Forgiveness is NECESSARY!

Today’s message is one that I have spoken on often but I feel is SO relevant and needed even still today for the body of Christ. The Lord has been speaking to me in regards to forgiveness –and even unforgiveness– and the urgency of it in this season.

God desires for His people to be free in this season, but this can only be achieved if there are no hindrances in the spirit realm that cause blockages. As I wrote in my book, Fasting for Breakthrough, I discussed the detrimental effects that the sin of unforgiveness has when it comes to receiving breakthroughs.

I personally believe that it is one of the many ways in which saints remain stuck in life. God is wanting us to come out, to walk boldly and burst through doors, and break barriers. However, if there is hardness within the heart, it prevents our prayers from being answered.

Imagine the love that God has shown us…

Imagine the level of love that was shown as He sent His only son to die on the cross for you and I. This was something that took His entire heart to do; a heart so very wide open and full of love pouring out. So when we as believers walk in unforgiveness and hold back, not wanting to release love, this is the very opposite of the Father’s heart.

“But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.” – Mark 11:26

This principle of unforgiveness even applies to forgiving yourself. Are you hard on yourself when you make mistakes or even mess up at times? There are times when God Himself tells us that He has already forgiven us and remembers the sin no more, yet we still often hold ourselves in self condemnation. You will find that even with unforgiveness against yourself blockages can occur.

There is a great examination happening within the Body, because the Lord loves us so very much and is bringing about a chastening in this area. This is done because He wants us to get things right! The Kingdom operates in order and so there is a proper order that we all must follow. There are some things that we won’t be able to tap into when the enemy has legal right or access. This prevents or prohibits us from tapping into things. There are miracles, breakthroughs, prosperity, inheritances, things that are overdue, platforms, higher heights, and deeper levels in God awaiting His children. However, I believe that many are missing this simply because it is often tied to forgiveness or the lack thereof.

Be Set Free!

Unforgiveness paralyzes you!

It stifles and hinders you!

Unforgiveness keeps you immobile!

Unforgiveness causes delusion and mental cloudiness!

It is a time stealer and time taker!

Unforgiveness steals precious days, weeks, and months and even years from the lives of individuals!

It even causes sickness and dis-ease within the body!

As we know, unforgiveness causes blockage in the spirit realm, because what happens in the natural is a direct reflection of what takes place in the spirit realm.

Here are a few ways to detect if you have unforgiveness in your heart:

  1. Bad feelings or emotions arise when you see or think about a person who has wronged you. You tend to get angry, agitated, and frustrated with their presence. This goes to show that there is some residue or things going on in your heart that needs to be released and let go of.
  2. You typically see and think nothing good about this individual. Consider this: we were all created in the image of God. The Lord expresses His love for us in Jeremiah 29. He is always thinking good thoughts towards us, and sees us through the lenses of being washed and purified in the blood. When you look at that person, is it the same way that God looks at them? Let us be mindful that though man looks at the outward appearance, God observes the heart!
  3. Repeated thoughts of how the person has wronged you keeps coming to the forefront of your mind. You tend to dwell on how they treated you, what they did, and the lines they may have crossed. Remember that the same grace that God gives us is the same grace that we have been charged to extend to others.
  4. You keep reminding those who have wronged you even after they have apologized.

It’s Time To Let it All Go!

I believe that God wants us to hone in on this area simply because there’s so much that He desires to do in the season and in this time. God loves you so very much and it is your time to be set free! Be reminded and encouraged that He cares about that which concerns you. It is your time to be free from unforgiveness and walk in everything that God has for you!

It is my prayer that the blood cleanses and purifies your heart. Apply the blood of Jesus to those areas of unforgiveness; there’s cleansing in the blood! Jesus served as our perfect example as he walked the earth proving that we can live a life without sin. He proved that he had to release some people and let them go. Though others may cause you grief or lead you to anger, sin not! Even as David cried out and asked God “create in me a clean heart”, we must do the same.

If there are any tainted spots in your heart or wickedness that is linked to the sin of unforgiveness, pray for release. Are there any individuals that you need to release? Confess your unforgiveness unto the Lord and have the courage to let them go. Call out their names and even lay them before the altar. There is so much power in forgiveness! Repent as you are reminded of bad situations when others have misused, abused, hurt, controlled, or mistreated you. Forgive those who have assassinated your character and caused bitterness, rage, and anger to attach themselves to your heart.

There are times when believers even hold anger against God Himself as they believe that He allowed certain things to happen or did not prevent them. Remember that though the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy, God comes to give life! Oftentimes, things happen simply because there is no one standing in the gap and it gives the enemy legal right to wreak havoc. As a result, this has often led to misdirected anger towards God. If this applies to you, I encourage you to release and confess your unforgiveness concerning the Lord.

The angels are willing to get involved and bring forth cleansing waters to cleanse the debris and that which hinders your ability to freely forgive. No matter how severe, the Lord is able to deliver you from harsh traumas such as molestation, rape, divorce, abuse etc. The ground shall be broken up and destroyed in this season! Be encouraged that God is fighting on your behalf! May you have the heart to surrender unto the Father. May you take up the power to release those matters back to the Lord. There are some layers of unforgiveness that will be pulled back and exposed to the areas that require healing.

Though forgiveness is an ongoing process, allow some things to begin to break today! Joy will rise up on the inside of you, as you declare God’s grace and His very best for you in this season.

Be reminded that He desires for YOU to be FREE!

And so shall you be! Amen.

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