It’s YOUR Time!!

It’s Time To Come Out Of Hiding! Let Your Light Shine! God Wants You to Share Your Gifts With The World! 

We are in a time where the body of Christ is being showered with spiritual blessings. It’s an era marked by the call to occupy the land, to walk in the authority bestowed upon us by the Lord. However, many of God’s children are wrestling with personal beliefs that hinder them from fully embracing the potential of our calling, leading to a suppression of the anointing and a resistance to share their unique gifts with the world. The struggle with unworthiness often replays forgiven sins in our minds even as believers, making us feel unusable by the Lord. This internal conflict often causes us to shrink in, suppress our anointing, and hide our light out of fear. But the Lord is saying, “No more!” He wants us to stop holding ourselves back and start using the special abilities He’s giving us. The call is clear: step into the anointing that is being lavished upon us in this season. It requires a resounding “yes” to surrender to God’s will and purpose. He wants us to say “yes” to what He has in mind for us. A need for heavenly wisdom is crucial as it enables us to operate on the frequency needed to change lives. Remember that the anointing is not just for our own personal benefit but it is a gift that empowers us to break chains off others and set them free.

Don’t Hide Your Light

You Must Break Free from Holding Back!

Personal beliefs often lead to hiding our gifts, passions, and even our own destinies. It’s time to stop operating below our potential. God is challenging us not to retreat, pull back, or cover our light, even when faced with intimidation from others. The power of God and the light of Christ within us must not be concealed. As you expand in purpose, it’s essential to seek God to reveal blockages hindering your progress. Repent for times you held back when God commanded you to go forth. Humbly repent for hiding your gifts, passions, and destiny. Call upon the Holy Spirit’s cleansing waters to wash away impurities, that you may stop operating below your capacity.

Rebuke The Fear

It’s human to want to hide when we’re afraid of what people might think about us. But God says, “Don’t hide!” He needs us to step into the good things He’s giving us right now. Even if others don’t like what we’re doing, we can’t keep shrinking back. Instead, we are urged to release the anointing of healing for those who are broken, hurting, and thirsting for a word from the Lord through us. If you experience any attacks of unworthiness, the key is to thank God in advance and boldly decree, “Lord, I thank you for using me!” This declaration is a powerful antidote to the lies that seek to keep us trapped in fear. Rebuke lies that keep you chained in silence, unworthiness, condemnation, and timidity. It’s time to go out and use the power of God and the light of Jesus inside you. Share it with others who are hurt and need help. 

Stop hiding the powerful things God has given you!

Agree with Heaven’s Plans

Heaven has plans for us, and angels see the good things we do. Heaven holds promises for our lives, witnessed and recorded by the angels of the Lord. The invitation is to come into agreement with these heavenly affirmations, unleashing portals that release blessings, harvests, gifts, and downloads like never before. We should believe in and agree with what God says about us. When we do, blessings, good things, and surprises will come our way!

Resurrect Your Dormant Gifts

The Lord desires for you to awaken from your slumber of unworthiness and embrace what He has placed on the inside of you. He needs you to get out of your own way and step into the anointing that He is outpouring in this season. 

Many have buried their talents and allowed their seeds to wither. There are books, businesses, ministries and much more simply waiting to be birthed within the body of Christ. If this is you, then it’s time to declare resurrection over the gifts within. Resurrect the dormant gifts within you, declaring life over what you’ve allowed to die. Be intentional about pushing back against the forces that come to abort your calling. The power of Jesus is available to destroy the very things that desire to keep you from being who God made you to be.

Declare with confidence that you shall live and witness the goodness of the Lord [Psalm 23:17].

Follow God’s Plan

We are in a season of open heaven, God desires that we do not miss the outpouring of His blessings. Today’s message is an invitation to see yourself as God sees you and to confidently go forth and occupy the land designated for you! If only you could see how special you are to God. He says, “Go out and do what I planned for you!”. We are living in such a beautiful time to be in the body of Christ! The Lord simply needs you to get out of your own way and step into the anointing that He is outpouring in this season. He needs your answer to be “yes” on a new level. 

Surrender to the will of God and His purpose for your life! 

Get connected to what Heaven is saying! 

Seek after the wisdom to operate on a higher level! 

May you receive His precious grace to operate through your life so that you can be the beacon of change that He has called you to be. God will give you the strength, grace, tenacity, anointing to bring to completion the assignment He has given you. Go forth! It’s YOUR time!

“See, I have given you this land. Go in and occupy the land the Lord swore he would give to your fathers.” – Deuteronomy 1:8

And it is so. Amen. 

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Lenika Scott

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