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As many may know, we just celebrated the month of August as the 14th YEAR MARK of ministry serving on the Lifeline Prayer Call! I’m so very thankful to be able to partner alongside true visionaries and beautiful women of God who have run with the vision that God has given. Today, I’ll be sharing a little bit of our journey throughout the 14 years that we’ve been serving and invaluable wisdom that I’ve gained along the way!

Cherish Your Vision

Make no mistakes about it, when you are doing a great work for the Kingdom of God, there are some tests that you must endure for God’s will to be perfected in your life. I began to think about some of the things that I’ve personally had to endure.

As the visionary, I began the Lifeline Prayer Call in 2008. During this time, I became weary in my body while juggling work as business began to expand. As I’ve always been one to encourage others to show their gifts, I allowed other individuals to join and assist with the prayer call in 2009. Unfortunately, I sensed a takeover spirit beginning to arise within the ministry—many people who tuned in didn’t even know that I was the visionary of the line. So much strife had begun to seep into the ministry and affect the vision.

The Lord revealed to me through a close friend that a spirit of division and even the spirit of jezebel was now operating within the prayer call ministry. The Lord gave me wisdom concerning the vision and instructed me to simply go in peace. Rather than announcing my departure to anyone, I quietly separated myself from the line. After departing, I started a new prayer line with four other women on August 1, 2010. God went on to bless the individuals connected to this ministry—and we are still going strong by the Lord’s grace and precious Holy Spirit! To this day, we honor August 1st as the day that God restored the vision of the Lifeline Prayer Call back to its true, authentic purpose in glorifying the Lord and ministering to His people!

Here’s What I Learned Concerning God-given Vision:

You must know how to handle people.

When God gives you a vision, don’t let anyone take over your vision.

Whenever you sense a takeover spirit arising and running rampid concerning your vision, you must not be afraid to deal with it.

Even during a season of great weariness, you must NOT give over your vision to someone else!

A Series of Tests

There is a series of testing that God will take you through in your journey when it comes to ministry, the anointing, in business, etc. The Lord tests you in areas such as:

The Test of Trust

Can God really trust you?

The Test of Sacrifice

How much are you willing to sacrifice for the Lord? Will you still obey God at all costs?

The Test of Obedience

Will you still walk with humility and obedience unto the Lord?

The Test of Suffering

Are you willing to suffer for the Gospel?

The Test of Forgiveness

Who do you need to forgive and release in your heart?

The Test of the Heart

Can you keep your heart right before God? What is the posture of your heart?

Here are a few other tests you will experience:

The Pride test

The Test of Skill

The Test of Faith

The Test of Purity

The Test of Honor

The Test of Integrity

The Test of Humility

The Test of Faithfulness

The Test of Character Assasination

No one is exempt from such tests as these, especially in seasons where God is desiring to bring about great elevation. No matter what takes place in your life, will you PASS the tests?

Reward for Your Suffering

As a Kingdom believer, you will surely suffer to receive the mantles, keys released to you, to be promoted and elevated, and for the glory. It is simply the way that the Kingdom is set up.

However, I’ve been a witness of this one thing even in my personal life:

Every time that a terrible blow comes your way…

The vicious attacks that push you to tears and bring you down to your knees…

When witchcraft arises against you so heavily…

When the storms of life become so heavy and awfully dreadful…

You must be encouraged that IT IS PAYBACK TIME! Whenever you experience such great attacks in this manner, you can be assured that God will use His mighty hand to turn things around on your behalf! Rather than becoming disheartened by the warfare, I encourage you to change your perspective. Become excited about seeing the types of elevation, anointing, and the level of glory that the Lord will bestow upon you for those hits. When you experience great seasons of suffering in your life, change your perspective by beginning to RECEIVE!

Instead of complaining, say: “Lord I thank you for the increase. I thank you for the anointing, the authority, and the glory being released over my life. Thank you for the fresh oil!

Authority – the exercise of influence over another; charge; domination.

Whenever you undergo such VICIOUS attacks, be prepared for the greater authority that will rest upon you! As always, Jesus is our perfect example. Authority rested on Jesus and he ruled in wisdom and stature. In Christ, you have this same authority over the attacks in your life. Be encouraged that there is a reward for your suffering!

Pass the Test!

As you are tested in such areas, and as God begins to check off those things, there are some

blessings and breakthroughs that are rightfully due to you! God is doing SOMETHING SPECIAL in this season!

He is releasing the Fire and oil upon you!

You will see NEW visions!

You will see new encounters!

He is breaking open the WATERS from Heaven upon you!

The angels are bringing you GIFTS!

There is a PAY OFF coming to you!

Today I stand in agreement for your harvest! May you birth and accomplish the vision that God has placed on the inside of you and pass every test! May the manifestations of everything that you’ve been believing and hoping for show up in your life in the glorious name of Jesus Christ!

Let it be so! Amen.

Special Thanks & Recognition:

A HUGE shout out and thanks to these beautiful women who have helped serve throughout the 14 years this prayer ministry has gone forth:

Ayeesha Lewis

Danita Hayes

Tiona Blyden

AND special thanks to:

Sarah Watson

Karen Jenkins

Danyell Easley

Chavon McMillan

DeBorah Naomi

You will never be able to accomplish a God-given vision alone. I will always be grateful!

We’ve seen signs, miracles, and healing but most importantly S A L V A T I O N throughout the years! If you haven’t already joined us, we WELCOME you to tune in and JOIN US every Mon, Wed, & Fri at 6am EST!

Cheers to celebrating 14 years! THIS is the Will of the FATHER!

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