Learn HOW To Celebrate Others!!

2020 has been such a blessed year financially for my business! If you have been following me faithfully, then you may know of the monthly business scholarship that I started over the last 7 months into the pandemic. For those who know me, I have been very blessed in the area of entrepreneurship starting my own business around the age of 33. About 14 years later and I’m still    going strong by the grace of God! In all of my success, it has always been a passion and an honor to be able to inspire others and even help them build their own legacy through entrepreneurship. As the Lord placed it on my heart to create this scholarship fund, it has been so rewarding to give back to others and sow into the lives of new entrepreneurs.  

It is such a BLESSING to be a blessing!  

This month, hundreds of people joined me as I went LIVE on Facebook announcing the winners of the scholarship, totaling 5 phenomenal women! There was something truly SPECIAL about this month’s giveaway that I couldn’t wait to share with you! It will bless you!! 

Prior to the giveaway, one of the selected winners had even reached out to me to bless ME! While hosting the LIVE, I couldn’t help but notice the excitement and responses in the comment section. I saw two of the women who had been selected for the scholarship were congratulating the others before their names were even called! That was so inspiring to see! As I ended the LIVE to contact all of the winners, I was truly blessed by what I heard. The third winner told me that she had just looked at the message live and before she heard her name called, she was congratulating and celebrating the other women! What she said was SO powerful: “When it’s a win for one, it’s a win for the kingdom!”  

Can YOU learn to celebrate others even when you might not be the one who will win?? 

People often underestimate the power of learning how to celebrate the wins of others. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that one of the reasons why we miss many things in the Kingdom of God is due to the inability to celebrate others. But the Lord is moving mightily in this season and we all must make practice and live by this principle!  

Blessings are about to hit the land for many believers!  

We are going to be seeing more homes being paid for in cash!  

More land purchased with cash! 

More people posting on social media standing in front of their homes with their keys as the first-generational chain breaker! 

There will be more people standing in front of signs saying “sold!” 

I can vividly recall the moment when my husband and I were blessed to purchase our home with cash! As I stood in the U-haul truck, I remember a thought coming to my mind that discouraged me from posting the great news on social media. I worried about the naysayers and those who would possibly not be truly happy for us in their hearts. But then the Lord asked me this question: “What about the others than I am showing what’s possible for them?”. I was so consumed by my own thoughts that I didn’t first consider those who would be blessed by my testimony. Those who would be blessed by the fact that I, a mother of six children, was able to pay CASH for a home! It was then that I realized that I would be robbing people of the experience to be able to rejoice with me!  

Celebrating and honoring others are principles that I truly believe played a part in me being about to break barriers during my early stage of entrepreneurship. Another moment that I won’t ever forget is the time I was able to celebrate the win of someone else, even while in a low place. Even while my family and I were experiencing our lowest moments, my heart remained genuine when seeing others win! I eagerly watched one of my business colleagues soar as God began to elevate and promote her in a position with another company. Though I had not reached her status at that time, I was yet so very happy for her! Although I couldn’t do much, I even cared and gifted her with a digital banner for her business. Throughout the years,  I’ve honored and congratulated others and I truly meant it because I understood just what those wins meant to the Kingdom of God! Oftentimes, many wonder what the small steps are, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that celebrating the success of others is one of them!  

“…if one part [of the Body of Christ] is honored, every part rejoices with it.” – 1 Corinthians 12:26 

“Be happy with those who are happy,” – Romans 12:15  

You’ve got to know how to rejoice when God is blessing other people! I believe this message is befitting for the Body right now as He is already bringing many people up, elevating, promoting and bringing people out, releasing new things to them, new strategies, and new wealth plans. There is so much being unlocked and released from heaven. We must all make sure that our hearts are right so that we don’t miss any blessings. It is when our hearts are contaminated with jealousy or when we neglect to rejoice when others are elevated that the things God has for us become hindered. Let your motives be pure when dealing with others! It’s such a blessing when you have people in your corner who have the capacity to be genuinely happy and excited for you. In the same token, it’s also a good feeling to be able to be that for someone else!  

I hope that today’s message inspires you! If you believe that God has placed on the inside of you the ability to launch, manage, and sustain a business then you must keep on going! You will also need to learn how to celebrate others when it’s their time. That’s truly one of the reasons why I have been blessed to reach my current level of success. Celebrating others is one of the ways in which you can keep an open heaven over your business and your life! Never forget that the goals, the vision, dreams, and plans that rest inside of you are worth fighting for!! 

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Lenika Scott 

The Millionaire Mom

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