PUSH!! It’s BIRTHING Season!!

God is so good and He wants His people to be reminded that He is a God of breakthrough!! IT IS BIRTHING SEASON and I want you to give birth to every single thing God desires you to birth to in this hour!

My life has always been very prophetic. Oftentimes, I know firsthand that whenever things begin to take place, it is also usually helpful to the body of Christ. I believe that today’s quick message will remind you that if God is doing it for the Scott household, then He is surely doing it for you. I know that this is going to BLESS you!

At the end of April, my family and I added 8 new chickens to our land. We decided to get them as baby chicks and we raised them, instead of getting full grown hens. About 3 weeks prior to the beginning of September, I received a prophetic dream that the chickens were about to lay their eggs. Sure enough, my daughter sent out a text to the family group chat and a picture of her holding eggs in her hand! I screamed out in excitement and ran out to the coop where my husband had been assisting with the cleaning. Just as the first day of September came, and those 3 eggs were produced, I knew that it was prophetic: it is BIRTHING SEASON!!

We are in a season where God Himself is catapulting people forward. He Himself is carrying people so that they can produce what He is wanting them to produce. If you have been reluctant to give birth to what God is telling you to do, then it is time! There may be some hesitancy and you may have some questions. You may even be struggling a little with the fact that now is the time to go forth. If you have been questioning God, asking if it is the right time, then this message is for you!

Birth – the act or process of bearing or bringing forth offspring; the beginning of an idea, institution, or nation.

You MUST give birth to those goals, dreams, and visions!

He wants you to give birth to every single thing that He has been stirring up on the inside of you. If you have been carrying something for quite some time now, then it’s got to get out and come forth! Be encouraged that it is time to PUSH those things out.

Go Back!

We are also in a time of great transition. The Lord is circling back and revamping things in the lives of many. He may have you in a season where He is circling back and returning you back to some things. Perhaps you’ve had previous plans, dreams, or visions that didn’t work out the way they were intended or were out of timing. God is saying: “revisit it!”

What is He bringing you back into? What has He told you to birth, transition in, and go forth in? You must be able to hear Him quickly!

God is saying:





He is releasing divine strategies for His people. Is there something that He is wanting you to restructure and put back out there? Allow Him to change everything up in your life–make room for the shift! God is doing some incredible things and I truly don’t want you to miss it!

It’s Time to Birth NEW Things!

Whatever it is that’s between you and God, you must go forth in it. As a person who operates under a spirit of excellence, I know what it’s like to struggle with the idea of perfectionism. But I’ve discovered that you shouldn’t try to make sure that everything is all in tact, because this will only hinder what God is doing.

What is God calling you to birth and deliver?

Where is He calling you to go forth?

When you go forth in the magnitude that He is calling you, it absolutely won’t be perfect—because if it were, it wouldn’t be faith.

Birth the book!

Birth the coaching program!

Birth the ministry!

Birth the website!

Birth the non-profit organization!

Bring forth the business!

Bring forth the community!

Whatever is in your heart, give birth to it. You may have been bound, holding on tightly to that thing. You may have been unsure of who will like, accept, or even reject it. Be encouraged that the world needs what you have!

Your message may not be for everyone, but it is for someone!

Birth The Vision!

It’s time to stretch your faith and start thinking BIG! What are you carrying on the inside of you? What are the gifting, talents, dreams, goals, and visions on the inside of you? God is saying go forth and birth it! Don’t look around at everyone else who are giving birth while you are still hesitating to do what God has told you to do. Those days are OVER! Declare that you WILL give birth, and you are going to do it unto the glory of the Lord!

Many of God’s children have gotten so weary and weighed down with the cares and issues of life that caused them to lock up what they are carrying. What happened to the very things that you held dear in your heart? I pray that you will have the strength to push! Bind up the spirit of fear and receive the eagles anointing that will cause you to SOAR HIGH in the realms of the spirit!

As a mother of SIX daughters, I’m very familiar with the birthing process. I can remember what it’s like to push even during the pain, as others coach and encourage you to give birth. The doctors and the nurses are cheering you on to push, along with all of the others in the room with you. Even in the spirit realm where birth takes place, God is cheering you on saying “PUSH, because you surely can do it”!

ALL of Heaven is in the delivery room with YOU, cheering you on to PUSH!

Jesus Himself is with you as you bring forth what the Father has trusted you with…

The ANGELS are here to help you and minister to you…

The FATHER is waiting to BLESS what you BIRTH!

Let it come forth NOW in the matchless name of Jesus!

And it is so. Amen!

Would YOU like to work with me??

If you would like to join my coaching program, I’d love to be your COACH! It’s an honor to help you launch out into the deep and birth what God has placed and deposited deep down on the inside of you! See you there! 💎💎💎

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Lenika Scott

The Millionaire Mom

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