Are You Ready For MORE??

God wants you to have MORE! 

There is a new season that the Lord has prepared for His people:

New doors! 

New possibilities!

Greater plans!

More elevation! 

The Lord doesn’t want you to miss out on any blessing that He has for you, which is why your ability to honestly reflect is crucial. Allow today’s message to assist you in not only being encouraged to receive more that the Lord has in store, but also making sure that you are willing to increase your capacity as a steward to what God is releasing in this hour. 

Even as the Father has been preparing such great things for His people, there is a call to great stewardship and faithfulness. You must be willing to reflect and ask yourself: Are you truly prepared to walk through the doors and embrace what the Lord has for you? 

Can the Father trust YOU with MORE?

A Time To Reflect

Healthy reflection helps us to grow in our relationship with God and to prepare for the greater things He has in store. As you reflect, you can identify the areas where you have been faithful but also the areas where you may need to grow. Reflection can also help you to see where you may be holding yourself back. 

How Are You Handling the Things That God Has Already Given You?

As believers, it’s crucial to pause and reflect on how we are handling the blessings and responsibilities that God has already entrusted to us. Take a look at how you are managing your gifts, talents, and resources. I encourage you to take some time to evaluate how you are stewarding and honoring God with what you’ve already received.

Are You Faithful in Your Relationships?

Your faithfulness in your relationships and connections is a reflection of your character and commitment to the Lord. Are you loving, supportive, and honest with your family, friends, business partners, etc? 

How Are You Handling Your Dreams?

God places dreams and visions in our hearts as part of His plan for our lives. Reflect on how you are handling your dreams, your dedication to pursuing them, your resilience in the face of obstacles, and even your trust in the Lord’s timing. Are you actively working towards your God-given dreams, or have you been allowing fear and doubt to hold you back?

How Are You Stewarding the Prophetic Words That He Has Given You?

How you handle words from the Father reflects your faith and obedience. Are you recording and praying over the prophetic words you receive? Are you taking steps to align your actions with the Father’s instructions? Have you been treating prophetic words from the Father with reverence and respect, and coming into alignment with the blueprints of Heaven for your life? 

How Are You Handling the Very Things That He Has Already Shown You?

Reflecting on how we handle revelations that the Father gives is vital. Have you been attentive and responsive to the Lord’s guidance? Are you making necessary changes in your life based on what He has shown you? 

As you go through this reflection, be encouraged that this is not to condemn or bring shame but keep you aware of the level of obedience, faithfulness, faith, and stewardship that the Lord expects. Our walk with the Lord is not about achieving perfection but about being honest with ourselves and seeking His help to be better stewards of His blessings so that we can be trusted with more! 

More Self-Reflection 

When we are humbly willing to take a look in the mirror and ask the hard questions, we open the doors to greater understanding in the Lord. Let’s take a deeper dive into using the powerful tool of self-reflection to ensure that we are truly ready for what the Lord has in store. 

Ask yourself:

Would I Be Able to Release What He Would Have Me Say?

Allow this question to challenge you to examine your willingness to speak and act in obedience when the Lord releases His instruction. Consider your level of obedience to God’s voice over your own fears and things that give you pause. Are you willing to trust God beyond your comfort zone?

Would I Be Too Caught Up in the Opinions of Others and How They Would Respond to Me?

The fear of opinions can be a great barrier to fulfilling God’s purpose. When we are overly concerned with others, we may tend to shy away from speaking truth or acting in faith. If this applies to you, may you finally confront this fear and find more worth in God’s opinion than the opinions of people. 

Could He Trust Me When No One Else Was Watching or Looking?

Integrity holds so much weight in the realm of the spirit. Can God trust you in the private moments? Are you consistent in your faith and actions, regardless of an audience? I encourage you to cultivate a life of integrity where your actions align with your beliefs, even when there is no one else around to see.

Could He Trust Me When My Name Was Yet Out There?

Oftentimes, people strive to be trustworthy and faithful once they’ve gained recognition or status. This question allows you to consider your faithfulness in the humble, unseen stages of your journey. It serves as a reminder that true faithfulness to the Lord starts long before you receive any accolades or attention. 

How Is the Posture of My Heart Even Before Receiving More?

Reflect on the posture of your heart before receiving abundance. Can you learn to first be faithful with thousands? If God blessed you with millions today, would you go out and squander it all tomorrow? Are you genuinely thankful and faithful with little, or are you only motivated by the idea of more? I encourage you to make sure that your heart is in the right place before receiving greater blessings that the Father may have in store! 

Remember that God honors and rewards faithfulness and stewardship! 

To Whom Much is Given 

As the Lord desires to bless His people greatly, it’s important to remember the weight of responsibility that comes with greater blessings. The scripture found in Luke 12:48 is a sobering reminder: “to whom much is given, much is required”. This is not just about the material blessings we often seek but includes the spiritual gifts, responsibilities, and opportunities that the Lord gives us to impact the world for His Kingdom. Faithfulness in small things is a principle that the Lord also honors. In Luke 16:10, Jesus teaches that “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” Remember that God’s blessings are not just for our own enjoyment; they come with an expectation of greater stewardship. It is my prayer that you receive today’s message as the preparation you may need to carry the weight that comes with the “MORE” that the Lord desires to release to His people. 

Made For More!

As you embrace the challenge of reflecting, be encouraged that you were made for more! God’s desire is not to withhold anything but to bless us abundantly. The process of being trusted with more by the Father involves intentional growth. 

Good stewardship is key!

Faithfulness is key!

Integrity is key! 

Trustworthiness is key! 

Your heart posture is key!

God has great plans for you, and with a prepared heart, you can receive all that He has in store!


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Lenika Scott 

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