It’s GO Time!! 

Today, I wanted to share something that’s been on my heart lately. It’s a feeling that’s become so powerful, so undeniable, that I’ve felt it with every fiber of my being. This is the time—right now—where everything you’ve learned, every experience you’ve gathered, is calling you to show up and give it everything you’ve got! We’ve all been on unique journeys, learning valuable lessons along the way. Sometimes, it feels safer to hold back, to keep our strengths and stories hidden. But let me tell you, this is not the time to hide. This is a pivotal moment, a new season of “go,” and it’s crucial to step into the light and let your true self be seen!

Think about everything you’ve learned so far…

The challenges you’ve overcome…

the skills you’ve honed..,

the wisdom you’ve gained…

These are your tools!

Now is the time to lay them all out on the table. 

Imagine a stage, and you’re standing right in the center. The spotlight is on you, and the audience is eager to see what you have to offer. Will you step back into the shadows, or will you seize this moment and shine? The choice is yours, but I believe in you. Be encouraged today! It’s natural to feel fear or doubt, but you must  remember that courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s moving forward in spite of it. Every single thing you’ve learned has prepared you for this. Trust in your journey, and know that you have everything you need to succeed.

Share Your Results

If you’re in business, this message is especially for you. I want to encourage you to share what you know and the results you’ve achieved. Share everything you’ve learned on your journey because your story can inspire and motivate others. Whether it’s screenshots of your progress, the numbers that show your success, or the milestones you’ve reached, share it all. Celebrate what you have been able to accomplish by the grace of the Father! This message isn’t just about business; it’s about life. Every skill you’ve honed, every lesson you’ve learned, it’s time to apply them. Show the world your wins. Start posting those numbers and results. You can do it in a tasteful and genuine way, but remember, people need to see you in action. They need to see you getting clients, working behind the scenes, and making things happen.Working your business and applying what you know isn’t just about success—it’s about inspiring others and showing what’s possible. When you share your journey, you not only celebrate your own achievements but also inspire others to pursue their goals.

Take a moment to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished. Think about the skills you’ve developed and the knowledge you’ve gained over the years. Now, it’s time to put all of that into action. Share your journey, your wins, and your results with the world.

When people see your hard work and dedication paying off, it ignites a spark within them. Start documenting your journey and let people see the real you. Share the highs and the lows, the challenges and the triumphs. Celebrate your progress and let others join in your success. Give people a glimpse into behind the scenes. Remember, it’s not about boasting or showing off; it’s about sharing your journey in a way that can uplift and encourage others. So, embrace this moment. Work your business, apply your skills, and share your journey. Let the world see you in action! 

Show Up!

Now is the time to show up. You may have invested in many programs, courses, or trainings. You may have  gained a wealth of knowledge and skills along the way. It’s time to dust those skills off the shelf and put them to work. You’ve digested tons of information—now it’s time to implement it. Lately, I’ve been feeling a strong pull from the Lord, urging me to step into my true self and share the wisdom I’ve gained. This isn’t just about me—it’s a call to action for all of us. Show up as your authentic self and let your value shine. Represent your wisdom and knowledge in a way that others can see and appreciate. Think about all the hours you’ve dedicated to learning and growing. The late nights studying, the sacrifices made, the moments of doubt overcome—these have all shaped you into the person you are today. Now, it’s time to let people see the fruits of your labor. Share what you know and what you have mastered.

Share Your Story

I want to remind you of something incredibly important: your story is powerful. Every step you’ve taken, every challenge you’ve overcome, and every success you’ve achieved has great value. Don’t downplay it. Your journey has the potential to inspire and empower others, and it’s time to share it. Think about the discipline it took to get to where you are today. Reflect on the mindset shifts that were necessary to move forward. What did you do daily to transform yourself and your circumstances? By sharing what took discipline, the mindset shifts, and the daily actions you implemented, you can be the spark that ignites someone else’s passion and drive. 

Many people often ask me how did the “Millionaire Mom” come to be? It’s because I’ve been consistent in showing how I did it throughout the years, sharing the discipline, the habits, the pains, and even the down moments. So, embrace your story. Share the secrets to your success and the journey of how you did it. Your experiences, insights, and wisdom are valuable beyond measure. Let the world see the path you’ve walked and the person you’ve become.

Celebrate Your Wins

Often, we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others who may have been on their journey longer or who have developed their skillsets over time. But remember, your journey is unique, and every step forward, no matter how small, is worth celebrating. Don’t focus on the success and wins of others. Instead, recognize and appreciate your own achievements. Each milestone, no matter how minor it may seem, is a testimony to your progress. Your story may not be like others, but continue to share it. Share it a thousand times!

Come Out of Hiding 

Today, I want to encourage you to come out of hiding. It’s time to be delivered from the opinions of others and stop letting fear hold you back. You have so much to offer, and the world needs to see it. Show up more for yourself and embrace your story. There is power in your testimony and story. Believe in that power. It’s time to stop hiding and bring everything you know to the table.

It’s time to get DELIVERED from people! 

Yes, It’s Go TIME!


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Lenika Scott 

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