Are You Thirsty For the Lord?

There is something so beautiful that happens when we long after the Father and He steps in to give us the comfort that we need. When we tap into the Heavenly places and thirst after Him, beautiful things begin to take place. I believe that as believers thirst and run after the Lord like never before, then we will begin to see an outpouring of His goodness and filling of the dry places that need Him the most.

Today’s message is to give you the encouragement that the Father knows. He knows the moments when you are not feeling able in your own strength, and so He shows up and comes in. The Father knows the exact moments to step in because He truly understands. There’s so much happening in the land, and we truly need Him.

“Blessed are those who hunger. and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”’- Matthew 5:6

Thirsting After Him

This message was placed in my spirit, as it is something that is so needed. Attached to this Word, was a simple instruction that many of us have yet failed to grasp. It’s time to get back to the basics! What does that look like? It looks like reading the Word. It is the Word of the Lord that will keep us. We must fall in love with the Word, Jesus, and the Father again in this season. This is what will keep your mind. The Father promises to keep His people in perfect peace, but we must fall back in love with Him.

Fall back in love with the Lord!

Fall in love with His ways!

Fall back in love with His voice!

Fall back in love with His presence!

Fall back in love with the scripture!

We must fall back in love with the things that are holy!

The Word says that you are blessed when you hunger and thirst after righteousness. The Lord has many sides to Him, and He operates in different ways. But one thing that is sure is the Lord loves the moments when we confess our love and need for Him. There are times as the Father when He laughs and smiles. There are sides to Him where you will be able to get His attention and favor will find you. There is a principle in the Kingdom of God that honors the law of reciprocity. This is not to say that you must do things from a legalistic standpoint in order to get God’s attention. However, when you truly seek Him from the purest place in your heart and when you seek Him with your soul, He will begin to respond. He will begin to turn some things around for you. He will recognize you calling Him unto you! There is a feeling that begins to arise. There is an oil that will begin to flow from a Heavenly place. There are mantles that will begin to fall and be laid upon you. There is a stirring that will even take place in your belly when you begin to hunger and thirst for Him.

When the deep calls out to the deep…

When you bring yourself to a place of worship to bless His holy name…

When you begin to hunger for Him…

There is a filling that will take place. As His children, He is saying that we must hunger and thirst after Him!

Replenished By The Father

“As a deer gets thirsty for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God.” – Psalm 42:1

Replenished – to fill something up again. To restore to a former level or condition. To build up again. To fill with inspiration or power. Some of us are depleted and our souls need to be replenished. In order to do the work that God is requiring and calling you to do in the Earth realm, it takes some power. It takes power from the power source who is God alone. When you’re low in strength and power, ask Him to replenish and fill you up. I’m reminded of the song by Tasha Cobbs, “Fill Me Up”. When you get a chance, take some time to worship along with that song. Here are a few of the lyrics:

“You provide the fire

I’ll provide the sacrifice

You provide the spirit

And I will open up inside

You provide the fire

I’ll provide the sacrifice

You provide the spirit

I will open up inside.

Fill me up God,

Fill me up God,

Fill me up God,

Fill me up!”

What a beautiful way to invite the Lord into the spaces of your heart. God wants to fill you up in this season! When He begins to fill you, you will open yourself up in new ways and you will see new things. Your eyes will also be exposed to new things, revelatory knowledge, and the mysteries of God. You will begin to tap into Heavenly places. Consider the state of your soul in this moment:

Is your mind thirsting for the Father? Is your heart longing for the love of God? Are your emotions seeking to be soothed by the Father? Are you hungry for Him?

When you seek God with all of your heart, you will surely find Him!

Open Portals of Heaven!

I had an amazing encounter that I wanted to share with you from a place of teaching. Something incredible took place in my home when a few of my close friends came over to visit. As we sat at the dinner table to talk and enjoy fellowship, I noticed a shift in the atmosphere. Out of nowhere, the Glory of the Lord fell heavily in my home! Yes, the presence of God, the Shekinah glory began to fall and rest. I asked one of my friends what she saw in the spirit realm and I pulled on the others to give confirmation of what was taking place. I could feel the presence hovering around me. I knew that they also felt and discerned it. They confirmed that they saw a cloud, like a mist of glory and it was all around my foot! As I sat in the chair I began to say “thank you God”, and I worshiped the Lord. God began to show me that there was an open portal in my home. I was reminded months ago about the day that the Lord Jesus had visited my home! I can still feel the presence of the Lord whenever I’m near that area, because there is an open portal in my home!

There are heavenly portals in your home! I encourage you to be sensitive to the holy heavenly portals that may be there. Identify those locations and spend some time there. There are open portals in areas of your home that have been opened because you were able to tap into Heaven. Whenever you begin to pray, worship, and intercede and seek God, there are portals that will open up. The angels will begin to ascend and descend.

Are you in need of answers from God?

Do you need the mysteries of God to dissect some things in your life?

Do you need the counsel of God?

The open portals are where you will be able to go and sit and get revelation and downloads from Heaven. I encourage you to spend some time in your prayer closet or whatever space you have dedicated to the Lord. You must be able to quiet your spirit long enough, because God wants to speak to you! We absolutely need Him in this hour. Confess your need and love for Him!


God is moving and He is doing a lot. He understands that there is a lot of shifting that is taking place and weariness is spreading throughout the land. Be encouraged that He is concerned about YOU! He is washing away the weariness. The angels are pouring buckets of water to bring cleansing. May you express your love for the Father as He cleanses you. He wants to show up with ideas and strategies from Heaven. The angels are getting involved and moving on your behalf! They are executing things in the Earth for you.

Whatever situation you’ve found yourself in, God wants to bring you out. May He begin to stir up new ideas, new inventions, new revelations, and new things on the inside of you that are needed for this time. If the Lord is leading you to pivot and change direction into a new location, whether physically or spiritually, may you be backed by Heaven. I pray that the spirit of fear be canceled and bound up. The angels will help you move and change as God leads and guides you. May you go forth in the strength of the Lord!

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;” (Proverbs 3:5)

God will place fire on your feet and your steps and path will be ordered by Him. Receive the new battle shoes to tread new territory. New garments for the assignment are available to you. God is equipping you to overtake some things and pull them down! He wants to cover you and provide protection; take refuge in him. Trust that He knows what you need!

Embrace Heaven’s HELP over your life!!


Scriptures on Thirsting for the Lord:

Psalm 63:1

John 4:13,14

John 6:33-35

Psalm 81:10

Psalm 42:2

Jeremiah 29:13

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