Go Deeper With God

In this midst of all the challenges that are swarming around us in these times, the need to walk closely with the Lord is becoming more evident each day. As believers, we should all find ourselves in a posture of seeking deeper levels of intimacy with the Lord, actively nurturing a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

With today’s message, let’s dive into the depths of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. As you walk closely with Him, you will discover the many sides of His character, His ways, and the intricacies of how He operates. In these times, it’s essential to move beyond religion, freeing ourselves from the limitations of rules and routines. Although we are surely encouraged to maintain a lifestyle of prayer, reading the Word, and dedicated devotional time to the Lord, we must strive for a deeper relationship with the Father—a connection that truly permeates our daily lives. This involves constant communication, talking to Him throughout the day, and keeping our hearts connected to Him even in the mundane tasks of life. It’s in this ongoing soulful dialogue with our Heavenly Father that genuine relationships with Him begin to take shape.

Is the Father pleased with your relationship with Him?

Are you cultivating a relationship that brings joy to the Father’s heart?

This question invites us to examine the authenticity of our connection with Him. Are we merely going through the religious motions, or are we truly seeking a living, breathing relationship that pours into every aspect of our lives? Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with our Heavenly Father. Consider the depth of your communion with Him throughout the day, the authenticity of your conversations, and whether your life reflects a sincere desire to please Him. Let’s all embark on a journey of cultivating a genuine, day-to-day relationship with the Lord that goes beyond the rules of religion. In this season, let’s all chase wildly after a connection that brings joy to His heart and transforms our lives from the inside out.

Open Up

Your connection with the Lord really matters. When tough times hit, having a deep relationship can make a difference. Lately, it feels like the enemy’s attacks are on the rise, and we’re all feeling it. Many wait until they’re in a tight spot to turn to God. But if you’re regularly hanging out with Him and keeping Him in the loop about your everyday life, He can respond differently because He already knows what’s going on.

Take a moment to be honest with yourself. Do you only seek God when you’re in a jam and really need His help? Take a moment to ask yourself if you’re one who seeks God solely in times of need. Building an ongoing relationship with God means speaking with Him regularly and letting Him in on your daily matters. When you’re open with Him, He can understand your situation better and respond in a way that can truly make a difference. So, ask yourself: Are you building a relationship that’s more than just a quick fix in tough times? Take a step toward keeping that connection alive and let God be a part of your everyday life.

Open up and share with your Heavenly Father—He wants to hear!

Does He Know You?

When it comes to our walk with the Lord, remember that the law of reciprocity is always at play. As we enter into this new year, I want to share the urgency of cultivating your relationship with the Lord. Are you able to say that the Lord truly KNOWS you?? Yes, it’s true that He has known you even before you were formed in your mothers’ wombs and is aware of the very hairs on your head, there’s something deeper to consider. How well does God truly know YOU? Does He understand your nature, your ways, your likes, and even your dislikes? When it’s all said and done, your goal should be in a place with God where your name is recognized on His desk and in Heaven. True relationship with God goes beyond a one-sided interaction. We as believers must stop being so focused on reaping benefits:

“God, I need this done…”

“Lord, will you do this for me?”

“Father, will you release the blessings?”

Remember that seeking and fellowshipping with God should be a consistent practice, not just based on immediate needs. 

Do you desire Heaven to know your name and who you are?

We are in such a time where God needs to KNOW you! When the time comes for God to move on your behalf, He will do so mightily!

It’s Deeper Than Religion

In the times we’re facing, our need for God is like never before. Imagine wanting the Father to proudly declare, “This is my child, someone I know personally.I’ll be there for them because they listen to me, trust me, and spend time talking and praying with me. I know I can rely on this loyal friend who truly understands my heart.” Wouldn’t it be an honor for the Lord to say this about you?

Relationship over religion!

While praying, fasting, worshiping, and praising are essential, this season calls for a deeper connection. Just like we have different sides to our feelings, our Heavenly Father does too. God shows us different parts of Himself because of our relationship and His trust in us. Will you take this time to become even closer to God? Talk to Him about everything throughout the day. Remember, when you praise God, blessings come your way. The more you lean in and get closer to Him, the more He’ll come closer to you! Share your heart with Him, talk, and spend time with Him, and you’ll see Him opening up His heart to you in return. Shifting from just following routines to having a real, constant friendship with God is the key to experiencing the many sides of our Heavenly Father.

Will Heaven Know Your Name?

As we face the uncertain days ahead, the intensity of challenges and attacks is on the rise, making it crucial for us to draw near to God. In this hour, intimacy with Him becomes not just a choice but a necessity.

Reflecting on the scripture from Acts 19:15, where evil spirits recognized Jesus and Paul, it emphasizes the weight of a relationship with the Lord in the spiritual realm. The question becomes this: Is your name known in the spirit realm?

As we enter into the new year, here’s some encouragement for you:

  • Obey God: Listen and act on His guidance.
  • Stay close to God: Maintain a constant connection with Him.
  • Do what He is telling you to do: Act on His current instructions.
  • Complete the tasks and assignments: Fulfill your God-given responsibilities.
  • Get in His face: Seek His presence fervently.
  • Love on Him and talk to Him: Express your affection and engage in conversation.
  • Walk with Him daily: Make it a daily commitment.
  • Make up your mind to do what He wants you to do: Determine to follow His will.

Walking with God involves hardships, sacrifices, mockery, and even persecution for the Lord’s sake. Even so, it is undeniably worth it!

I encourage you to be intentional about your relationship with God, especially when it comes to    your level of communication with Him. Consider today’s message as an opportunity to reflect on your personal walk with God, evaluating how you handle and honor Him. 

Do you approach Him with respect and honor, or is your interaction solely based on need? 

Do you long to be in His presence?

Will you be found standing on the right side when all is said and done? 

Will Heaven know YOUR name?

 I surely pray that it is so! Amen. 

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Lenika Scott 

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