Dig Deep and BELIEVE! 

When it comes to the trials of life, there are seasons that challenge us to our very core. Times when it feels like we’re wandering through a desert of drought and hardship, where hope seems like a distant memory and our spirits are tested in the wilderness. Yet, even in the midst of these trials, there is a stirring taking place in the spirit.

Change is on the horizon! 

The promise that once felt barren will flourish again! 

What seemed impossible will become reality! 

There is an outpour that is being released and the Father is challenging His children to believe God on a whole new level! It’s often easier said than done to believe God at His Word. It’s easy to say that we believe when the skies are clear and blessings are abound, but what about when the storms of life leave us battered and weary? How do we find the strength to believe when our hearts are hardened by disappointment or fear? It’s okay to admit when we’re struggling to receive His blessings, when doubts weigh heavy on our hearts. There are seasons when our dreams lie dormant, buried beneath layers of doubt. 

If you desire to dream again and believe in Him once more but simply haven’t been feeling as if you have the capacity to…this word is for you. Today’s message is one of encouragement. It’s time to DIG DEEP AND BELIEVE!  

Moving Beyond Stagnation 

The journey through intense warfare and testing of faith is not uncommon in the life of a believer. Many of us have faced seasons where the battles seem relentless, leaving us weary. While some have been victorious, others have found themselves trapped in a cycle of defeat, unable to recover from the blows dealt by the enemy. If you resonate with this struggle, feeling stuck and stagnant in your place of battle, it’s important to recognize that you are not alone. It’s okay to admit that the journey has been difficult, that the wounds are real, and that the weight of disappointment and delayed promises feels heavy. During times of intense warfare, your perspective can become clouded by pain and discouragement. Your hope may have been stolen, dreams shattered, or it even feels that the promises have been postponed. 

Have you been feeling this way because of the recent warfare that has taken place?

You can recover from the heavy blows!

You can get back up and reclaim what was lost!

If you find yourself grappling with the aftermath of warfare and struggling to dig deep and believe God, know that there is hope. Trust in His faithfulness, lean on His strength, and allow Him to lead you into a season of renewed faith and victory! Just as you are certain of your own identity, be equally certain that God will fulfill every promise He has spoken over your life. Trust that God is indeed working behind the scenes, even when you cannot see immediate results. Allow Him to heal the deep hurts, to mend the shattered dreams, and to restore what has been lost. Be encouraged that God promises to bring beauty from ashes and to turn mourning into joy (Isaiah 61:3). 

God made a promise that He intends to keep! 

Believe Him Again

Revisit the promises that God has spoken over our lives and the dreams that God has planted in your heart. Lean on Him with childlike trust and audacity, believing against all odds. Sometimes, despite our best efforts it can feel like our dreams remain elusive, like they’ve been snatched away just when we thought breakthrough was near. It takes courage to reopen the vault of dreams, to dare to desire again after setbacks have tried to steal our hope. It’s normal to feel discouraged, to wrestle with doubt when the road ahead seems uncertain. Believing God again requires a decision to trust His character and His promises, even when circumstances suggest otherwise.

So, if you find yourself in a season of waiting or disappointment, take heart. Your faith is not in vain. God sees your struggles, He hears your prayers, and He remains faithful to His word. Keep believing, keep trusting, and keep pressing forward with hope. The journey may be challenging, but the destination is worth every step. Be encouraged that nothing goes unnoticed by the Father and He is able to establish every single promise that your heart has hoped for! You may have been crushed by disappointment and wounded with despair in this season, but I am here to encourage you to press in and believe again! Know that God’s timing is perfect and His promises never fail. 

Trust in God’s faithfulness despite your circumstances.

Let Him restore your hope! 

Believe Him again! 


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Lenika Scott

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