Don’t Stay Stuck! Push Through The Pain!

There’s a SUPERNATURAL SHIFT taking place! 

We are embarking upon a major time in history that has never taken place before. God is blessing His people and there is breakthrough and major harvest that is underway! God is releasing things to His people who will walk in gratitude, obedience, honor, and not offense. There are some things being released that will set you up for a lifetime! 

But here’s the reality…

If you want to see breakthrough God’s way in the natural realm, then you will have to deal with some things in the spirit realm. In today’s message, let’s dive into the discussion of how you choose to handle your wilderness season and low place, so that you can experience God’s blessings and breakthroughs in the spirit realm. We must have the right heart posture and the right attitude as we go through trials—you can’t afford to stay stuck there. Instead, you have to focus on your promise and not the pain. It’s time to address and finally break what has been keeping you feeling stuck in the pain so that you can be propelled forward into everything that God has for you!

You Have A Story!

The wilderness seasons stretch us to our limits. We often find ourselves wandering in the wilderness, searching for a way forward. It is the moments that test us the most and challenge us to rise above the pain and focus on the promise that lies ahead. It’s easy to fall into the snare of despair, but we cannot afford to stay there. Instead, you must fix our gaze upon the horizon of hope, knowing that God is faithful to fulfill His promises! 

It’s Not About You, It’s About the Story! 

Remember that what you are dealing with and going through is not about you, but rather the story that He is creating through you. It’s easy to become consumed by your own struggles, to lose sight of the bigger picture. We are not mere bystanders in our own stories but active participants, co-authors with God Himself. Each challenging chapter is an opportunity for growth, a chance to deepen our faith and trust in His unfailing love. Even in the darkest valleys, God is with you, guiding your steps. I encourage you to hold on to the truth that your struggle is not in vain! You have a story! 

At any moment, the Lord can change your story from: 

Pain to prosperity 

Suffering to success

Misery to money

Trials to triumph

Foreclosure to fortunes

Bankruptcy to blessed

How I turned my mess into a message

Check Your Attitude

In the midst of the wilderness, your attitude is like the rudder of a ship, steering you through stormy seas or calm waters. Your attitude can either open doors or slam them shut. It’s easy to get swept up in the turbulence, but maintaining the right posture is key. Maintaining a posture of faith and gratitude is not merely a suggestion but a necessity in the wilderness. It’s about choosing to see the glass half full rather than half empty, trusting in God’s provision even when the way ahead seems shrouded in darkness. Our attitude shapes not only our perception of the trials we face but also our response to them. It’s the difference between being overwhelmed by fear or anchored in faith, between surrendering to doubt or clinging to hope.

How you go through the trials determines how you pass the test. The greatest obstacles we face are not external but internal. Self-sabotage lurks in the shadows, whispering lies and planting seeds of doubt in our minds. Be mindful of the negative chatter and the destructive patterns that hold you back. Choose to silence the voice of self-doubt and embrace the truth of God’s promises. Don’t succumb to despair, allowing negativity to cloud your vision and hinder your progress. God’s timeline often moves swiftly, and if we’re not careful, we may find ourselves left behind. In the wilderness, there’s no time to dwell or procrastinate. The harsh truth is, if you don’t get your act together quickly, God may choose to use someone else to fulfill His plans. Stay alert, stay obedient even as you swim the waters of uncertainty and hardship in your life. Choose joy over despair, hope over doubt, and faith over fear. 

Don’t Take Offense!

When God deals with us, it’s easy to feel hurt or offended. But remember, His corrections are born out of love. Don’t let offense build a barrier between you and God. Instead, embrace His discipline with humility and gratitude, knowing that it is for your ultimate good.

As you are being tested, how you go through the trials determines how you emerge on the other side. Will you allow adversity to make you bitter, or will you allow it to refine you? The choice is yours to make! The battlefield is in the mind, and victory is won through the renewal of your thoughts. Be intentional about the words you speak to yourself and the beliefs you hold. See yourself through the lens of God’s love and purpose, and watch as your perspective shifts.

Embrace the Process

It’s natural to feel anger or frustration when we are faced with devastation and crushing circumstances. But instead of lashing out at God, let your posture be one of surrender and trust. Remember the mantle of destiny that rests upon your life, even in the midst of the storm.

Shift your perspective!

By embracing the process, you are able to acknowledge that challenges are simply a part of your journey. Through surrendering to the flow of life’s ups and downs, you allow yourself to emerge stronger and wiser. Embracing the process is an invitation to trust in the unfolding of our lives, even when the road ahead seems hard. By maintaining your faith even in the midst of adversity, you are honoring what the Lord has spoken and declared over your life over what you may be experiencing in the natural realm. 

Come Up Higher  

Remember that the wilderness is not the end of the journey but a necessary step on the path to your destiny. Simply embrace the process, trust in God’s faithfulness, and hold fast to His promises. Be encouraged that the same mantle that covers you in the wilderness will carry you through to the season of elevation. By holding on to your faith, you allow the miraculous to begin to unfold in your life.

Keep pressing forward!

Keep believing!

Watch as God works miracles in your life!

Don’t stay stuck in the low place! Come up higher in the ways you’re looking at your situation and circumstance! May you remain anchored in hope, confident that the path you tread leads to greater heights and abundant blessings! 


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