It’s War Time! Deliverance Prayer

We’ll never be in a time or season where we won’t need the Lord! As we’re living amidst some of the most uncertain times in history, perhaps there’s never been a time in which we need Him the most! As believers, it is non-negotiable that we stand in the Word of God. Without prayer, His power, and His precious presence, there’s absolutely nothing we could ever do without Him!

Gone are the days where we are afforded the luxury of bliss, living our lives without concern of what was happening around us. As things are being turned up in the spirit realm, there is a season of urgency that we as believers must all awaken to. This one thing we must know: It’s WAR time!

Repentance is Still Relevant

Make no mistakes about it, repentance is still relevant in 2023. The Lord is a Holy God, and we must honor and reverence Him as such in full humility and purity of heart. This means that we must become mature believers who won’t hesitate to repent of saying, doing, or even thinking what is contrary to His will and unpleasant in His sight. Keep in mind that repentance is something that we don’t just do one time, but it is something that we must do throughout the day. There is always something grabbing your attention and pulling at your mind. Worry, fear, anxiety, stress, doubt and unbelief are in constant pursuit of our minds. There are things that are always attempting to gnaw away at your heart like bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment. If we are not careful and vigilant, there are even things that attempt to grab and eat away at your time. These agents of darkness are always looking for a clever way to arrest your mind and steer you far away from what keeps you close and clean before the Father: repentance. This is why asking that He would forgive and wash you clean under His blood is so important in your walk with Him. His forgiving grace and mercy is sustenance to the believer.

Like never before, we cannot afford to miss His Holy instruction!

We absolutely need Him and we are fragile in His sight. We need the Father to lead us and direct our paths and lamp unto our feet. As the Word says, we need Him as the light to our path. (Psalm 119:105)

We need direction from Heaven

We need His instructions

The Lord’s advice

His understanding

We need His wisdom

We need strategies that only can come from above…

We have situations and things going on in our midst, in our bodies, in our marriages, families, with our children, and even our parents that only can be changed by Him!

A Holy Deliverer

So join me today as we seek the Father and petition His mighty throne of grace and mercy…

Let our prayers become that He will begin to look down on us and the things that we need to be rectified and changed. May He move upon our circumstances and the issues that we are wrestling with in our lives. May He release an anointing of deliverance over us! May the Lord Jehovah Gibbor Himself begin to go in and pull out demonic attacks and wicked plans, bringing a

halt and stop to demonic agendas that have been set for your life. We need Him to show up and visit us. Let’s take a moment to thank Him for His delivering grace and mercy!

We understand that He is the sovereign God that sits high and looks low, and we can still pull and draw from Him. He is a God that we can still call upon—what a beautiful privilege to be a servant of the One and only Living God! Let us stand in awe of Him and recognize Him as the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. There’s no other as victorious as He! Just as He parted the Red Sea so that the Israelites could be delivered out, we know that the same God can do it for us! Whatever you are dealing with, even as it pertains to someone who is connected to you, be encouraged and stand firm in the truth that His hand is never too short that it cannot save! Oh, how we thank Him for His salvation!

Salvation – refuge; preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.

Let’s all thank Him for refuge today! When many unbelievers can’t seem to find rest from the world, nor peace from the chaos, how blessed are we for being granted salvation that guarantees a refuge and safety that no enemy could stand against!

The Lord Jehovah Gibbor dispatches armies of His Holy angels on our behalf. Even now, they will begin to go in with swords and break off things that may have attached themselves to our families and our children.

We bring them before the altar— all of our loved ones. Don’t let go until you see them saved, delivered, and brought out! I pray for the bloodline disruptors and generational curse breakers. If you have been the one called to burn up and abort the plans of the enemy over the bloodline, may you receive a holy courage to stand in the gap on behalf of your loved ones. God will give you the grace and supernatural strength to stand. He will provide the strength to continue to

pray when no one else in the family or bloodline is calling on the name of Jesus. Repent for the sins of your forefathers and the things they did, the blood covenants that they made with the enemy, and the things they came into agreement with that is affecting your life.

Stay On Post!

Jesus makes the difference! He is the one who will give you the tenacity, grace, and strength to keep on fighting. The grace to boldly declare: “For God I will live, and for God I will die!” God will continue to give you what you need to endure and to fight the good fight of faith. The source of strength that you need to stay in His presence and to stay in a posture to remain on your post.

I pray for supernatural grace and strength over you to:

Stay on post!

Stay in position!

Stay postured up!

Stay armored up!

Stay in a place where you are hearing from Heaven!

Stay in a place where you are receiving instructions from the Lord!

Stay in a place where you are staying pure and holy before Him!

Pay Attention

The satanic plans and agendas are falling in Jesus name, and your name is being removed from demonic altars!


Shall you be a fiery warrior as you go into the spirit realm and burn up some of those things! It is war time and you have to know what you are contending with. Gone are the days where we as believers remain oblivious to what we are fighting up against. Many of us have been fighting against things in our bloodline and God has been showing and giving us glimpses so that we can cast those things down, bring them before the Courts and before the altar, and repent so they will be burned up.

IT STOPS HERE! It stops so that they will not continue to go on with our children. It’s time to pay attention! God is clearly showing us some things because the enemy is going to and fro even more. He is observing to see what is on a person’s bloodline and he uses legal rights to attack people in areas. You may be contending with things from lineages that you don’t know about, and now you’re having to pay the price for someone else’s sin. This is why obedience is so important. You cannot simply do what you want to do; your life is not your own when you surrender your life to Christ! Every single decision has consequences for the good and bad. We have to close the doors and the breaches so those things can be pulled down and rectified once and for all.

May God begin to change and shift the atmosphere of your home so that the angels of the Lord will be able to come in with free reigns and do what God desires for them to do. May He remove the demonic blockages in the spirit realm. Every single demonic plan, agenda, and sacrifice where things from the demonic realm have been written and plotted out, may the high-ranking angels go in and rip up the contracts by the blood of Jesus!

Yes the blood of Jesus still works! Plead it over everyone who is connected to you!

Decree and declare the weapons and armor of God. Allow the weapons that are on the inside of you that have been attached to you to rise up in this time. Thank God for the swords that God has given you and for each piece of armor. God will release His fire to burn up witchcraft, incantations, spells, and even cloaks. If you have been hit in your mouth or throat where the enemy has been trying to get you to keep you from praying, praising, worshipping, releasing the scriptures out of your mouth, and the enemy has been trying to put a muzzle on your mouth to stop you, it falls today! God is going in the spirit realm by His Spirit with His angels and He is pulling out the daggers, arrows, and knives that have been sent against you. Every single demonic equipment falls now in Jesus name! May He begin to take the cords and devices off you and everything that has been set against you.

God is moving!

He will begin to take off the blinders where they have tried to stop you from seeing. There will be water that will come from Heaven and will begin to purify your eyes that you may be able to see in the spirit realm. God will begin to go into your spiritual ears and move out what has been placed there by the enemy to clog your hearing. I speak to your spirit and decree and declare that you will see the way that God wants you to see and the very things that are hiding. May you hear the sound that is taking place and resonating in the spirit realm so that you will not miss anything. May you be on post.

The dreams that God is sending you, may they not be missed nor fall to the ground. We have to hear from Heaven! We have to understand what the enemy is doing and plotting. May you not be a person who walks around in a daze lacking understanding of what is happening in the spirit realm. God is removing the things that have been placed over your head to where you haven’t been able to properly see and make sound decisions. Let it be burned up today!


Read psalm 91 and receive the Word of God. This scripture is one that has been constantly repeated many times in my years of ministry. It has been a source of great protection for many.

Set your love upon the Father

Set your love upon Jesus

Set your love upon the Spirit of the Living God

Psalm 91 reminds us of the precious promises for those who abide under the shadow of the Almighty and set their love upon Him. This is the Word of the Lord and He wants you to know that He is concerned about you. We have to armor up and be about the Father’s business. Be encouraged that God will forgive you if you have gotten off track and off course. God wants to renew your love for Him and restore your foundation in Him. He will take you back to the basics where you found yourself in prayer seeking His face not worrying or caring about worldly things. God wants to deliver His people from the worldly things.

May you be strengthened in the Lord today. May you be armored up. May you see what is happening and pay attention. May your eyes be opened. Reject the things that you see happening in your life that are not of God. I pray for supernatural strength and that your inner man be made strong so that you will know what is rightfully yours. Yes, there are promises that are rightfully ours that are snatched when the enemy places blinders over your eyes and clog your ears.

It’s time that we as believers come up in our maturity and grow in understanding of how to navigate the level of warfare that is happening right now. The truth is, it will get worse. This is not to speak of doom and gloom, but there is an agenda in operation and we must stay close to the Father.

Stay guarded up

Stay armored up

Stay in the Word

Stay in the face of the Lord like never before!

We are in such a time where we need God SO much. I encourage you to go on a fast and be intentional about rendering your heart unto God. There are answers that only come from God. Set your face on Him; it does make a difference. People’s lives and destiny are at stake in this season. You have to get the answers that you need!

And you will —in Jesus mighty name!


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