All It Takes Is Faith & Courage! 

When it comes to answering the call placed on your life and stepping into your destiny, we all know that it can be quite intimidating. It’s no easy task that the Lord places upon us to fully surrender and even cultivate courage in the face of fear. Today, I wanted to offer some encouragement to you if you’ve found yourself in a season of answering the Father’s call of destiny on your life. It is my prayer that this message serves as encouragement for you, strengthens your spirit, and renews your determination in the Lord. Remember that God is with you every step of the way as you progress, move, and embrace the destiny He has laid out for you! 

Go Forth Anyway!

Let’s be honest…

Life presents us with so many moments that demand more from us than we sometimes feel capable of giving. The call to step into our destiny can be one of the most intimidating of these moments. Many of us experience feelings of unworthiness, guilt, shame, and fear that seem potent enough to stifle our courage and hold us back from the path we’re meant to take. If you find yourself in such a place of fear or hesitancy, know that you are not alone. Today’s message is here to encourage your heart, just as it has encouraged mine. The Lord truly honors the principle of movement and taking action with faith. Each step we take, no matter how small, is valuable to the Father. In Him, we can be encouraged that our efforts are recognized by Him, and our journey forward, despite the many challenges, is blessed.

What is COURAGE?? 

Courage is not the absence of fear, but it is the willingness to go forth in spite of it. It’s not about never feeling afraid; it’s about not letting fear dictate our actions. When we look at the challenges ahead, it’s natural to feel afraid or hesitant. However, it’s in choosing to move forward despite that fear that we truly embrace the courage God wants us to have! 

In the Face of Fear

Fear is a natural response to the unknown. It can protect us, but it can also paralyze us. To step into our destiny, we must confront our fears directly. Feelings of unworthiness can be one of the most debilitating kinds of fear that we as believers often battle with. These feelings may come from past mistakes, the things we believe are inadequacies, or even pressure from a society that tells us we are not enough. Even still, it is important to remember that our worth is not defined by our past or by the opinions of others. Our worth is given by the Father alone! Embracing this truth will help you to break free from the chains of unworthiness and step confidently into your destiny.

It’s Time to Let Go of Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame are powerful emotions of fear that can also hinder our progress. They are tormenting reminders of our past failures and imperfections that try to cast shadows over who the Father says we can be. By accepting the Lord’s grace, we can release ourselves from the burden of guilt and shame, and allow ourselves to go forth without the shackles of shame. Trust in God’s plan and rely on His strength! Find the courage to face our fears and move forward! Embrace the journey with confidence, because you are worthy, forgiven, and equipped to fulfill the great plans He has for you!

Yes, you ARE worthy!

Be Strengthened in the Word

If you’ve found yourself in a season where you feel called to accomplish great things, tasks that seem beyond your own abilities, then today’s message is for you. If you’ve found yourself at a point of questioning “Did I really hear from God?”, “Has He really called me to do this?”, then be encouraged. Be reminded that these doubts are part of the human experience, but they do not change God’s mind about why He’s called YOU!      

It’s in these moments that we are reminded of the promises found in the Word. The Bible declares that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13). It lets you know that you are more than a conqueror through Him who loves you (Romans 8:37). May you be encouraged to be strong and courageous, to do the work, and not to be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God is with you (1 Chronicles 28:20). Remember that Courage and faith go hand in hand. It takes great courage to step out on faith and trust in what you cannot yet see. Faith requires you to act even when the outcome is uncertain. If you find yourself hesitating or feeling fearful about something God has called you to do, remember the times when God’s grace has moved in your life. Reflect on these moments and let them increase your faith, denying fear any access to your heart.

When God is in the midst, you can rest assured that His plans WILL come to pass! 

Live Out Your Calling

As you move forward, remember that God equips those He calls. He does not expect you to rely solely on your own strength. Instead, He provides His strength and presence to support you every step of the way. Embrace the identity of being more than a conqueror. Stand firm in the knowledge that God is with you, guiding and empowering you to fulfill the purpose He has placed within you. Stepping into your God-given destiny requires both faith and courage. Remember that the Word of God still works! Embrace it, live it, and watch as God leads you into the fullness of His plans for your life. In spite of the doubt and the many questions, you must have the courage to face those fears and go forth anyway! God’s got it! Step out anyway! Boldy live out your calling! 

Let That Someone Be YOU!     

There is a great amount of activity in the heavenly realm, where the plans and blueprints of the Lord are being orchestrated. Be encouraged that there are divine blueprints in heaven with your name on them, and now is the time to do your part in God’s Kingdom. This work will require both faith and courage. When you apply the pressure of your faith to a situation, the grace of God flows in, and His favor rests upon it powerfully.

Ask yourself: What are the areas in your life where you feel the Spirit of the Lord has been nudging you to step out on faith? As you step out on faith, remember that God is with you, empowering you to accomplish the great things He has planned for you. Reflect on His past faithfulness, deny fear any hold on your life, and move forward with confidence. Come out from behind the scenes and let your light shine brightly. 

If you are experiencing mental confusion, consider fasting and seeking the Lord for clarity. Though you may have been feeling stuck or even trapped in some areas, know that God is more than able to lift the heavy loads so that you can go forth. Cancel the spirit of fear in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Cast away any fear that hinders you from stepping into greater things. Whether it’s writing a book, starting a ministry, or pursuing a new venture, trust that God will provide all you need. You shall lack NOTHING as you carry out what God has placed within you! 

Someone must be bold enough to step out on faith and birth what God has predestined!

Someone must have the courage to take the vision of the Lord and run with it!

Let that someone be YOU! 

Step out, shine your light, and let your faith lead you into the incredible destiny God has prepared for YOU! All it takes… is faith and courage! 

And it is so. Amen. 

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Lenika Scott

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