A Beautiful Change is Coming!!

Amidst the chaos and noise of our world today, many of us have often found ourselves yearning for solace and healing. In a world that seems to spin faster every day, there is a HUNGER and need to reconnect with the Father like never before. Today’s message is to compel you to think and examine yourself personally and your personal relationship with God in this season. As I’ve ministered for 14 years on the Logeline Prayer Call, it has always been my deepest desire for God’s people to come into the fullness of the knowledge of God and to be able to develop their own personal relationship with Him. 

There’s NOTHING like having a personal relationship with the Father Himself! The Holy One… the ANCIENT of days! What an honor and privilege it is to call the King of Kings our Father and to fellowship with Him. 

God is desiring for His children to seek Him even more and dive deeper into the things of Him. He desires for you to learn more, to grow in Him, and receive the mysteries and secrets that are only revealed through His precious Holy Spirit. It is God who teaches you and shows you more about yourself. Yes! Only God can show you more about the journey that He has planned for you. Only He is able to truly reveal to you more of the beautiful treasures that you knew not of—if only you’d dare to lean in and grow with God! 

There is More! 

There’s no limit to His goodness and even His Revelation! You may remember the old saying: “As I look back over my life, I think of the goodness of God!”.

It is truly the goodness of God and His grace and mercy that is revealed. The Word tells us that the Holy Spirit is a revealer of truth. This includes the truth that is on the inside of you! Those dreams, desires and ideas—God wants to reveal it all! 

As we all go from glory to glory, you will begin to flow in the things of God and conquer things in one dimension to the next! God says: 

“There is more for you to conquer!

There is more for you to experience!

There is more for you to learn!

There is greater anointing that I desire to place over you! 

There are some more treasures on the inside of you that you know not of!”

As you begin to go the next level, God always reveals whenever there is more. He will show you where you were tested and why you had to go through it. In this season, God is bringing about a greater work in YOU! You may have thought you’ve seen the last of miracles in your life—but God is saying there is MORE! 

Though you may have been anointed in the last season, God is refreshing and anointing you anew! 

A Beautiful Change

The cocoon is cracking wide open…and the beautiful butterfly is about to emerge! 

Change is a good thing, and God is doing a deep work on the inside of His people. Let’s consider the butterfly as it goes through a complete change of transformation called a metamorphosis. There are 4 stages of the life of a butterfly: egg, larvae, pupil, and adult. Each stage looks completely different and serves a different purpose in the life of this insect! People may not realize or recognize you when God gets through with you! So I encourage you to go through the process and change; allow Him to bring about those beautiful changes! 

When you think about the end result as the beautiful creature begins to fly and explore, remember that it does not start out like that. This is even so with the treasures that are on the inside of you. Sometimes, people will place their mouths on people and pre-jduge them without knowing what they are carrying. But I encourage you to run on and see what the end will be! Let God do a work on the inside of you. Don’t apologize; be unapologetic for what God is doing in your life. Be unapologetic about the grace and favor that is on your life. You are beautiful in the sight of God, beautifully and wonderfully made with many gifts and treasures on the inside of you!

Embrace the season that you are in! 

Embrace the change!

Embrace the journey!

Embrace the process!

Embrace the testing!

Embrace the elevation!

Embrace the advancement!

Embrace the restoration!

God is doing it for you! He is moving and shifting His people. We are truly headed somewhere special and I cannot wait to see what God is going to do and how He is going to turn things around for you. As I’ve ministered this many times before, your assignment is to obey God. Don’t worry about how He is going to do it all. It’s not your job to try to figure it all out. If He gave you the promise, then He will take care of it! Stop trying to figure it out, instead figure out how to obey Him!

Healing is Here! 

We can be so wounded in our emotions that it causes deeper issues within the heart. Oftentimes, we talk about physical healing but rarely do we acknowledge the fact that God is a healer of the heart! There are times when God heals the emotions that leave us  in absolute  agony and pain. I pray that the Spirit of the Lord will bring healing to your emotions if you have found yourself wrestling within your heart. God desire to bring about a deep healing to trauma, pain, shame, and even embarrassment. Deep healing is going to come forth! Where you may have been Grief stricken, God is pulling it out. He is uprooting deep-rooted issues that have gone undealt with. He is mending broken hearts and putting things back together again in this season. Relationships that were derailed are being restored. People who have been carrying around grief, not being able to get themselves together will be restored. God is sending His fresh mighty wind to the households of His children to reconstruct some things! 

Reconstruct – build or form something again after it has been damaged or destroyed. Restoring; to remake; to reproduce; to revamp again. To recreate and rebuild again. 

He is shifting and moving. He is rebuilding and re-establishing in this hour! 

One of the things that the enemy wants God’s people to do is to turn their backs on a Holy God. He will cause certain things to happen and convince us to blame God when He often doesn’t have anything to do with it. Some of us have blamed Him and built fences around our hearts against Him. If this has been you, God wants to heal your heart where there may be anger. Remember that He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals and Jehovah Shalom, the one who gives peace. He is going to bring about a deep healing. Let Him show you how He can touch your heart and remove the debris. The deep silent things that you haven’t told anyone about… He knows! You will look up and realize that the things that once broke your heart won’t affect you anymore. That issue that kept bothering and tormenting won’t reign over your heart any longer. And this will all be because the Father is going to heal your heart!

Let it Rain! 

We are in the month of May, and there will be some miracles and promises raining down! Allow Heaven to rain on you! Be in such a place of gratitude. Talk to the Father, commune with Him, honor and respect the Holy Spirit. When you get up in the morning, remember to acknowledge Him. Praise the name of the Lord your God Jesus Christ! They will begin to reveal themselves even more to you so that you will have your own encounter and experiences! 

Trust in the Lord as He brings about the change and the chains will break. He will send the angels of Heaven to bring about deliverance as He is doing the deep work on the inside of you. Begin to accept and embrace and believe Him. Begin to talk to Him and say thank you. Don’t turn your back on Him no matter how things get. Stand on His word always!

The winds of Heaven are blowing in the atmosphere this season! I pray that you will receive some of that residue. There is no distance in the realm of the spirit. May the glory begin to fall on you so that it will refresh and restore you! 


There will be some amazing testimonies after this message has been received, and I can’t wait to hear them! Please feel free to share them inside of the lifeline prayer call group! 


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Lenika Scott 

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