Glorious Times Are Coming!!

Things are about to get GOOD for the people of God and you CAN’T miss it!!

Today I wanted to share with you a message that I ministered on 2 years ago that I believe is just as relevant now, if not more relevant than it has ever been! This word is in FULL alignment with what is taking place in the Kingdom of God and for all of His Precious people. I have no doubt in my mind that today’s message will provide you the deep, heart strengthening encouragement that many have been desperately longing for in this season!

While I was sleeping, I heard the words “happy days” in my spirit. As many already know, God often speaks to me in words or phrases that I typically don’t say. I couldn’t help but smile so brightly as I heard those words “happy days”. During that night, I had a dream of being on the phone with one of my prayer sisters. As I walked into my prayer room, I got down on my knees and I began to tell her that this is the most glorious time in the church and in the Body of Christ! I began to tell her that an influx of souls were coming into the Kingdom. After releasing that word I found myself kneeling on the floor as if there was a birthing taking place.

I believe this dream is SO prophetic and right on time for the Body of Christ. Through this dream, I simply wanted to share with you that there are some glory days that are coming! In this dream, I felt that it was so astounding. It is a huge change and shift that we are going to see and embark upon the Body of Christ. We have been hearing this before that God is separating the sheep from the goat, and the wheat from the tare. There is a separation taking place in the spirit as the Lord and the Earth continue to groan. We are seeing judgment and calamities happening just as it is written in the Word of God. We are in time where we are going to see the Word of God being played out right before our very eyes. We are going to see scripture revealed and prophecy come to pass! Yet, even with all that is happening around us, there are some glory days that are coming! There are some happy days and some things that God is delivering to His children! Those who have not bowed down to baal and those who haven’t caved in and quit.

Remain encouraged and get excited, because glory days are coming!!

You Are Royalty!

You may have heard many people urging the Body of Christ not to miss the wealth transfer. We have been hearing about this wealth transfer for so long. Although I wouldn’t say that I am not a prosperity minister who preaches the prosperity message, the reality is that I preach, impart, and teach what I am. I am able to minister and impart from a place due to some of the things that I have experienced. I have personally experienced the hand of God move mightily in this area. The same can happen for you if you continue to trust and believe God. Things are shifting!

We have been hearing about the wealth of the wicked being stored up for the righteous. The time is upon us where we are literally seeing and witnessing things begin to move. The heavens are shaking, and yes you are ROYALTY! The reality is, if we don’t think that we are royalty, then we begin to repel it. We don’t receive it. God is simply wanting His children to be reminded of this and receive their inheritance. As I think about my recent book, Supernatural Wealth Transfer, the Lord instructed me to place my hands on the cover to show a receiving of keys, gems, and more from heaven. He wants to remind His people that He is God and that He has great things for their lives. We are in a time where we will witness where people will say to many: “Surely God is with you!”. It will be undeniable that the glory of the Lord, this King that you’ve surrendered to and have been exalting, is upon you!

Are You READY??

This is a time where the Church is to emerge! We are going to own much. You are in a time where people are going to come to you for the answers and the strategies. Yes, this is the time where the world will come running to the Body of Christ to seek the right way, the right plan, and the blueprints. It’s time for you to step up and speak up!

God is saying to GO ALL OUT this year!

Come out of hiding!

Let your voice be heard!

Let your voice be known!

Show them what you are working with!

Show the world your expertise!

Share the downloads that God has given you!

Dust off that prophetic mantle!

Glorious times are ahead in the Body of Christ, and we are on the RIGHT side! Yes, we are on the right team! You’re on the side that has the King, the One who holds all power in His hand! Yes, the same God that raised Christ from the dead dwells in your mortal body. You have Christ, the hope of glory on the inside of you! I pray that you will lift up your head!!

“Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.” – Psalm 24:7-20

Who is the King of glory?? None other than the MATCHLESS, UNDEFEATED, MAGNIFICENT

King of Glory! It is time for you to arise and awaken to your ROYALTY! God is reclothing and placing a new robe upon you in this season. He is preparing the table in this season! So don’t you dare get distracted, don’t cave in and quit, don’t run and hide or bury your face into your pillow out of defeat. You may have become discouraged in your spirit to the point where you simply don’t want to deal with life anymore. Things may have gotten hard and excruciating; the constant pressure may seem unbearable. God is reminding His children today that He is God and it is time to PICK UP YOUR HEAD and look ahead to the GLORY that is coming!

It’s HARVEST time!

It’s time to COLLECT!

It’s time to FEAST!

And God Himself is setting it up for YOU!!

Take Up Your Crown!

I encourage you to read Psalm 24:7-10 and allow that Word to saturate and permeate the depths of your heart. Let that glory substance fall upon you. Surrender to the Father. Let there not be any regrets. You don’t want to get to Heaven and feel the weight of regret from not spending the time with the Father. There won’t be a regret more painful than you not seeking Him more or walking out your purpose or the plans that you already knew were within you. You don’t want to get to Heaven and face the regret of never birthing the spiritual seeds that God placed in your spiritual womb. It is my prayer that you will submit and surrender to the will of God! May you not run from it, be sidetracked, nor double minded. We know that the Word of God tells us that a double minded man is not just stable in some ways, but in all of his ways. I pray that you will be stable, rooted, and fully anchored in Christ. May you begin to grow your roots even more. Trust that God will give you the ability to CONQUER!

Conquer – to overcome; to take control of a place or a people. To successfully overcome a problem or a weakness. To climb; defeat; subdue; to overthrow.

God wants to show you just how STRONG you are in this season! Will you let Him? He is giving and handing out new tools in the spirit realm. May you extend your hand out to the Father and receive your mighty staff. Receive your spiritual weapon that has been given to you! There is land, territories, possessions, wealth, abundance, and prosperity connected to the place that you war in within the spiritual realm; the territory that you conquer. I speak the word of you conquering all that has been sent out to conquer you in this season! Even as you allow God to bring you out and bring you up, may you not put your head back down. God is going to completely subdue the very things that have tried to take you out and even overtake your family. It may have run in your family, but it will run out with you! God will utterly EMBARRASS the things that were sent to embarrass you!

You ARE the curse breaker!

You ARE the generation CHANGER!

You ARE the bondage breaker!

God has destined you for GREATNESS!

How will you know unless you go forth in faith? Rise up as a child of the Most High. Lift up your head and partake in your ROYAL SHARE of the glorious times ahead! May you receive EVERY single treasure from the vaults of Heaven that has your name on it! Come into agreement with the blueprints of Heaven and watch God move swiftly on your behalf. You have now entered into your season of GREATER GLORY! It’s time to take up your crown!!

We declare it so in the GLORIOUS name of Jesus Christ!

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Lenika Scott

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