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We are excited to share with you in this MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND some valuable wisdom that has catapulted us to millions in business! Join us as we discuss some powerful principles and strategies for mindset renewal that shifted us so that we could walk into our millions. Real women with real stories share the secrets to how we were able to earn multiple millions! Grab your business journal and be sure to implement this incredible information that will shift your mind and transform your life! 

Be inspired to take the next steps in your own life to open the doors to the greatness that you were created for! 

Denise Lee

Guest Speaker 

Once I joined the industry of network marketing, I found myself falling just as quickly as I rose to the top. This led to a turn of events in which I found myself heading back into the workplace. I soon learned an invaluable lesson that served as a turning point that helped me to get on track to the millions! 

Millionaire Tips

Master Your Morning

Fall in love with the morning because you have to renew your mind!

  • Create a morning routine. (Daily devotionals, prayer calls, praise and worship, etc.)
  • You must renew the mind and get yourself in gear for the day by way of a morning routine. 
  • The enemy’s job is to get you away from your purpose and distract your mind with depression, anxiety, trauma, doubts, etc.
  • Each day you spend distracted is one more day that you are out of purpose. 
  • Don’t fall for it and get ahead of it!
  • When you have your morning routine with God, He will show up in your life with miracles! 

Write Out Your Dreams

Get yourself a dream journal write down what it is that you want to accomplish.

  • Write out your dreams, goals, and visions with enthusiasm knowing that they will come to pass. 
  • Do this everyday and write it down 10 times a day. 
  • The miracles that come from this may be small at first, but they will get larger and you will learn how to trust the Holy Spirit. 
  • When something comes to pass, write it down.

Key Notes: 

  • Success and your money is in your mind. 
  • If you are in a tough spot, know that God is trying to teach you something. 
  • As you remain in the Word, you will start to remember God’s promises instead of your stinking thinking. 
  • Your challenge is to stop the stinking thinking and the negative thoughts that the enemy is trying to get ahold of your mind.
  • The enemy wants you to moan, groan, complain. be jealous, not forgive, and be ungrateful. 
  • When you get the Word of God in you, it is the best manifestation tool to have. 
  • When you read the Word, you will be able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. 
  • Remember that the small shifts are what contribute to the big wins in life. 
  • The money will come once you get your mind and intentions in order. 
  • Remember God’s promises to you and remind  yourself that you are the head and not the tail. 
  • Stand on God’s promises that wealth and riches are in your house!

Pam McCray

Guest Speaker 

I’ve been in the network marketing industry for over 30 years, but my story was one of not just failing, but failing forward in order to become who I needed to become and for God to use me! After reaching a point of being tired, I knew that I had to do some things differently in life. As the mindset shift began to take place, God was able to transform my life! 

Millionaire Tips

Fail Forward 

  • As you fail forward, you must realize that God is  preparing you. 
  • You must make a decision to either go back or push through the fear.
  • Don’t sit back and allow fear to stop you.
  • Even if you are afraid and don’t fully believe in yourself, you must make a decision to believe that you were created for greatness.
  • You have to realize the person that God says you are.
  • Life will begin to take you down through the challenges, but you have to realize that you are designed to grow through those things. 

Punch Through The Fear

  • Punch through the fear and eliminate the things that are holding you back and keeping you in the same rut. 
  • You must be willing to let go of some things.
  • To get through the fear, you must do the very things that you are afraid of.
  • Realize the time for change is now! 

Here is how are you going to get yourself to a point of doing those things: 

  1. Speak life into yourself every day

You cannot give out of an empty cup. Remember that God intended for you to give out of your overflow. Get up and speak those things into yourself:

 “I am an action taker. I am determined. I am decisive. I am created for greatness. I am a winner. I am wealthy.”

What you begin to speak, you will become through repetition. The transformation will take place in your life through consistency. Speak life into yourself so that you can become the person that God created you to be. Then God will be able to move in your life for the change to begin to happen! 

  1. Create an environment that allows you to thrive every day.

Consider what you need to do everyday. When you change the way you look at things, the things around you will begin to change. Set the tone for your day from the moment when you open your eyes. Thank God for opening your eyes, decrease so that He can increase in your life and use you for His glory. Know that your purpose is not all about you, but it’s about who you can help to impact and change. Set an atmosphere through devotionals, reading your Bible, your personal development, turning on music, etc. Set the tone and environment that allows you to thrive in order to be the best version of yourself in order to help change the lives of others!

Key Notes: 

  • The reason why many people stay stuck in life is because they are in their own way. 
  • Every challenge is meant to grow and strengthen you.
  • The greater the challenge, the greater the victory. 
  • Learn how to shift yourself, your thinking, stop the negative thoughts, and learn how to eliminate negative things and people in your life in order to focus on the thing that God wants you to do. 
  • It is all about the person that we must become in order for us to allow God to move on that level. 
  • When there is a lot of noise in your life, you won’t be able to focus on the vision that God has shown you. 
  • That vision is the very thing that will allow you to see beyond your current circumstances. 
  • When you are able to see beyond the current circumstances, that is when your belief level is going to rise up and come through. 
  • Nothing is possible for those who don’t believe in themselves. But if you believe you can, then you can. 
  • There is no success unless you are willing to sacrifice something. 
  • You have to be able to sacrifice in order for God to put you in a position to win. 
  • Fear is false evidence that we allow to appear to be real in our lives and control us. 
  • Fear is not of God and it comes to kill every single dream, goal, and vision that you set out in life.
  • Learn to celebrate others knowing that as you celebrate them, you too will be celebrated. 
  • Place your focus on elevating others and in turn God will elevate you. 
  • Remember that the only way to overcome and demolish fear is by taking action! 
  • Make the decision to believe in you!

Dr. Tonya Joyner-Scott

Guest Speaker 

As one who grew up as a people pleaser with low self esteem, I went through things that caused me to have low confidence in who I was. I made a lot of excuses when opportunities would come and I even looked for validation for my decisions. This stemmed from rejection, mistreatment, and comparison to what people did, how they looked, and how they would be. I hid quite a bit throughout my life. The mindset shift occurred when I began to understand who I was in God and take the limits off! 

Millionaire Tips

Change Your Beliefs

A lot of things that we do are subliminal; there are some things in your subconscious that cause you to behave a particular way because it is very comfortable for you. When those things are comfortable for you, you will bask in it. You may resist it and want to move, but it’s not easy to do so when it’s what you are used to. If you want to step into millions, then you must understand who you are! Here’s where the mind renewal comes into play: 

What is your belief system? 

(The life that you are living right now is a reflection of what you believe.)

How do you see yourself? 

(How you see yourself is how other people see you too. Remember that people don’t see you through their eyes, they see you through your eyes.)

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? 

When you are going about your day, what do you see? 

Limitless Living

If you have put a cap on your life, then you may also be in the habit of arguing for your limitations. Instead of saying what’s wrong with you, learn how to argue for your value. 

  • Confidence is about trust in yourself. Do you trust you? 
  • The enemy wants to snatch your confidence; he doesn’t want you to trust yourself, your instincts, your goals, or your dreams and vision.
  • You are to trust who you are because God created you in His image.
  • God instilled in you what it is that you are called to do. 
  • So if you don’t trust you, then you don’t trust God (even when you say you do). 
  • Argue for your value, don’t argue for your limitations! 

Change Your Focus  

Change your focus, all of this is a process! 

  • You simply can’t give up and stop. 
  • Don’t be your own stumbling block; don’t look at your life and think that if it was really for you then it would be like this now. It is for you! 
  • This goes back to how you see yourself and trusting in who you are. 
  • When you are looking for success, your focus must be on intention.
  • If you are not focusing on the intention, you will find yourself focusing on distractions. 
  • The distractions will pull you into the place of failure. 
  • If you focus on how things won’t work and what you can’t do, this is how the enemy keeps you in a place where you are not progressing forward. 
  • There are things that happen in life where the enemy wants to steal your destiny. He comes after your mind.
  • The enemy attacks how you think and how you process things. 
  • If he can get you to a place where you have your mind set on his way, then that is how he pulls you back. 

This is where the mindset renewal will begin to take place:

  • Come into this understanding and have an expectation 
  • Have confidence in who God has called you to be 
  • Focus on the intention of the goal
  • Believe it and actually see it 

Key Notes:

  • As believers, we tend to shrink back and get into a place of not moving at all at the expense of being “humble”. 
  • It is God’s intention for us to be prosperous but you have to know it for yourself, walk in that confidence, and get into position to advance His Kingdom in the Earth. 
  • Come into alignment with God. 
  • There is nothing that God has not given unto us and instilled in us that wasn’t for the edification of Him and the advancement of His Kingdom—and it takes money because money answers all things. 
  • Faith comes by hearing not seeing. Often what the enemy does is attack what you see. 
  • Don’t focus on what you see, don’t put your mind and thoughts on that. 
  • There are 60,0000-70,000 thoughts that come through your mind daily. 
  • Your thoughts, what you recycle, and even the negative things have an impact. 
  • There are desires you have that you may have a vision for, but they could get canceled out due to the things that you are meditating on. 
  • Get out of your way!

Reflect on this:

What are you meditating on everyday? 

Who do you need to forgive? 

Who do you need to let go of? 

Is there anyone who shows up and it disturbs you in your spirit? 

Do you talk about them? Is there jealousy, envy, or comparison there? 

Dr. Lenika Scott 


As we all have come from different walks of life, I wouldn’t say that I’ve personally dealt with a lot of doubt when it comes to my success. I have always been one to simply believe with a childlike faith! Here are some principles that have helped shift me into millions:

Millionaire Tips

It Starts With You

Everything you do starts with you! 

This is the mindset that one must have in order to see the manifestation of the very things that God has for them, because it truly starts with you. 

  • This goes all the way down to your personal belief. 
  • You have to get into the game and begin to play. 
  • At some point in time, you have to pick yourself up and figure some things out for yourself. 
  • You must be consistent for yourself to show others that you can do, become, elevate, go higher, and walk in the authority that God has given you. 
  • Believe in yourself; no one can create that belief for you but you, and it comes by renewing your mind. 

Reflection questions for mind renewal: 

What are you writing down? 

What are you speaking out of your mouth? 

Where is the lane and the place that God has for you? 

What is He telling you to do? 

Why are you worrying about what other people will say? 

Focus on the Promise

Focus on the promise of God over your life, not the pain you may be currently experiencing. 

  • As you focus on the pain, that is what will be attracted to you. 
  • But when you focus on the promises, those things will start to happen. 
  • As you focus on the promise of God, you must know that the storm isn’t about you.
  • Don’t curse your crisis.
  • Many times God allows things to come our way because there is a greater thing at work. 
  • If you carry the mantle of Joseph, study his life and how he continued to obey God in the midst of the pain. 
  • Shift your focus and know what is on your life. 
  • There is a millionaire mantle on your life. 
  • Stop focusing on yourself. 
  • Many people are too self centered, when in reality the millions are generated because of people. 

Key notes: 

  • You have to know what you are carrying. 
  • Make a decision not to blame anyone but to learn what you need to learn in order to do it. 
  • Your belief in yourself is everything. 
  • No one is going to come and rescue you. 
  • Faith without works is dead. 
  • Put the work in and get into the grind. 
  • It all comes down to obedience and belief in yourself.
  • If something’s deep down on the inside of you that churns and doesn’t stop, then there is something to it. Pursue it.
  • When people begin to tell you what won’t work or talk you out of your dreams that you know God has given you, what are you going to say? 
  • Remember that poverty does not edify a God and Heavenly Father who has paved His streets with gold. 
  • The money is in the people. Consider these questions: 
  • How are you adding value to the lives of others? 
  • How are you serving?
  • How are you giving back? 
  • How are you teaching and educating? 
  • How are you motivating others? 

6 Steps to Visualization

Can you remember the last time you spent alone with your imagination? You have to imagine your success first before it becomes a reality: 

  • Know what you want 

In order to visualize and manifest what you want, you must have a clear idea of it.

  • Describe your vision in detail 

Write out your vision. You must create a clear picture of what and when you wish to manifest in your life and what it should look like. Create a vision board if necessary.

  • Start visualizing and create emotions that surround your vision 

Vividly foster the emotions of how it would feel to attain what you desire. Envision the outcome. Imagine the sights, sounds, smells, and taste of achieving what you want. 

  • Take daily actions 

Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, but success comes from the small things that are consistently done over time.

  • Have the grit and persevere

Refuse to give up when obstacles come your way.

  • Clarify your “Why” 

Tap into your emotions and identify the reason

why you want what you desire.

“Write down the vision and make it plain.” 

– Habakkuk 2:2

 * * * 



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Lenika Scott 

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