How To Become A Money Magnet?

Attracting Wealth, Blessings, Success, & Prosperity!

How To Become A Money Magnet?

The powerful tools of wisdom and highly effective spiritual principles can be used when positioning yourself to become a money magnet! Let’s dive into some key pillars on what it takes to attract the level of wealth that is destined for you:

What is Money?
Something that is accepted as a medium of exchange; a measure of value or means of payment.

What is a Magnet?
• A force that pulls on other materials
• Magnets also attract or repel order magnets
• A material or object that provides a magnetic field
Let’s go deeper!

The most powerful revelation behind the meaning of this word, is that of the magnetic field and it’s invisibility. A magnetic field is an electrical current. Though you can only see the magnet, it is the magnetic field that is responsible for the most notable property of the magnet. It’s the force behind the pulling or repelling of the magnet itself.

Magnetism in Entrepreneurship
Thoughts are things!
As it pertains to entrepreneurship and money, money will either be attracted to you or repel from you. We must always be in a constant state of awareness of our own magnetic fields around the heart and the mind. Even the word of God tells us that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. (Proverbs 23:7)

Many have studied the law of attraction but have yet to master the art of it. Make no mistakes about it, despite how much one may study this principle, wealth will not be attracted unto them if they are yet repelling it in their hearts. Where is your attention? Consider what you have been thinking about because that’s where your energy will flow as it pertains to money.

Check your magnetic field!
Your magnetic field is the invisible aura around you that will always emit the energy that is projecting from within. When attraction goes left, you may find yourself asking:
“Why am I not receiving wealth unto me?”
“Why am I repelling it?”
“What am I doing?!”

Energy Plays a Part
“Energy is everything, and EVERYTHING is energy!”

Energy Makes a Difference!
Your energy has everything to do with your success. Energy is a power and a force, a strength and sense of vitality. Your energy is all about your drive and the motivation behind your get-up-and-go! Much of your outward success will be contributed to the inside of you, which is oftentimes where most of the blockages are. Your mind, will, and emotions are what will draw, attract, or repel what you desire.

“Energy flows where the attention goes!”
Consider where your focus lies negatively:
“I must focus on my bills”
“I just don’t have enough”
“I can’t afford it”
“I just can’t truly see myself successful”

As someone who has experienced earning multiple millions, losing it all, and being blessed beyond measure once more, I’ve learned the art of focusing on where you’re going and not where you currently are.

You must understand that no matter how high you go, or even if you lose everything, your fear of success must be broken off of you! Both the fear of failure and the fear of success hinder, distort. and taint your magnetic field.

Even in the low places, you must reposition and reprogram your mind! You will never see a multi-millionaire or billionaire who has stopped learning! To maintain wealth, there is a requirement of constant reprogramming and training of the mind that needs to take place. To attract prosperity and wealth, you MUST continually program your mind. Be inspired to look higher and declare that you can do this! Shift your energy.

“If you have been accustomed to struggle, believe that you can still be free in your mind and in your heart!’

You may be having problems attracting wealth because:
• You don’t know who you are
• You have forgotten who you are
No matter what you may see, remember who you are in your heart and mind! Remember that you are a FORCE to be reckoned with!

Key Pillars of Money Magnetism
The answers to how you view money will be based upon your personal beliefs. What are the inner personal beliefs that maintain your motivation to attract wealth? If others may not validate or support you, it should not stop you from believing that you are valuable and can attract wealth.
“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45)

Since focus is absolutely critical to your attraction to wealth, you must be aware of all distractions in all seasons. Respect your goals, dreams, and values by maintaining your focus.
“Focus on the promise, not the pain”. The more you focus on the problem, the more the problem will be attracted unto you. Shift your focus on the desire to manifest your promise. Surround yourself with like-minded people and those who wish to build a legacy like you.

Own Your Own Lane!
Even if you have the same business model, products or services as others, when you find yourself comfortable in your own lane, you will flourish! No matter who else may be in the same flow as you, you must operate in your own lane and own your space. Show up authentically and receive the grace that it takes to tend to your tribe. When you don’t operate in your own lane, you repel wealth as your focus is placed on competition rather than your assignment.

Model Successful Individuals!
Place your focus on modeling the principles of those who inspire you, rather than imitating or coveting them. Open your heart to learning from others and the principles in which they operate. Accept the fact that you don’t know it all and bring yourself to a place of humility to learn.

Honor Your Word!
When handling your affairs recklessly, it adversely affects your finances! Income is repelled when you show a level of disrespect by not honoring your word. Remember that honor is a universal law.

Questions for Reflection:
What are you seeing? (Your vision often becomes your reality)
How do you feel about money? What are your thoughts about money?
When you see someone who is wealthy, what is the posture of your heart?
Are you intimidated by wealthy people?
What does being wealthy feel like for you? How does it make you feel?
Do you view money as a means to help others?
Do you consider wealth as a product of sheer luck or of attraction?
Do you inquire about how others have acquired wealth?
Take the time to answer those questions!
I hope this article blessed you.

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To your success
Lenika Scott
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