It’s Time To Take A Look Around!!

In this season, we as believers may all have found ourselves in the very same space, unsure of just what we may be feeling. The urges to pull away, step aside, and even disconnect in ways that may change the trajectory of our lives. What you may have been feeling and experiencing is certainly not by happenstance! Many of us are finding ourselves in this place of reflection, not fully able to discern or put into words just why we are feeling this way…

In case this applies to you, allow today’s message to break things down as it pertains to what is happening prophetically in this crucial time and hour.

The season of assessment upon us!

The Lord is placing us all in a season where we are to be very intentional, alert, and discerning. He is calling us all to begin assessing and determining the value of our connections and relationships.

Assessment – To determine the rate or amount of. To determine the importance of something. To determine the value or the size of something.

Discern The Seasons

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Not only does the Lord desire for us to assess our level of discernment as it pertains to the seasons, but we also must assess those who we may be giving our time and energy to.

Here’s the truth of the matter: you simply cannot be all things… all of the time… to everyone! There are times when we as believers are called to go forth and work, launch, and step out into the deep. But there will also be required moments and seasons of rest. As we deal with others, we must keep in mind that we simply cannot be all things for everyone in all seasons of life. It’s important to take a moment to discern the times when you are being called to be up close and personal with others, but also when the Lord requires you to take a step back.

There will be times when God instructs you to remain quiet, but you must also as a believer understand and discern the times when He wants you to speak. Being spirit led is absolutely vital in order to know the season where the Lord has you!

We are being challenged to take a look at our relationships, connections, and even our jobs and businesses. This is a time where we must all reevaluate and re-assess some things to

determine their importance, value, weight, and significance!

Who’s in your life? What season does the Lord have you in? It’s time to assess!

Access Denied!

Clearance – the authorization to proceed forth.

As believers, we have given others far too much access and clearance into our lives. In this hour, everyone that has had the same access in one season of your life simply may not have it in this season moving forward. Let’s consider security doors and how they are enforced with specific clearance codes to grant access. In this same way, you must be mindful of those who you may have given clearance in previous seasons of your life. Who has access to you personally? Not everyone should have the same kinds of clearance or access to you. For some, it may be time to change the access code in this season!

Applying this standard in your life may even upset certain people. Nonetheless, it was Jesus who declared that he must be about his Father’s business before anything else! This doesn’t mean, however, that you are to simply push others off. Be mindful of those who God may have been attempting to connect you with that you’ve pushed away because of your own trust issues. Be discerning of those who the Lord has, in fact, sent on assignment to help elevate you to another level and to help deposit and impart into your life!

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” – Matthew 7:6

Have you been giving access to people who don’t deserve it?

Have you been casting your pearls before swine in the past seasons?

Be careful not to give everything that you have away in this season –believers often struggle tremendously with doing so. It causes unnecessary warfare when we let in people who simply should not have access to us. Even Jesus himself only granted 3 of his 12 disciples access to him while in the garden of Gethsemane.

What does not casting your pearls before swine truly look like? It means being careful of offering very valuable aspects of yourself to those who are unable to appreciate them. So in this season, assess the relationships and connections you may have that are causing unnecessary warfare.

…Let’s make it personal!

Take a look at what has been hindering and blocking you PERSONALLY from being able to perform at the capacity that God desires for you. It may be taunting your anointing, burning you

out, weighing you down, and even causing you fatigue. Consider those who you may be hindered from connecting more with because of those who you should’ve pulled away from. Many times we are even giving people on social media too much of our time. Though they may be your friend on Facebook, you may not truly know them! There are times when God will give you the grace to discern the matters and intent of a person’s heart. Avoid spending so much time connecting with others that you become distracted from this season of assessment.

As believers we have to discern what the Spirit of the Living God is doing. You must be able to discern and recognize when it is the enemy sending individuals to get you distracted and off course, leaving you unfocused on what it is that God wants you to focus on. It’s vital to be aware, enlightened, and your eyes must be open to the tactics of the enemy and how he moves. Those things can create open doors in the realm of the spirit that we must be strong enough to keep closed. This certainly isn’t a time to be distracted! This is a time in which He is allowing all of us to assess where we are. Reflect on the relationships that may have left you feeling uneasy and entangled in spending time unproductively in past seasons. As you do so, I encourage you to lay it all down before the Lord.

If you feel as if your spiritual equilibrium has been thrown off lately, then it is time to assess:

Who have you spoken to recently?

What kind of breaches were open in the spirit realm that need to be shut down and closed?

What kind of gates were opened in the spirit realm?

Who is in your life right now that you may have given too much time to and let in too freely?

How should you handle this?

How much time should you give to others?

When was the last time you asked the Lord of what He would have you do?

It is my prayer that you will lay your relationships, location, business, and even your job down before the Father and ask for His assistance. Be encouraged that the Lord is the Spirit of Truth and will reveal all things unto you. Don’t be afraid to ask Him in this time of assessment!

Let The Lord Assist!

The spirit of discernment is rising up during this day and age like never before because we truly NEED it!

I pray that you will begin to develop great discernment and that your eyes will be opened so that you may properly see in this hour. You must be able to quickly discern the spirits in operation and when the Spirit of the Lord is speaking and nudging you. God is breaking off ungodly soul

ties and the things that attempt to lock up and chain your soul. Be encouraged that He is breaking up those things that cause weight and oppression to your mind, will, and emotions. He is even getting involved in the connections and relationships that you’ve come into covenant with that you should not be in. May these things be revealed to you as you repent for the connections that God was not in the midst of. Refrain from becoming emotionally involved with the connections that God is causing a severance with. May the Lord grant you the ability, wisdom, understanding, and grace to deal with others. He desires to anoint your decisions in this hour! His grace will be with you as you deal with the cycles of bad decisions, self-sabotage, and attracting the wrong people into your life. The Spirit of God will arise MIGHTILY to lead you out of the repetitive demonic cycles! Only He can do it!

Remain spirit-led by spending time with Him, meditating on the Word of God, and being a doer of the Word. It is truly one of the best things that you can do in your Christian walk! In this season of assessment, you will be able to look back and realize just why the Lord required you to assess those who are surrounding you. As you reach new heights in Him, may His protection, wisdom, and anointing rest greatly upon you now and in the seasons to come!

And it is so.


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Lenika Scott

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