Jehovah Jireh WILL Provide! 

There’s NO other name GREATER than the Mighty God we serve! 

As I’ve recently ministered on the many names of God, there’s one name in particular that has been a beacon of hope and source of hope for many believers. Some call Him ABBA, others call Him Yahweh, but one name that has surely been proven time and time again in the lives of many is JEHOVAH JIREH! I absolutely love this name! In fact, one of my youngest daughters has that name! In the scriptures, God reveals Himself through many names that encompass His roles in our lives. The name “Jehovah Jireh” stands out as a profound testament to the unfailing nature of God’s provision and care for His people. He is God that NEVER fails in providing! 

As we know, there is a lot of shifting and taking place both in the spirit realm and the natural realm. Like never before, we all have to remember no matter what God is doing and how He is causing us to transition, we are to lean into Him and also trust in Him as our true provider and source of everything that we need.

God Will Provide 

Let’s dive into the backstory of this ancient name of God. We first discover this name in the scriptures in Genesis 22:11-14, meaning “God Will Provide”. 

We all know the story of Abraham as God told him to sacrifice his son. Even in the beginning, Abraham declared that even though he was going up to the place as God instructed him, he was going to worship but also return. It was a prophetic act and decree out of Abraham’s mouth. Abraham somehow knew that God would never allow him to go through with that sacrifice. He knew the character of the God he served and was able to recognize that it was a test. How much better would it be if we could identify the tests from God like Abraham without hesitation and worry? Abraham and Isaac went up to the Land of Moriah and right before he sacrificed his son, the angel stopped him. This is where we discover one of the names of the one true God, Jehovah Jireh!

Jirah – to see, expect, perceive, provide, consider. 

Many of us need to be reminded that God will provide—and not just in terms of financial gain. Be encouraged that Jehovah Jireh, the one, the true living God is considering inspecting your circumstances. God is inspecting your situation and He is providing the best solution! We have to remember that god is our source of ALL things. Although God uses people in the Earth, it is not our job or responsibility to see people as our source. 

The Ultimate Source 

Prophetically, God is really allowing people that have been in a place and position where their faith has been smothered and drowned out, for them to really be able to believe and trust Him on another level. There is another level of trusting being required in this season. 

We must all come to a place where we are able to say: 

“Father, you are my source and I know what you are going to come through! I know that you will deliver. I know that you will release the very things that I need. You will release the desires of my heart because I know it is you that placed them there!”

I wanted to personally encourage you not to look to man as your source. Yes, God uses men. But think about the jobs that God uses. Even think about your business if you may have one. Without Jehovah Jireh, you wouldn’t have sales or revenue without customers or clients that He sends. You must remember that God is the One who sends the people. God is the One that places your name in rooms you’ve never been in and touches the heart of individuals to bless and support you. In all things, God is your source and He will provide! 

Will you still tap in and receive what is being delivered, and receive the stirring that is taking place? 

Trust Him Greater 

Even in this time and season of great transition, He is allowing many of His sons and daughters to pivot and do different and new things. My life is very prophetic, and I often notice a pattern. There are times when God does things in my life and it is a symbol of what He is also doing in the lives of others. So as I am personally in a great season of pivoting, shifting, transitioning and changing, and another season of trusting in a deeper way, so are others.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have and how anointed you are, you will always go through a season of great testing. There will be times in your life where you will be called higher in trusting God as Jehovah Jireh in a greater way. Think about even Abraham and the that day he proclaimed the land as the place where the Lord God would provide. That was a deeper level of trusting! The child that he was blessed with when his wife couldn’t even get pregnant (which was another level of trust), he was now being asked to sacrifice unto the Lord. Can YOU imagine?! 

This is a season of deeper trust in God! Will you trust Him? 

Focus On The Promise

The other day, there was a spiritual rain in my home. As I sat down, I received a vision of rainbows. I paused and took a minute to thank God because I saw what He was doing. I then received an angel feather right in that same spot! God reminded me that through it all, He was still there, that He was still answering prayers and providing a way of escape. He assured me that He was releasing and cutting a path for my family in this season. And in this same way, I know that He is doing the same for you! Receive it and keep your heart right! 

I’ve shared many times across my platforms: “Focus on the promise and not the pain. As you focus on the pain, that’s what’s going to be attracted to you. But as you focus on the promise of God, that’s what will be magnified in your life!”

What is it that God has said over your life? 

You have to understand what you are carrying. Though you may have some bumps in the road, you have to get this message deep down in your spirit and you have to know the God that you serve! Jehovah Jireh is our provider! There is power that rests on the inside of you and in your life. The hope of glory resides on the inside of you. 

Know what you are carrying!

Know your value!

Know what God’s told you!

Walk in the authority and strength of the Lord knowing and understanding that there are angels surrounding you that have your back. You are a child of the King! Know the authority and grace that you have been given in this hour. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel invaluable or convince you that you are not worthy!

Receive & Embrace 

As believers, we are seated with the Lord in Heavenly and high places. May you come to really understand what that means. May you be a person that knows what you are carrying and what God has placed upon you and that you will respect it. Respect the mantles and begin to study these different mantles that God has given you. May you come to know that you can tap into the dreams that He placed on the inside of you. There is purpose in you! Come into agreement and alignment with the blueprints of Heaven. He is releasing new strategies from Heaven in this time. He is releasing the rain! May you do something with the strategies that He provides and make room to partner with the angels of Heaven. 

There is a sweet soft move of God taking place! Remain in a place of receiving. Embrace everything that God is doing in your life: the new, the unfamiliar, and even the uncomfortable. Know that He is leading you and He truly has your hand. Don’t be afraid to ask the Holy Spirit questions; the spirit of the Living God will help you as you do it by faith. May you be strengthened and your mind and heart be encouraged. 

You must know that we are in a season of taking over Kingdom territory. We know God as Jehovah Gibbor, the God of war, and there have been a lot of things that have been taken out of His Kingdom and released into the kingdom of darkness. This includes land, businesses and territory. You have to get in position! It is selfish for you not to be in position in this hour; you have to take territory. There is authority within you for the Kingdom. There are mantles that God has provided over your life and it’s time to make a decision to do what God has called you to do! 

Embark the journey of embracing God as Jehovah Jireh over your life. Like a loving Father, He delights in lavishing us with blessings that enrich our lives beyond measure! Will you receive and embrace Him? He WILL provide! 

And it is so. Amen.


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Lenika Scott

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