Create The Atmosphere!!

Even with such darkness and tragedies that are happening in our world in these times, we as believers must be mindful of the need to create an atmosphere where the Lord can dwell. An atmosphere must be created where evil will not be able to prevail. Although we all have different fights and different warfare that may rise against us, we all as glory carriers must create the atmosphere for God. When you create an atmosphere that the King of kings and Lord of lords HIMSELF can occupy, some things just simply CANNOT penetrate and come through! Be encouraged!

He IS the Creator…

The Alpha and Omega

The beginning and the end…

The One who holds all power in His hand…

He is Yahweh

He is Elohim

Jehovah Gibbor…

The Ancient of Days…

He is GOD all by Himself!

The Lord desires for us to get before His presence so that we can hear from Him more clearly. Strategies and instructions from Heaven are being poured out in this hour. At times, we all will need to pull away so that we can hear from Heaven because He is surely moving through the land! As believers, we tend to declare and become excited about what God is getting ready to do —but He is ALREADY doing things in this hour! So we must make sure that we are in the flow of the Holy Spirit at all times.

The waters of Heaven are available to you..

Be encouraged that you have the ability to tap in. There is a very thin line of the realm of the spirit. Yes, there are times when you will have to tarry and wait on the presence of the Lord. But as a believer, we are able to create an atmosphere where the encounters and experiences will come! The angels will come! They will even worship with you! In fact, I can recall a time while worshipping the Lord in my bathroom, I felt such beautiful rain falling in the spirit realm!

I am personally entering into another season in my life that is honestly “scary”. I have such a level of holy fear and reverence for the things of God and I am always making sure that I handle those things with the utmost respect. It is always my priority to make sure that the Lord is pleased with me. As many may know, I have always created a designated room within my home dedicated to the Lord. I have created a prayer room and space where I invite the presence of

the Holy Spirit daily. Since purchasing our new home, I have even been intentional about maintaining that space where God can dwell. I have kept the intention of setting aside the oil and allowing the Spirit of God to breathe on it, spending time in the Word, and keeping it sacred and holy. We are in a time where many people have strayed from God and are tending to forget that God is still on the throne. We have to get back to these things, because they work! Holiness is still relevant! Reading the Word of God is still relevant. It doesn’t matter what others are doing, it is all about being purified before the Lord.

There’s Nothing Like Obedience!

Obediences is often the main ingredient that many believers are missing today, and it cannot be bypassed.

“…and observe what the LORD your God requires: Walk in obedience to him, and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and regulations, as written in the Law of Moses. Do this so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go.” – 1 Kings 2:3

We are given those very simple instructions in the scripture given above. There is nothing like obedience that will move the hand of God. Obedience releases and unlocks doors. I have experienced firsthand how the King of kings has released supernatural breakthroughs because of a life of obedience. Obedience is non-negotiable! You may never know which door God will decide to release your wealth from, but the most crucial part is your obedience. Oftentimes we find ourselves asking God, “why do you want me to do this?”. To be frank, it’s none of your business! Because if it was, it wouldn’t be faith. We know that it is impossible to please God without faith. He will never give you all of the steps at the same time and reason with you when He gives you instructions. As you go on, He will add more instructions and things will become clear. As you look back, you will say “God, you have surely been leading and guiding me the whole time!”

The Lord has been instructing His children to obey as He is giving strategies to prepare for what is coming into the Earth: a greater HARVEST and TRANSFER!

“If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.” – Isaiah 1:19

God is releasing strategies from Heaven and there is a unique plan and strategy just for you and your family. Just because one person is doing one thing may not be the plan for you. You must be very sensitive to what God is telling you to do now –there can be no compromise! I pray that the spirit of compromise be snatched off of you in the name of Jesus. He knows where the wealth is assigned to you. He knows where the blessings are that have your name on them. He is an all-knowing God and He knows where it is located. But will you be faithful and obedient enough to tap in, go where He leads, and do what He says?

Obedience is a prerequisite to success

Obedience opens doors

Obedience releases keys

Obedience releases the favor of God and with men

Obedience qualifies you for your next level

Obedience releases divine strategies and answers

Obedience releases angels and miracles

Obedience unlocks the glory

Obedience can alter and change destiny

Obedience opens heavenly portals pover your life

Obedience causes you to skip the line and be accelerated to the front!

But most importantly, obedience touches the heart of the FATHER! If you truly desire to see the glory of God in your life, then I encourage you to obey the One who releases the glory–and you will also carry it! Obedience is a curse breaker that affects your legacy and your bloodline! That’s how powerful it is.

Your breakthrough is only found in your obedience

Your miracles are found in your obedience

Your next level is in your obedience

Your promotion is in your obedience

The open doors that God has for you are found in your obedience!

Always remember that there are small acts of obedience, day by day, that lead to the big wins. Listen to the small instructions and don’t miss them. In my life, it hasn’t always been the grand things that have granted me the blessings and open doors. You all have heard my testimony; no matter what came my way, I was intentional about being obedient to the Lord. Most of the time, it was a testing of my heart to see if I would remain obedient and faithful. Do you really trust Him? I release the anointing and grace of trust and obedience that you may live a surrendered life to the Lord!


If only you would step out on faith and obey the One who created you. Don’t you know that He is the One who knows best? I come against the spirit of fear and even the distractions that have come against you that causes you not to obey God. Do you desire to truly please the Father so that your heart may be right with Him? So that you may rest peacefully at night knowing that not only did you hear God, but you also obeyed Him.

I pray that your innermost being will be touched with the spirit of obedience. May obedience be etched and written on the tablet of your heart today. It may be utterly terrifying to move out when the Lord instructs a thing, and that is okay to admit. You may have been called to go forth even when you don’t understand, without all of the puzzle pieces and steps. Be encouraged that He is

leading you even though you may fear the unknown. The angels will come to assist and push you into greatness and your breakthrough. They are able to help propel you into destiny. They will be sent to break off the yokes on your ankles and the anointing will be released to remove the burdens.

The Lord will do it for YOU! He wants you to know that He is a God that still delivers and answers prayers. Allow Him to uncover some things for you! There’s MORE to you than you may even know. Will you allow Him to take you higher in this season?


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