from others. Everyone needs a coach! But what I am saying is stay in your lane!
Since I’ve been a part of this industry I’ve ALWAYS stayed in my lane.
No matter how boss 💰 , how pretty 👠 , how much another sister had it going on I never competed, tried to outshine, or steal from another sister.

I’ve always stayed in my lane only looking to better myself! I recognized early on that the #grace for you will always be in (your lane).

Main Principles I’ve adhered by:

Listen and get direction from the Holy Spirit and Obey what He gives you.

Relationship Matters – Learn the art of valuing people who were sent in your life. Never burn bridges because you never know when you will have to cross it again. All too often, especially in this industry people devalue relationships. It is #always people that will open or close another door.

Consistency – Being consistent has been one of the main attributes that has allowed me to break through barriers in business even after hardships. I encourage you to be consistent whether you feel like it or not. Be consistent whether you see results or not; but most importantly be consistent when you do see results. Your consistent efforts today have much to do with your future results tomorrow.

Work Ethic – The level at which you perform during your employment or while working a job will most likely be the same level you perform in entrepreneurship. I have never met a successful person who didn’t have a strong work ethic. Diligence is the key and when this virtue is applied, success is inevitable.

Humility– There is always something to be learned or gained through knowledge. True humility is staying teachable no matter how much you know! Remember, there is someone who will always be more successful, more advanced, and have more wisdom than you have even in your area of “expertise.” However, as we remain humble, it always opens us up for more.
Resilience – If one is to be successful in business, there will be many advancements and promotions, but also there will be adversities, with many trials and failures attached. However, the power to bounce back, ability to speak life and drive to move forward can never be optional.

Forgiveness – Learning to release and letting go is huge in business and in life. Why? Because there will be people who will defy your trust, undermine your character, and maybe even attempt to assassinate your name. If you focus on those things, they can and will serve as a huge blessing blocker. In addition, you must always be ready to forgive yourself and ask others for forgiveness. The willingness to forgive and let go opens up the door for unlimited success in all aspects of your life, which includes business.

Risk – In business, many times risks are taken and those risks may not always work in your best interest. However, it is worth it because it teaches you perseverance. You may have to change the plan BUT the goal stays the same.
Ownership – Having a firm, unshakeable belief in yourself is so important. All success starts and ends with you! We teach our organization that “If it’s to be … then it’s up to me!” You should try it, post it, and affirm it daily. In success, you can never escape personal responsibility. At the end of the day, believe it, execute it, and OWN IT!

Some of these bullets were taken from a Black Enterprise article I was featured in.

8 Figures earned in this industry so far!

Everyone has a start! Don’t get distracted. Follow the process and stay the course! To your Success!

Lenika Scott
The Millionaire Mom

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