It’s A New Season!! Be Encouraged

There is a great BREAKTHROUGH taking place for such a time as this!! Can you feel it??

Today’s message is one that I simply couldn’t allow to pass without encouraging your heart! During a recent vacation with my family, I was given such a word of encouragement that was so meaningful and powerful to me that I felt led to share! At one moment during this vacation, I found myself in such a prayer and worship that left me with a feeling of breakthrough so deeply down in my soul. Yes, I felt a breakthrough! As I finished praying in that moment, something began to stir in my spirit. I was taken back to a song that I would often praise and worship the Lord to. As this very song has blessed me deeply over the years, I truly believe it will do the same for you as you allow it to minister to you! Here’s some of the lyrics:

“It’s a new season,

It’s a new day.

Fresh anointing

Is flowing my way.

It’s a season of power

And prosperity,

It’s a new season coming to me!

The devil’s times up no longer can he bother me, ‘cause the controller of the universe He fathers me.

And in transference all your children’s children will be free.

It’s a new season,

It’s a new season!

If you don’t know by now you need to know,

it’s Jubilee.

Your debts are cancelled and your children ought to be in victory.

Yeah, it’s all available to you right now just taste and see!

It’s a new season!

— “New Season” // Martha Munizzi

Prophetically speaking, there is a new season of blessings that God has for His children! Allows today’s message to encourage your heart!

He Will Pull You UP and OUT!

As I began to think about that song, the tears flowed and my heart swelled with gratitude. I

realized it was the very same song that had ministered to me in such a time of uncertainty and hardship in my life. I was taken back to 2011, the year when my family had reached a financial low point and were about to go on food stamps. Exactly 10 years later, I sat in awe of the fact that my husband and I are now able to simply take our children on vacation! It was in that moment of worship that I realized that my family has been living out those very prophetic lyrics in that song! By the amazing grace of the Lord, we are now living the “new season” that was declared years ago! Hallelujah!

Allow my personal testimony to encourage you to never stop believing God for your breakthrough! Whatever mess you may be in right now, have faith that He can surely pull you out no matter what it looks like. Through the circumstances that my family and I faced, it certainly didn’t look anything like the God that we were serving, praying, tithing, and giving to. It didn’t seem as though much was happening during that painful financial season in our lives. The very thing that I was believing in God for didn’t even seem as if it was in reach. The manifestation of what I was believing in God for had not yet occurred and it didn’t look like His hand were upon us –although we knew deep down that it was!

Here’s the point: you have to keep believing God, keep pressing, and trusting Him no matter what! We are in the “now” season, where God is bringing people out, breaking through, and breaking them out NOW!

God BROKE us through!!

Be encouraged that the same God who brought the Scott family out, is the same God that can bring you out and bring restoration your way!

Access Gained!

Just as the song says, there’s a fresh anointing flowing your way! A fresh anointing to bring you out of poverty, lack, and even borrowing. He’s able to release an anointing over your mind; so much so that you will no longer worry about lack, but instead shift your mindset towards your net worth!

Can’t you feel the seasons shifting??

It is my prayer that you will believe and trust in Him, and stand on His Word. In this season, I challenge you to take Him at His Word despite how circumstances in your life may look. The storehouses and vaults in Heaven are being opened! God is releasing keys, contracts, land, and territorial anointing in this hour! In this season, you will surely hear the words “ACCESS GAINED!”.

Gain – resources or advantage acquired; increase; profit; the act or process of acquiring something; an increase in amount or magnitude; to win in competition or conflict. To attain or

arrive at. To get closer to something pursued.

Believe that you will gain it all in this season though the blessing may even be something that you cannot tangibly touch. You must keep believing God in spite of all of the hell that you have been going through –the darts, the fire, the daggers, and attacks that have come up against you. You WILL win! You’re anointed for a NEW season!

You have an anointing to win!

To be a bondage breaker, a legacy builder, and a chain breaker!

You have an anointing to be the pioneer and the first!

You have an anointing for wealth, increase, and to gain!

There’s an anointing for you to prosper and an anointing for abundance!

God is doing an incredible thing! He is even allowing many of His people to come into their wealthy place in this season. Be encouraged that your faithfulness and obedience to the Lord will find you! When others may be going left although God is telling you to go right, it will find you! We are in a season where He is bringing you out so that His name may be used for the glory as you come out with a powerful testimony. So don’t you dare quit, don’t give up, and don’t stop believing God at His Word! It’s not your job to worry about how things are going to come. But instead, you must remain in a place of faith and believe that if God said it, then it is going to happen! Continue to trust and believe God that what He said is going to be yours. Believe Him for the promises to come to pass.

God is raising up people in this hour. Someone has to go first, why not allow that someone to be you? Will you accept the call to be the first to break significant chains in your family’s bloodline? Will you be the one to go first, to rise up, and say that “if no one else will go, then I will be the one to tarry, fast, and keep a Word in my heart”? It’s time to rise up!

Stay in the Game!

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” – Galatians 6:9

“So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” – Isaiah 55:11

Many of God’s people have become too weary to press into the promises. If my testimony can

help you stay in the game, then it is my prayer that you allow it to encourage you. It’s so worth it! There are some treasures in Heaven that have your name attached to them and you must not become weary in well doing.

There are times when you will know when you’re being required to pull back and get quiet before the Lord. In those moments, here’s what you can do:

Disconnect from social media and allow the Spirit of the Lord to refill you.

Get back in the prayer room.

Get some quiet time. Move away and step back for a little while.

Put on some worship music and allow Him to minister to you. Set the atmosphere and allow Him to begin to speak into your spirit. Invite the angels of the Lord to come in, remembering that they are attracted to worship.

If you have been feeling weary lately, then it may be time for you to simply get quiet. Let the Holy Spirit begin to flood you and fill you up because you have work to do!

When God breaks you through, there are still some things that will try to make you doubt Him on whether He’s going to come through again. No matter what level you reach, how anointed you are, or whatever He brings you out of, you will still have to believe Him! Keep going! When He pulls you out and brings you to your wealthy place, remember to give Him the glory. Don’t ever steal the glory that is due unto the Lord. You must still praise and worship Him just as you did in the seasons when you were believing Him for the promises.

In spite of the weariness, keep on believing in the God that you serve –the One who created you and holds all power in His hands. Yes, the One who has your destiny in mind! The One who is very much concerned about you and knows the hairs that are numbered on your head! Hear the Lord today as He whispers, “keep believing, my child”. Don’t deviate from His plans for your life. Keep standing on the promises that are in the Living Word. Absolutely REFUSE to grow weary in well-doing! The angels are making preparation for your harvest! Continue to fight! Let your faith fail you not! Keep on standing in the face of adversity!

Dream again!

Believe again!

Hope again!

Breakthrough is HERE and it’s NOW!! It’s a NEW season!

And it is so! Amen.

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