It’s Time To WAKE UP! 

Many believers have found themselves in a deep state of spiritual slumber, asleep to life, their passions, the dreams God has spoken to them, and even asleep to the whispers that the Father has been giving them throughout their day. So many people have allowed the trails of life, the heavy blows and attacks from the enemy to knock them into a state of slumber, asleep to the goodness of the Lord and what He is song in the earth in this season. It’s not Gods will that you miss out what he is doing as you are spiritually asleep, deeply numb, and lost in apathy to the world around you. May todays message encourage you, awaken you from your state of sleep and inspire you to finally open your eyes to what is taking place in this hour for the body of Christ.

If you’ve found yourself in a state of numbness and lack of response to the Lord’s voice lately…

If you’ve been rocked to sleep by the issues of life and the heavy burdens that seem to take a toll…

It’s time to WAKE UP! Allow today’s message to ignite something with you and encourage you to awaken and face the very things that the Lord desires for you to respond to. 

Open Your Eyes! 

The state of being spiritual asleep is much like a profound numbness and detachment from the very things that the Father desires to have. When we are spiritually asleep, we miss out on the joy, the peace, and even the guidance that the Lord provides. We become disconnected from our purpose, drifting through life without direction or a sense of fire.

It’s not God’s will that you miss out on what He is doing while you are spiritually asleep, deeply numb, and lost in apathy to the world around you. The enemy uses our weariness, our disappointments, and our struggles to lull us into this state of spiritual slumber. But there is hope! Let God’s message to you today be one of awakening and renewal in the spirit! 

Open your eyes! God needs you AWAKE for such a time as this! 

May today’s message encourage you, awaken you from your state of sleep, and inspire you to finally open your eyes to what is taking place in this hour for the body of Christ. Now is the time to shake off the dust, to rise from your spiritual slumber, and to rekindle the fire within!

Are You Asleep??  

The Father is constantly speaking to us, guiding us, and revealing His plans and purposes. Yet, in our spiritual drowsiness, we often fail to hear His gentle whispers. In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to drift into a state of spiritual slumber. Being spiritually asleep can leave us feeling lost, uninspired, and out of sync with God’s plan for our lives. How can we tell if we’ve fallen into this state? Let’s dive in and explore this:

Being Out of Place, Position, and Alignment with God’s Will is TOO Costly! 

One of the clearest signs of spiritual slumber is feeling out of place or misaligned with God’s will for your life. You may lack direction and will feel uncertain about your purpose and God’s calling for you. You may even feel a sense of dissatisfaction with life even when things are going well. Your prayer life could feel lifeless or routine and you will struggle to connect with God on a deeper level. These are often signs that you are asleep in the spirit realm, unresponsive to the things that the Lord has in store for you. Distractions of worldly things are often stumbling blocks that can lull us to sleep if we’re not careful. The world is full of distractions that can pull us away from our focus on the things of God. These distractions can be found in materialism and being so focused on gaining temporary pleasures and wealth. Spending more time on social media and television than on nourishing your soul can also be a distraction. Backsliding and falling into a state of sin is a huge sign of being asleep in the spirit. Falling into a state of complacency and compromise may also be something that you struggle with. Complacency is a dangerous form of spiritual slumber that often shows up as a lack of spiritual growth and finding yourself compromising your faith. I encourage you to beware these signs and if you’ve found yourself identifying with these, then it may be time to go before the Father and ask Him to forgive and awaken you! 

Awaken To Your Passion

God has planted dreams and passions within each of us, unique to our calling and purpose. It is when we are spiritually asleep that these dreams begin to lie dormant and become overshadowed by the mundane and things of life. Reawakening means reigniting these God-given dreams, allowing them to flourish once again.

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the dreams God has placed in your heart. What passions have you neglected? What divine assignments have you postponed? Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into these areas. God wants to shed light on the areas of our lives that we’ve shut down, bringing healing and restoration where it’s needed most. Are you willing to let Him into those closed-off places in your heart and life? He is ready to mend the broken areas and put the pieces back together! 

Let Him awaken you and give you a new beginning filled with hope and purpose! 

Wake Up and Occupy 

Life gets busy…

Things weigh us down more than we like to admit…

We tend to lose sight of our purpose and mission… 

But slipping into a state of spiritual slumber is not your portion!

If you’ve found yourself in a state of spiritual lethargy, know that God is urging you to rise from your slumber. He is saying, “It’s time to wake up and go forth NOW!” Be reminded that you are here for a purpose and the time to fulfill your purpose is NOW.

Occupy your territory! 

There are territories, spiritual realms, and dimensions that God is calling His people to take up and occupy! Such territories with heavenly portals that He desires for his people to access. For many God is calling to take dominion the realms of business, land, real estate, and so much more. Whatever the Lord is urging you to occupy, I encourage you to take full authority and ownership in this season. It’s time to take hold of the things that the Father has given you. It’s time to step into your God-given authority! I encourage you to claim His promises and take action. It’s time to awaken and move forward! plan. The season is ripe for action, and the time to occupy your territory is now. Let the words of Jesus inspire and motivate you: “As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” Wake up, step into the light of day, and fulfill what the Lord has placed deep within you. 

WAKE UP from Spiritual Slumber!

Reignite Your Passion and Purpose! 

Reawaken to God’s whispers!  

Reawaken Your Faith! 

Open your eyes to the goodness of the Lord! 

Open your eyes to the miracles!

Open your eyes to the movements of God around you! 


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Lenika Scott

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