An Angel Showed Up At My Door!!

There’s NO denying the POWER of God and His holy angelic, majestic creatures!!

Weeks ago, I shared an INCREDIBLE experience that I will never forget! An ANGEL appeared standing in front of the door of my home and was captured in a picture!! Yes, an angel of the Lord showed up at my door! My prayer sister was able to capture an image of the angel, shining BRIGHT and radiant. In the photo you can visibly see the outline of the angel’s wings! No one else was standing there at the door; it was UNDENIABLE that the picture showed an angel of the Lord had come to guard my home! My daughter, who is a seer, even confirmed that the angel was still there the next day when we woke up!

How AMAZING is our God?!

The angels are indeed very real and they are here to fight for us! As many already know, I wrote a book teaching on the angels and how they assist the Lord. Even since then, so much revelation has taken place.

I can recall telling the Lord: “if you give me the experiences, I am going to share them with your people. If you will give me the Kingdom encounters, I’m going to let the people know that the Kingdom is real because the people truly need hope!”

God is showing up massively in this hour, with such a dispensation of His glory for such a time as this. So much wickedness has been launched in the land. Much witchcraft and even sorcery has been released and God’s people need hope. We must understand that He sits high and looks low and He is so concerned about His people!

He protects His people!

He defends His people!

And the angels of the Lord are REAL!

Be encouraged that the angels want to help you. They have been assigned by our Heavenly Father. God wants you to know that He has you, no matter how things may look. The fact that the angel was still at my

home guarding our door the next day let me know that the Father had us! Although it wasn’t the first time in which we experienced angelic encounters, we were still basking in the hope of glory!

The Roles of Angels

In my book, Angelic Allies, I provided insight on the characteristics of angels:

Angels are intelligent and wise

Angels are holy

They are meek

Angels are patient

They are joyful

They are modest

Angels are glorious

They are mighty

They are majestic

They are so obedient to the Lord

The angels do have free will

They can be visible or invisible

They are able to operate in our realm

Angels travel very quickly

The angels are immortal

They also sing

The angels also speak in different languages

These are the roles that angels play in order to assist the Lord’s people:

They guard and protect you (that’s what the angel who visited my home did!)

There are specific angels of hope (if you battle with depression, I encourage you to pray and ask the Lord to release His angels of hope. They will encourage you to keep on going!)

They bring deliverance along with the Fire of God to battle against the evil forces that work against your purpose.

They also bring messages (Gabriel is a high-ranking messenger angel who trains other angels under his camp to bring messages from Heaven)

They also bring VICTORY! (“There are more with you than are against you” – 2 Kings 6:16. If you would open up your eyes in the realm of the spirit, you will see the many angels that are with you!)

The angels bring peace (whenever you feel confusion in your household, ask the angels to cleanse the air and they will bring peace)

They also release judgment (I can recall a time when there was something that my family and I contended for years ago. I went before the Courts of Heaven and I saw the angels of justice coming down. Within one day something was overturned and the person who was attacking me was judged!)

Here’s what they also do:

The angels communicate God’s message

They observe you

They intervene for you

They encourage you

The angels are present during birth

They also care for the saints at death for those who die in Christ

The angels help ministries

They bring healing and strength

They bring direction and wisdom

The angels bring provision

They bring clarity

The angels bring comfort and strength

The angels bring answers to prayer

They engage in warfare

They assist with salvation

The angels even help you carry out the will of God for your life

Angels bring revelation in dreams and visions

Angels respond to repentance under God’s command

They assist when prophetic words are being released

The angels hearken to the Word of God

Hearken – to give heed or tend to what is said; to listen and give respectful attention to something or someone.

The angels listen out for the Word of God to perform it. We must actively get involved by releasing the Word of God. Whenever you do any kind of work that is for God’s Kingdom, they record it in your books of Heaven, Remember that what you do for Christ will last! The angels perk up their ears when you speak the Word of God. They listen attentively to help carry out God’s plans, will, orders, and His assignments.

“Bless the LORD, all His angels mighty in strength who carry out His word, who hearken to the voice of His command. Bless the LORD, all His hosts, you servants who do His will.” – Psalm 103:20-21

Open Your Heart To Receive

The angel that showed up to guard my home was intentional about being seen, so much so that we were able to capture it on camera. There is no denying of the existence and the power of angels. They are there to help you, support, fight and defend for you.

They want to go get your “stuff”! The very things that God has promised you, the things that are in the storehouses of Heaven –they are always ready to help release it! Though you do not command the angels, you may ask God to release them for you. He is the one who instructs them; they follow His direction. They are summoned to assist us! Here’s a prayer that you can say:

“Lord Jesus, release my angels to retrieve my harvest. To bring in the blessings and go get that which is caught up and locked up in the spirit realm.”

The Lord is showing up mighty in this hour. He is still in control. He is STILL on the throne! We need the angelic encounters and assistance to help us with day to day life. If only you would believe God at His Word that the angels exist. Your angels will begin to go to work for you, fight for you, and defend for you and release your things from Heaven!

You must respond and take heed in this season. There are blessings in the storehouse that God has for His people. Others will need to see that the Kingdom of Heaven is at work in your life. There are large gold keys being released and God wants you to receive them. I pray for your heart today that you would receive from Heaven. It may have been hard for you to receive because of past disappointments, fear, doubt, disbelief, and even unworthiness. You may have

gone through so much in life that has crippled you in the spirit from receiving from Heaven. But God is saying in this hour to simply give Him another chance. Open up your heart that you may receive what He is doing! Receive what the angels of the Lord are releasing from Heaven!

Receive every gifting from the Lord!

Receive every key from Heaven!

Receive the things that are in your storehouse!

Receive the angelic assistance!

Receive the angelic encounters!

Receive the Lord’s hosts that have come to fight for you!

God is showing up mighty! The manifestation is already here! You must simply have the willingness to receive. The angels are around us and they will go to work for YOU! Will you receive it?


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Lenika Scott

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