Go Harder For Christ!!

We made it over! Wishing a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and MANY BLESSINGS unto you!!!

Are you serious about GOING HARDER for God in 2022?

There is a prophetic word that has been on my heart that I do believe is truly for such a time as this. As we have entered into a new year, it is time for believers that we go hard in 2022 about the things of God!

Prophetically speaking, there are many aspects of God that many believers have yet to tap into. Yes, there are glorious revelations that you have yet to discover, and even mysteries in the Kingdom that you don’t even know about! As you are intentional about tapping and pressing in, and being conscious about the things of God, then things will begin to happen all around you! If there may be some things that you need to get in order for the new year, feel free to start here:

Ask God to restore your relationship with Him.

Renew your relationship with Him and restore the passion that maybe you once had for Him.

Ask God to restore that fire that you may have had before with Him.

Ask Him to restore your excitement for Him once more.

Be passionate about the Word, spending time with Him, and discovering more of Him!

Living Epistles For The Kingdom

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” – John 1:14

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.” – John 14:12

We know that the Lord sent His only son, Jesus, to walk among us and do great things throughout the Earth, ultimately bringing his assignment to completion. In this same way, God desires for us all to be living epistles. Do you understand that as a Kingdom citizen, you also have a seat in the Kingdom? Can you remember a time when you’ve witnessed a miracle because of the raw power of God that rests on the inside of YOU, released out of YOU?

“And they will do even greater things”…

A living epistle is one who is a fiery glory carrier. It’s about having the anointing and being able to discern the seasons and times that we are in. As it is time to go harder for God in 2022, this also means greater breakthroughs for the Kingdom!

When you break generational curses, it gives others permission to also break generational curses!

When you dream big, it gives others permission to dream big!

When you obey God, it gives others permission to freely obey God!

When you gain ground and conquer new territory, it gives others permission to gain ground and conquer new territory!

Remember that your life is not your own! When you submit to God, you also submit to the freedom of others through Him by being a living testimony and epistle. Consider this: there may be a time when you will be the only Bible that a person reads. So you must represent the Kingdom well! It is my prayer that you become intentional in this season about releasing all of what God has placed on the inside of you. You must be fierce, bold, and unapologetic about pursuing, overtaking, and recovering ALL that the Father has for you!

One thing that we as believers can be rest assured of is the power of Christ and the spirit of the Living God that dwells inside of us. With this in mind, we must realize that our identity is found in Him. Recently, I heard the word “ascend” in my spirit. Of course, this word means to go up or to go higher. From a spiritual standpoint, we don’t fight from the ground up, but we war and fight in the spirit first and then the natural. During this time and hour, I really believe that the Father truly wants us to have such a clear picture of who we are through Him. You are seated in Christ; your identity is always found in Christ. So, this means that it is never you who performs the “greater works” for the Kingdom, but it is the Christ dwelling in you (the hope of glory) who is helping you to carry all of this out!

We NEED the Presence!

Just as so much is happening in the world with “new age” practices and many other things, we as believers have to carry the presence of the Lord! We must be glory carriers so that others will see and feel the God in us whenever they come around, when you smile, and spread love and compassion to others. Will you stand BOLDLY and allow the power of God that rests in you to be released to someone else so that they may desire to know about the God that you serve? So that they will draw closer to Jesus and all that he is?

He is the Word!

Jesus is the Rock!

The True Vine!


The Redeemer!

The Lamb of God!

Bread of Life!

The Alpha and Omega!

The Mediator!

Our Judge!

He is the Chief Cornerstone!

…And we ALL need his presence!

Go Harder For 2022 and Beyond!

As this new year has begun, here are some important things to reflect on:

Will you rise up in this hour, unconcerned about what others will say about your Kingdom assignment? Will you go forth as the Father will have you to go forth? Is your heart tender toward God? Or have you become angry with God?

In order to be used by God, then your heart must be softened. Truth is, when you become angry or bitter with God, He is unable to use you at the capacity that He desires. But when your heart is tender and willing, it makes all the difference. If your heart has been hardened by the circumstances of life, may you be softened and held by the Father Himself. Today, make the choice to tell the Lord, “yes, I will open my heart and do what you’d want me to do!”.

We are in a brand new year! So it is time to go harder about the things of God! This also means going after and obtaining Kingdom promises. Pursue all of the great things that the Lord has in store for you! It’s time for you to break ground, shatter generational curses, and gain new territory so that you may be a living testimony for the Kingdom! As you come into agreement with the blueprints of Heaven, may you receive this prophetic insight for 2022 and beyond:

There are prophetic dreams, insight, and wisdom being granted unto us in this hour. The Lord is refreshing all of us –we truly need it. There have been times when even believers have become stale in the Kingdom; we all need a freshness in the spirit. God is renewing the hearts of many and restoring the willingness to serve Him. He is renewing the desires to obtain everything that He has for us to obtain. He is releasing the holy angels to go forth and break the yokes and chains that cause you to be stagnated and stuck. May the fiery angels bust through the realm of the spirit and burn off the chains that are around your wrist, waist, ankles, and neck! May you be able to see through the lenses of God this year and beyond. May He cause your eyes to be fixated on Him and the glorious things of His kingdom. Stubbornness, idolatry, and even witchcraft MUST be burned away in this hour!

May you be supernaturally strengthened to go HARDER and go HIGHER in 2022!

The Lord will show you the areas where you need to submit, subject, and yield unto Him. He will illuminate the things that may be hindrances as a result of a root of generational curses. God is teaching His children how to go before the Courts of Heaven to learn matters of self-deliverance; no longer are we to fully depend on the prophets and pastors to lay hands. Though there is certainly power in agreement, the Holy Spirit is available to help us to understand that there are certain times when no one will be there. He is able to teach you how to cast out demons and the spirit of oppression that may be hovering over you and your family. He teaches us how to change the atmosphere in our homes, and command and break things into the atmosphere. It is the Lord who even teaches us how to partner with the holy angels. Simply put, this is the time to grow up fast in Christ and to be matured so that we may carry the glory. May you have the heart to obey God on another level this year. There is more that God wants you to explore, experience, and discover as it pertains to Kingdom assignments! May you grow a heart for the lost souls –praying for others rather than looking down on them.

As it has been prophesied, many will be saved for such a time as this. Don’t you wish to be a part of that as a believer? To demonstrate His eternal power? Instead of letting others use you, will you allow God to use you for His glory? Remember that when you stand before a Holy God, that is what will truly matter when it’s all over. Allow God to use every gifting, every talent, anointing, mantle, and every precious thing that He has mandated you for. Come into agreement by professing a personal prayer as simple as this: “Heavenly Father, use me for your glory!”.

Are you running from the Lord and the calling that is on your life? I encourage you to stop running TODAY! It’s time to get serious about the things of God! GO HARDER in 2022 and beyond!!


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