It Will Come To Pass!

I truly believe that it is time for the people of God to witness the manifestations of the Kingdom like never before! It’s time to truly believe God for the promises!

If you follow me, then you may know about my recent trip outside of the country in Costa Rica! It was such an amazing trip and a much needed break given by the Lord. We spent our days enjoying the beautiful scenery, dining and eating delicious foods, and fellow-shipping with some of our close friends. On our last night of the trip, we finished dinner and enjoyed our time praying and releasing prophetic words over one another as the Lord led.

As I was listening to the word going forth, I noticed that it was the same word that I received from someone else a week prior to that. God had been speaking to me in terms of some specific things that I needed to be doing and walking in. As He spoke to me, all I could do was simply receive the words. I knew that if God had been repeatedly releasing the same word over me, then it had to be something that He wanted me to adhere to and bear down on. I made a declaration to the Lord that I’d be sure to set my hands ablaze and do what He has instructed me to do for such a time as this. Now more than ever, I can’t afford to play with the word that has gone forth!

I’d like to encourage you with today’s message. Don’t play with the prophetic words that are spoken over your life. Be encouraged that the things that God has spoken unto you will come to pass! At the same time, those things are also contingent upon a very vital substance: they will require your obedience. The prophetic words still require your faith in order to be made manifest. They still require you to do what it is that God will have you to do and walk out in the Earth. There is still a responsibility on your end in order to see the manifestation in the Earth. Understand that there are some things that have been hovering over your head in the realm of the spirit that God has said and declared over you. Whether the Holy Spirit has spoken directly or through the Word of God, you have to find yourself in the scripture and begin to move!

Steward Your Words

Not only are your prophetic words contingent upon your obedience, there are also things you must do in order to steward what the Father has given you:


The first thing that you have to do when any prophetic word is being released over your life is receiving. As believers we must learn how to receive from the Father wholeheartedly. Many times we say with our mouths that we receive it, but our actions and underlying beliefs say otherwise. Many people are not tapping into their full God-given potential and have not seen many things come to pass simply because they reject His prophetic promises. You have to be in a place of receiving in this hour. There are times when God will release a word that you have not heard before, but even then you still must be in a place of receiving. It is also vital that you receive the prophet or the person that God has sent to release the Word to you. When the Spirit of the Lord has sent someone to you concerning some sensitive matters that are close to your heart that you know can only come from Him, you must receive it no matter who the person is— young or old. Don’t get so caught up in the flaws of others that it hinders you from receiving. Not every prophet, pastor, or teacher is perfect—just as you are not perfect. This doesn’t mean that we don’t look at the fruit of others, but we must not become so busy looking at the person and not hearing the sound that is coming from the realm of the spirit through that person.


You have to make sure that you are applying the prophetic word by faith. If you’ve had personal prophetic words spoken over your life and have not seen it manifest, then it may be time to ask God questions. Find out the areas where you may need to take action. There may be no new prophetic word for you; you may simply need to go back and do what God has already instructed you before. Oftentimes, the manifestation doesn’t take place and there are things that we will not visibly see without our own action. We know that faith without works is dead. You still have a responsibility on your part. During this time, there is a reactivation and re-awakening taking place. The angels have been moving differently, because the warfare has been different. We know by what is happening and what we are seeing that confirms that the warfare has picked up. There is some demonic oppression and warfare that people have been battling with that they have never battled with before. Make no mistakes about it, there is a lot happening on the dark side. But we must be encouraged to know that the angels are even showing up differently!

A New Army!

During my trip to Costa Rica, I met face-to-face with a good friend of mine for the first time. She’s an incredible young woman of God in her 30s. As she and her daughter prophesied and prayed over me, I became so excited to see the Lord using His younger prophets in such a mighty way! I know without a shadow of a doubt that God is allowing younger prophets to emerge! This is a time where God is raising up His young prophets and even training them up amongst the seasoned prophets. They are going to come with the swords and a powerful word in their mouths. There will be many older prophets who will train the younger prophets in this time. They will come with words and their mouths will be on fire for the people of the Lord for the glory of the Lord! If you have children, may you be reminded that the seeds that you sow into them are important. Don’t think that they are not paying attention, even when you feel that they aren’t. They are surely listening and watching you!

It Will SPEAK!

There is a stirring up taking place in the spirit realm. The angels are dusting off the prophetic words concerning you. The anointing for those words has been released again in this season. The angels have been moving even greater in this season (I even received a lavender angel feather recently—that’s never happened before!).

There are things that have been declared over your life, and it is time for you to bear down in the realm of the spirit! Go deep! This is your life!

The warfare and generational things will surely come that you will have to battle and contend with. But if God said it, then you must let it be! If He spoke a Word through the mouth of another person, then it is so! Grab hold to those words and don’t let go! I have personally witnessed God move and His prophecy come to pass in my life. He is not a respecter of person, but I know Him to be a respecter of faith and obedience. Revisit the words that were spoken over your life. Take a look at those words and determine what it is that God has specifically spoken about you. The angels are getting involved to allow those things that have been decreed and declared over your life to come to pass.

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.” – Habakkuk 2:3

Be encouraged that the prophetic words over your life will SPEAK! Even if there is something that He has spoken over your life and you have not seen it come to pass, it may be tarrying but it will still come to pass if it is from the Lord. There is a manifestation that will take place in the natural realm so that you can see it with your eyes.

God is serious about what He spoke over you! If there were words of wisdom and instructions released over the prophetic words that you did not uphold on your end, then I encourage you to repent. Allow your heart to be softened and go back to what He instructed.

The Father understands that the warfare has been great and He is concerned about His children. He will give you the grace despite the heavy warfare and opposition. It has been declared that His grace is sufficient over your life. May the very things that have been spoken about you that you feel deep down on the inside of you be re-awakened. There are new realms, dimensions, and territories that you must occupy!

God is going to revive, refresh, and restore your spirit and bring it back to life!

Come alive and wake up!

Arise and shine!

The glory of the Lord shall be revealed through you!

Things are breaking!

Things are falling!

The walls are coming down!

The pages are being turned in Heaven!

The promises will be answered in the Earth!

You shall see the harvest, the fruit, and the produce of what you’ve sown!

Be strengthened! No matter what or who has tried to bind, suppress, or hold you back, there is a breaking that is taking place in the spirit realm. Receive strength, hope, and a recharge for God. May you be restored from the inside out and feel the refreshment that only comes from the Lord. May you be on fire for God once more. You SHALL go forth and be EVERYTHING that God has destined you to be in the Earth! Hold on to the precious Words over your life and refuse to let go until you see breakthrough!

Let it be so!


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