Believe in The Promises!!

We’ve all been through it…

We deeply believe in our hearts the promises that God gives us…

We hold so dearly to them, clinging on to the promises of the Lord with hope in our hearts…

But then something happens…

Things begin to seem as if they come to a halt…

The very promises that we have believed in so strongly feel as though they are so far away and will never come to pass…

The burning question begins to fester:

What if the promises don’t come to pass right away?

Today, I’m here to encourage you concerning those promises! Though this message has been one that I’ve ministered on before, the Lord always knows the words of encouragement that His sons and daughters need! May you be strengthened through this word to be faithful in your walk with Him. We live in such a “microwave” society and generation that expects instant gratification. Even God Himself is performing such advancements and accelerations in this season. Because of this, unrealistic expectations of instant breakthrough may cause discouragement. We often become disappointed when we don’t see things come through in a timely manner. There are some promises, encouraging words, dreams, and prophetic utterances that you have been carrying concerning your life, family, marriage, etc. Moments of discouragement may have come that have left you with the question of “what if?”.

What if they don’t come to pass right away?

You’ve got to keep hoping, keep trusting, and keep believing! Keep having the confidence in God that if He said it, then He will surely bring it to pass. If God showed you the vision, then it must come to pass. The reality is, those things first originate in the heavens. The second heavens is the realm that the warfare is in, both angelic and demonic. Resistance happens when the angels are fighting the enemies for those promises to come down from the heavens, breaking through the second heaven and into the Earth realm! You’ve got to stay committed to stand on your promise until it falls. Often as believers, we trust God up until something happens to where the breakthrough is snatched or stolen. Or perhaps things don’t happen the way that we expect them to. We then begin to negate the promise by saying that it was never in His will. The devil is a liar! Be encouraged today that you’ve got to keep pressing and keep trusting!

Trust – To lean into someone or something.

Who are you leaning into? Lean into your Heavenly Father who says that it shall be and that it shall come to pass. You’ve got to keep speaking and declaring out of your mouth just as the Heavenly Father did as He created the Earth. He simply said “let there be” and so it was. Come into agreement with the blueprints of Heaven! Understand and recognize that the Kingdom of God is not only faith activated, but it is voice activated as well. Call those things that are not as though they are. Decree a thing and it shall be established! 

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7

As it says in the Word, there are times when you simply must keep on asking! Keep on seeking! You have to keep knocking! Pray until you feel the release! It’s time to apply some pressure in some areas concerning your promises. For instance, release often comes after applying the pressure of fasting. Some promises may only come forth after tarrying and contending for them.

What is it that God has been telling you?

What is it that has been prophesied over your life?

What are the types of dreams and visions that He’s placed down on the inside of you?

Whatever they may be, those are promises that come from a Heavenly realm! Get this: it is the will of God and the desire of your Heavenly Father for everything to come to pass in your life! You’ve got to keep believing and trusting that if He said it, then it is going to be!

I can’t forget the several times when the Lord would deliver a message of hope to my husband and I while we were enduring a painful financial season. In the midst of our situation, He would send people to speak prophetic messages of restoration over our lives. From prophets, to even strangers on social media, this would be the consistent message sent to us! Granted, there were some days when things looked uncertain, clouded, and we didn’t know when it was going to happen. But even during the times when my husband and I would get weary, we still had hope because of the promises and words that were sent to sustain our faith. We simply held on to the ounce of hope that encouraged us to believe God again for the promises! I’m here to let you know that the promises, the prophetic words and prophecies WILL come to pass! It’s got to come to pass in your life! 

It’s time to cut out the doubt and BELIEVE God!

Be reminded today of the very things that He said to you. What has He declared over your life? Have you forgotten or suppressed them out of discouragement?

Don’t you dare cave in and quit! Don’t give up on what the Lord has promised you. Don’t stop believing in it! Gone are the days when we would hear the believers say, “take it to the altar and leave it there”. There are times when you’ve got to tarry, war, and contend with the promises. As believers in the Body of Christ many times we don’t want to contend for the breakthrough. But it is so worth it when the prophecy comes to pass!

It’s Going To Speak!

“And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” – Habakkuk 2:2

There are times when some things will tarry, but wait for it; it will surely come! What has God been dealing with you about? What is it that you have been carrying in your spiritual womb? What have you seen with your natural eyes and also your spiritual eyes?

The vision is going to speak!

The prophetic words are going to speak!

The promise is going to speak!

There is a sound that will be released because God said that it would come to pass!

There are keys attached to your obedience. It’s okay for all of us to ask God the question: is there anything that I need to do differently or change? Remember that repentance is a daily thing. This is essential so that nothing hinders the promises. An open heaven over your life releases the promises much quicker.

Claim What’s YOURS!

I pray that you will be encouraged today. You may have reached the point where you have sat back and talked yourself out of the promises saying, “maybe that wasn’t His will”. But what happened to your excitement because it was His will? Even in spite of the odds and the grueling statistics, will you still believe God? In spite of what you see on social media, if God said it then it will be!

The Promise of the Ministry

The Promise of the Baby

The Promise of the Marriage

The Promise of the New Location/Home

The Promise of the Healing

The Promise of the Restoration to Your Finances

… It’s yours because God promised you so!

We know the story of the woman who was bound with the issue of blood for years and years. With her faith, she pressed her way and received her miracle. That same miracle-working God can be accessed today! I know without a doubt that miracles are still brewing in the spirit realm, they still exist, testimonies and breakthroughs are still being released from heaven!

Will you believe God at His Word? Find a scripture and put God at remembrance of those things. Stop worrying about the “how”; that’s not your responsibility. God will release it. You must learn to recognize when God is shifting and creating another story for your life that will get Him the glory. Be pliable, moldable, and allow Him to do whatever it is that He wants to do in your life. Be emerged in the destiny that God has for you. Walk in your freedom! May you know what freedom truly is for your life. God will begin to unlock things within you that you didn’t even know were there. New discoveries are in order in this season! Position yourself to receive from Heaven. Receive everything that He has for you. The angels that are assigned to you will get to work on your behalf! God is sending them out in this very hour! Angelic activity has been heightened as they are receiving their orders from Heaven. In this hour it is a must that there be seasons of quietness. He does understand the responsibilities of life (work, children, marriage, business etc.), but you must pull away and take some time to simply be still. There are some downloads that the Father wants to give to you. There are Kingdom instructions that are going out. God is releasing new oil, an anointing, and a refreshing that you will need for the journey.

There’s a lot that is happening –and it’s so beautiful! Remember that you are in the right Kingdom! Be strengthened in the Lord today and refuse to become weary.

It’s time to STOP HIDING and show up! Get EXCITED again about the promises for your life!


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Lenika Scott

The Millionaire Mom

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