Encouraging You!

I was asked this question during an Interview for a Magazine Cover and I wanted to share it with you.

If you could give advice to our listeners what advice would give them?

In life, you must not be afraid to take calculated risks.

The only way to reverse fear is to take action with caution to the risks. Granted, every step of the journey may be unknown, but you will find the beauty in taking action despite the uncertainty. Over the years, I’ve learned that the only way to conquer and drive out fear is to simply step into action.

Taking action is what shifts you from the perspective of fear to faith. With faith, you can produce! With faith, things are able to manifest! With faith, there is absolutely nothing that has the power to stop you from operating in your potential!

You can find the entire write up here .

Many blessings,

Lenika Scott 

The Millionaire Mom 

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