God Is Revealing!!

A great exposure is taking place within the Kingdom of God! 

We are in a season where the Lord is pulling back the curtains, and NOTHING can remain unseen! I believe that this is a season of divine revelation and exposure on many ends where the Spirit of the Lord is not only exposing the enemy’s schemes but also deep into the hidden corners of our souls. As He is transitioning His people, exposing and uncovering all things hidden is so needed. May today’s message be one that enlightens you but also encourages you. Allow God to uncover the very things that may have been hindering you from going forth in this season so that you can finally receive what He has in store for you!

The Enemy is EXPOSED!  

The Spirit of the Lord is at work and He is exposing the enemy’s hidden attacks. This divine exposure is shedding light on the obstacles that have been strategically placed to prevent God’s people from moving forward. The enemy may have intensified his efforts, but the Lord is shining His light on every hidden agenda. There have been spiritual assaults aimed at harassing and exhausting those who have been on the edge of their breakthroughs. The enemy has been working overtime to launch attacks such as anxiety, worry, grief, and depression. Many have faced harsh financial struggles, instability, and even indecision, creating a paralyzing effect. 

Have you been sensing strife and division with your loved ones? 

Have you found yourself feeling unable to make major decisions? 

Have you been drowning in doubt and sinking deeply into the pits of depression? 

Allow God to remove the blinders in this season!

Allow God to shine His light and EXPOSE the enemy! 

God’s power is moving mightily on behalf of His people! 

Many times, we may be blind to the very plans intended to derail us. We are unaware of these spiritual attacks until God Himself reveals them. Without the Lord’s revelation, we cannot discern the enemy’s attacks. However, God promises to remove our spiritual blinders and illuminate every hidden scheme with His holy and magnificent light. Be encouraged that God’s exposure of the enemy’s tricks and plans is a testament to His kindness. He does not wish for us to remain in the dark, blind to the spiritual warfare around us. Through His power, every demonic assignment and plot against us can be canceled and brought under subjection to the authority and power of the blood of Jesus Christ!

God is Exposing YOU! 

The Lord is not only exposing the attacks of the enemy that have hindered His people in past seasons, but He is also revealing something even more profound and special. God’s exposure in this season is twofold: He is revealing the enemy’s plans while also revealing the greatness within us. God is a kind and loving Father, and He desires that our eyes be opened to the treasures He has placed within us. This is a time of great exposure, where God wants us to see and embrace the greatness that lies within each of us! 

Discover the Treasures Within! 

God has placed incredible treasures within you and this season is about uncovering those hidden gems. Have you gone through life unaware of your own greatness? You may struggle with feelings of inadequacy, doubt, and fear that cloud your perception of your true worth and potential. But it is my prayer that you will allow this season to be one where you are no longer lost to the truth of who you are in the Lord’s sight. You are not just a passive participant in God’s plan; you are an essential part of His Kingdom, endowed with gifts and talents that are unique! The enemy has tried to keep you blind to this truth, but God’s light is breaking through!

Open your eyes and see the greatness within. Be reminded that you are not defined by your past failures, fears, or the lies of the enemy. You are defined by God’s truth and the identity He has given you. You are equipped for great things. There is greatness in you that He desires to expose you to YOU! You are precious and valuable to His Kingdom and God is doing some great exposure. 

Let Him expose you to YOU! 

Uncovering The Pain

On the flip side of the Lord exposing the greatness in you, He also desires to shine a light on the secret corners of your heart. He wants to uncover the hidden traumas and fears that have kept you in chains for far too long. Imagine a divine revelation where the pain you’ve silently carried, the wounds you’ve hidden even from yourself, are met with God’s healing touch. The Lord is declaring, “No more!” to these secretive chains of fear.

Only He is able to reveal the hidden pain we have tucked away…

Only He can expose and heal what’s gone unseen…

Many of us carry deep-seated traumas that we may not even be fully aware of. These hidden wounds influence our thoughts, behaviors, and even our faith in negative ways. God is addressing those hidden areas today! He’s uncovering the traumas that have been buried within us, bringing them to the surface so that we can face and heal from them. This process is not always easy, but it is necessary. It’s time to expose, confront, and overcome those things that hold you back with His strength and grace! 

He’s Shining Light on the Darkness!

What are the areas you keep hidden from others and sometimes even from yourself? The pain, the silent weeping behind closed doors—God sees it all. He knows the tears you’ve cried in secret and the burdens you’ve carried alone. He knows our deepest hurts and sorrows. His light is not to condemn but to heal, to bring us out of darkness and into His marvelous light. It’s easy to bury our pain, to pretend it doesn’t exist. But God is inviting us to bring our pain into the open. May you allow Him to work so that He can get the glory! 

God Sees Your Pain!

Keep Your Focus on Him 

As God reveals and shows you many things in this season, I encourage you to stay in tune to what the Spirit of the Lord is doing so that you do not miss out on this mighty move. In times of revelation and exposure, distractions and emotional reactions can easily sway our attention. It’s important to keep our spiritual ears open, listening for God’s guidance and direction. Embrace this season as an opportunity for growth and transformation. Trust that God is working all things for your good, even when the exposures are difficult to process. In the midst of exposure, may you cultivate a heart of gratitude for what He is revealing. As you navigate this season of exposure, move forward with confidence in God’s love and plan for your life. Trust that He is revealing these things to strengthen you, protect you, and propel you forward into all that He has in store! 


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Lenika Scott

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